More in-depth coverage of the latest Sonic the Hedgehog items news. This also contains info that has moved off the front page. Be sure you don't miss a single cool item!
The Summer of Sonic convention is taking place soon! Aug. 9, 2008 This is a convention in Covent Garden, which is in England. It was created by a fan site , but has the approval of Sega Europe. There will be art contests, fan art shows, item showings, a special playable Sonic Unleashed Game Demo, a big-screen, special celebrity guests and much more!
Go to the website (above) for full details, news and much more!

In Japan, the Sega Channel Blog had a contest/prize give away for Sonic's birthday. If you lived in Japan, you could win all sorts of prizes (Sonic Merchandsie) You can see the prizes, and read about them on their blog. (link above) Don't live there? Didn't win? That's ok! You can see many of those things already on the site. You can even get them for yourself at GAME stores in the UK, and some of the shirts are at Sears in the USA. Also the Sonic Store has the straps too!

Classic Sonic & Friends Vinyl Statues Oldskool Cute Tails Figure
First4Figures Classic Sonic THE FACTS:
Here are First4Figures official debut photos of their "Classic Sonic & Friends" vinyl figures. The photos are somewhat 'dramatically lit' but you can still see the detail and the smooth quality of the material. It looks like they'll come with some classy looking labeled bases.

These guys are going to preview at the Nuremberg and New York Toy Fairs. You should start looking for these to buy around July 2008. The price is currently unknown. The figures will be 4-5 Inches tall. They are not action figures, they are more like models or statues. You should go to the official site First4Figures to read more!

First 4 Figures Bright Proto Photo Here's a better (and brighter) photo of the First 4 Figures line. With this new angle and brighter light, you can really see the quality of these statue type figures. However, if you notice they've got the wrong figures on the bases! Sonic is on the 'Knuckles' base, and Knuckles is standing on the Sonic one. Tails' base just isn't labeled.
In this shot, the Knuckles looks -better- than it did above, even though it is the same figure.
Opinions & Speculation!
If you look at the page carefully, it says that they aquired the rights to the Classic Style of Sonic. This likely means "No Sonic Adventure/Sonic X" stuff or characters. (It seems wierd though, a license for different "Eras" of Sonic?)

Also, careful readers will notice it referred to as "Wave 1". Whenever anything says something like that, they're USUALLY planning more than 1 wave. Who will be on wave 2? What will it be like? Already, people are curious.

They are happy to have aquired Sonic, and you can already tell they have the fans in mind because unlike every other company that's aquired rights to do something Sonic, they're announcing it! Toy news sites everywhere have posts about this line. Will this be the first Sonic product that people don't have to scrounge for, or dig the whole internet to get? Possibly. And that's a great thing, because just look at the quality!

When they said 'classic' they meant it! These are all obviously styled after the early art of Sonic. Not being action figures helps these guys look spot-on to the art.
It's wonderful they chose a Japanese Tails art to do this. He kind of mutated in the US/UK stock art. The shape of the eyes, the nice big 'bangs' of hair and his proportions all look really true to early Tails art. It's very cute! His dynamic pose and happy look are just great.
Could use to be looked at from more angles. Sonic is nototriously hard to sculpt, but they look like they've done well here. The way he's shown running leaves you guessing as to how he stays 'up' on his base, but that adds to how dynamic he looks as well. Again, proportions and shapes here appear to all be in order.
Standin' there, lookin' tuff. It's one of the things Knuckles does best! He is the most 'shadowy' of the figures so it's a bit hard to tell what's going on exactly with him. The details of his shoes for example, are a bit lost in the dimness but more photos should arrive on the scene soon. His body is also totally hidden behind his fists--so can't make any calls here.
What you CAN see (his head) seems a tad off some how, like maybe it is too 'tall' and not quite wide enough. However:
These are subject to change before the final release, so maybe someone will alter Knuckles somehow. Is this why he has no individual photo?
One thing's for certain though, these should be figures that collectors can be proud of.

Wikipedia has announced that Sonic has sold 44 million games, placing him 9th on the list of top franchises.

More About the...Sonic X Story Books

These are smaller then comic books, but about the same shape. They have nice glossy covers and pictures inside. Naturally, the words are big for easy readers. The books are around $4.00, one was mysteriously 3.99 the other 4.99 although they're the same size. will ship them to you if you can't get them in book stores. There is a third one 'on the way' "Aqua Planet by Charlotte Fullerton" but Amazon has it dated some time 2006. See them here!

Sonic & Knuckles Light-Up Sneakers
Now available at Wal-Mart and Meijers department stores in the USA. Amount of styles: 2. Price unknown. Also available on Ebay auctions. A new shoe has been released, this one with Shadow on gray.

Toy Island Re-Release Action figures:
Currently being released under a re-packaged re-named "Sonic X" line. ALL figures have been DOWNGRADED. Less accessories on the 6 inch style, NO VOICE on the "Giant Posable" style. Available at KB Toys and KB Toy Works stores. Price $9.99 each or $5.99 each. These are being PHASED OUT as of Summer 2006, to make way for the 3 new lines of figures.

More About the...Toy Island Re-Release Sonic X Line

Toy Island has either sold the original line, or re-released it under a "Sonic-X" promotional premise. The figures have been re-packaged with a Sonic-X theme, but they are essentially the same. They have also had their accessories removed, in most cases. While you may not get the interesting accessories from the previous line, this is your 2nd chance to get a hold of these figures if you need them.

These figures are getting more scarce in regular retail stores. (KB Toy / Works, Toys R Us) You are most likely to only find Big and Eggman at retail. This is your chance, if you don't want to pay a premium later to add to your collection, go shopping or use the links to the right now.

They have also re-released the giant talking figures under Sonic X. These have had the talking ability removed! How dissapointing. I opened the shoe of mine as soon as I found that the button didn't work. There is no 'voice box' at all inside the shoe, and the button is simply glued down. They are charging FULL price for these too! Still worthy to collect...but...

Bendy Figures

The Toy Island bendy 4-Pak figures are also re-released under the Sonic X label. This time, they have created a secret Golden Sonic bendy. He looks the same, but is totally coated in gold paint. Only available on the 4-Pak. Should be available at KB Toy stores.