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For 2008, Sonic clothing continues going strong.
TopHeavy is still catering to everyone with their dual designs: some for little kids, some for everyone else. Most of what you see here is from 2007-2008, and mostly seen at Kohls or Sears or online at Top Heavy's store. JC Penny seems to be dropping out of the race on Sonic clothes in some areas, so do watch out where you shop.
The new addition for this year seems to be Top Heavy doing "Varients" of the adult size shirts in the little mini-kid sizes. These designs look similar, but may use different inks or be on a different color.
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Orange Sonic Chris X Outfit Set Jacket Shorts Starting off with the old...
This outfit set is a throwback to when this stuff first started appearing in stores. You likely can't buy this new any more...which is a shame because it's a rather good set to have if you are small. This hails from the days when everything Sonic X was meant for like...4 year olds, so it's likely quite tiny.

It includes a nice orange Tee with a good sliding Sonic (not over used!) matching dark blue (with stripe) shorts that have Sonic on them as well, in full color and outline form with a small logo. Sonic shorts are pretty rare, so these are nice to see. And, to top it all off a hoodie jacket with striped elastic cuffs and orange/blue theme. It even has Chris on it, which is rare!

Flame Circle Rocket Shoe Sonic Kiddy Tee
Here comes mysterious 'rocket shoe' Sonic. Since when did he need rocket shoes? You may remember this art from the 15th anniversary shirt on the other page. This time, it's on a darker orange, with a ring of stylized fire in the background and the Sonic X logo. This shirt only comes in small sizes.
White Symbol Standing Sonic Shirt This design seems to be rather popular in early 2008. With a white line-screen type Sonic X logo and a nice big full color Sonic, this one seems popular at Sears stores, so now is your chance to pick one up. He's over some Japanese writing, which likely says something about Sonic X, but it's all in Kanji this time.
NOTE: This has a kiddie size varient shirt in red.
Lightening Bolt Jump Long Sleeve Double Shirt This is one of the last winter line 2007 shirts produced.
It's another of their 'double style' shirt under a shirt look ones. This time gray with red sleeves and even a red 'cuff' at the bottom to really make the look convincing. (Though it is still really just 1 shirt)
This one is in reasonable sizes, and has the Jumpin' Sonic X stock art simply applied over a lightening bolt like design. While not wildly creative or different, it's still a pretty good solid design.
Many Faces Black Sonic Shirt With this rather unusual take, several expressions of Sonic create an all-over pattern.
This solid black short-sleeve t-shirt has the following expressions of classic Sonic all over it: Mad/steaming, happy/normal, gloomy/tired, and confused/worried. They're all in simple line-art (in light blue) and only appear on the front. It is an interesting concept to use Sonic's head as a type of pattern. This shirt is closing out during the winter of 2008 at Sears.
Super Brown Sonic 1991 Retro Shirt More retro-style to appeal to classic gamers.
This time, everything's a brown/orange theme. The shirt itself is dark brown, and Sonic has been changed to various shades of brown. His shoes ended up yellow/orange-brown, the tan parts stayed the same, but there isn't a speck of blue on him. Interestingly enough, this brown overload doesn't really make for a terrible design. The words "Super Sonic Since 1991" are once again not true (there is no shirt with actual super Sonic on it) but are written in a more 1970s font style. This is available at Sears in the USA in the summer of 2008.
Chaos Emerald Ice Blue Sketchy Sonic New Shirt Another progressive and interesting offering!
This all gray shirt features only blue, black and white ink. Everything on it is done in a really 'sketchy' style, with many jagged lines and oversprays. Sonic is roughed in, but all the details are there. He's also in a nice new pose, so this isn't some run-of-the-mill shirt. Another stand-out feature are the Chaos Emeralds! Finally, someone is encorporating them into designs, this time as a pattern of stripes. The classic Sonic logo appears, even though the shirt is new-style. This is available at Sears in the USA in the summer of 2008.
Shadow Jump Red Chrome Japan Letter Detail Shot for Shadow Shirt This is a great Shadow the Hedgehog shirt. Side-jumping shadow stars alone, without any other characters, which is a bit unusual. He doesn't look overly depressed, and the pose is nice and exciting. The background has a Japansese word (likely his name) scrawled in red shiny reflective paint.
In the detail shot, you can see the shine, and the fact that it's made of many small lines. Behind that is a splash of gray for texture. Gray Variant Shadow Jump Letter Shirt
The black version of this is in Kiddie-Size only, and appeared first. Several months later, the gray variant appeared in normal-sizes. So if you want this cool shirt, Winter of 2008 is your time to pick up one you can fit into at Sears! This shirt is in the personal collection of SonicGear.
Sonic Secret Rings Flame Shirt This one's a real departure from the usual!
This is a great (if a bit mixed up) shirt. The design is photo-realistic to the games, complete with ring on Sonic's finger (From Sonic and Secret Rings on the Wii) and flames in the background. Everything on this design is smooth and very well done, almost like a screenshot or rendered image. No graphics gimmics or simplification going on here.
Kiddie Size Blue Thermal Sleeve Variant Sonic Shirt
The only thing that's out of place is the logo. If you inspect it, you'll realize that it's from Sonic 360! Why would they mix things around? The mystery remains, but the shirt is still quite cool. This is in SonicGear personal collection. The blue-sleeved shirt to the right is a variant of it. This has "thermal fabric" (textured, warmer) for the sleeves and only comes in little kids sizes. Small shirt found by FinalApocalypse.
Long-Sleeve Yellow Sonic X Square Shirt This is one of the older offerings for Sonic X.
It likely was released in 2007 or earlier, and is a kids size long sleeve. It has jumping punch Sonic (in rubberized thick paint) in the center of a square which is cut by an "X" of 'rays'. In each of the cut sections is a different view of part of Sonic's head (all stocks) but done in only blue-fade tones. The logo ends up at the bottom of the square, not disrupting the design.
Orange version, likely from the same era, small only, FinalApocalypse.
Triple Outfits- 6 Sonic clothing items
Here's a sampling of the outfits that were released at the very start of the "Sonic X" clothing period. These are small, and meant only for little kids. (as you know this was abandoned for the most-part later) The matching shorts also all have something Sonic on them, usually an embroidered 'patch' of Sonic, or the Sonic X logo. The first shirt has Eggman & Knuckles on it if you look closely. Sets like this were mostly available in JC Penny and Kohls department stores in the USA during their somewhat limited release.
Modern Dots Color Jump Sonic Finally some new art appears! This shirt features a row of jumping Sonics, all done in screen tone. (Tiny dots of various sizes color the image) Over-lap and over-spray (color outside the lines) are done on purpose, along with sketchy lines. Each Sonic is a different hot color, and they all over-lap. Screen Tone Close Up Modern Shirt Jump Sonic
The shirt is a normal, black, short sleeve tee. Why is the other picture so large? Cameras HATE screen-tone dots. The shirt image was almost unintelligable unless the size is huge. NOTE: the color here is off, due to the use of the dots. The real shirt is quite hot-colored and easy to see. Do not be misled by the photo. Shirt is in the Sonic Gear collection. Available Fall 2008: Sears.
Red Shadow Expressions Tee Here's a great one for all Shadow fans! This bright red t-shirt has a large full-color Shadow torso (he's actually smiling, too, which means new art!) surrounded by red-tone various Shadow arts. In all but one he's vaguely annoyed, and in the top one he is worrying, which is a change of pace. The red parts of the shirt are coated with semi-shiny clear ink for added detail! Shirt is in Sonic Gear collection. Available Fall 2008: Sears. Close Up Shadow Hedgehog Expressions Design
Sepia Sonic Double Shirt Brown Mystic Jump Here's another shirt where they're mixing up two Sonic games to make the art. The Sonic/Flames is from 360 Sonic, but the name is clearly from Sonic & Secret Rings on the Wii. (On the variant (right) they fixed this, though) This time, the graphic is done in sepia tone, with a mystic blue fire placed behind Sonic. Curiously, you can see a few of his teeth if you look closely. The shirt is part of the new fall line at Sears, and is a double shirt (as TopHeavy is fond of doing) Dark brown with a lighter brown long sleeve-look underneath.
Photos by: Finalapocalypse & Available Fall /Winter 2008: Sears
Here, little kids get some new art. This is one of those shirts only available in small sizes that aren't likely to fit anyone much over 8. The new art is once again Sonic X based, this time with a perspective shot of Sonic running out of a blue sort of 'lightening' area. Certainly the graphic looks nice and fast. It's good to see new art being brought in, and not every single thing in false-retro style. Available Fall 2008 at Sears in the little kids area.
Note: A regular sized shirt has now been made
Teen Version Long Sleeve Run Sonic Shirt
Running Shoe Sonic X Kids T-shirt
This version is available winter 08 Discovered by Final Apocalypse
Vroom Word Yellow Kids Tee Shirt Sonic
Interestingly, this shirt features a word other than 'Sonic X'
This has jumping foreward-punch Sonic over the word "Vroom" done in red. What you might not be able to see in the photo, is that there are Sonic faces in black linework inside the red of the word. This extra detail is a nice touch. This is another ShoPro/Topheavy effort, and should be available in Summer/Fall 2008. Little Kids sizes only.
Complex X Sonic Kids Tshirt Here's another wierd rocket-shoes Sonic.
This style of art is a bit odd...not like that found in Sonic X, despite the logo. It was first seen on the 15th Anniversary Sonic shirt, but seems to pop up now and then. Here it is again, this time on top of a rather cool looking complicated/mechanical "X". The Sonic X logo is a part of the design, large, at the top, and the whole thing is bordered in a blue glow-look. This is only available in little-kid sizes and should be available in Summer/Fall 2008.