Brittish Sonic the Hedgehog Clothing Title
With more new UK clothes in 2008, the Sonic fun doesn't stop! Many of the selections you can see on this page are from GAME a video game and accessory store located in various areas around England (and possibly other countries too). If you are there, or visiting, this store should definetely be a Sonic destination for you. Retro themes seem to be in as well, but look for the modernist mystery company to mix it up with more interesting designs (and sometimes fashion-crazy colors!)
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Retro Flames Stylin Sonic Shirt Right away, retro is still making a comeback. Here, they've used the classic running stock Sonic and set him over a color-fade flame design for a retro look. Once again, the crackle or 'fake aging' has come into play to try to make this look genuine. It disrupts the look of the design a little but still, this one's got a good presentation.
Available 2008 @ GAME in England.
Slow Sucks Need Speed Steamin' Sonic Shirt Two more designs are here to play up the retro angle with the old-skool stock arts. These are T-shirts, however you just kind of have to assume what the rest of the shirt looks like due to these design only photos. Major Player Pro Am Sonic Tour 1991 Shirt
The first shirt features a rare sight: angry Sonic. Steamin' Sonic head proclaims "Slow Sucks I have a need for speed" while steam comes out of his ears in classic cartoony style. The crackle/age effect really isn't to much good use here though.
The second shirt says "Major Player Pro Am Sonic Tour 1991" with the nicely done classic standing stock art. It too looks a bit worn, but in this case it may be more beleivable as it is trying to look like it was from a long-ago event. (fictitious)
Supersonic 70s stripe shirt Retro continues to reign, this time by Top Heavy (as is evidenced by the tag) apparently they're shipping over-seas too, because they supply Sears and Kohls in the USA. This one is looking more like something out of the 1970s really than any other era, though why it does is anyone's guess. Most fans of Sonic were not alive at that time to observe it's design style. Gettin' ready to run stock Sonic is set over a red white and blue stripe and loop. It says "Supersonic" and also "1991" though the shirt has nothing to do with actual Super Sonic. Photo by Rhia
Sonic the Hedgehog Since 1991
This time a brown tee, with classic looking seal or stamp like design. It's gettin' ready to go Sonic again, this time in a loop with some stars. The border repeats "Sonic the Hedgehog" and in the center it says "Since 1991".
So many things are emphasizing 1991 that it's becoming strange. Is Sonic some sort of fine wine? How important is his age of existance that it must be broadcasted onto every shirt? Whoever keeps turning these out seems totally obsessed with the date.
Amy Rose Floral Shirt for Girls Finally, something for girls!
Really, Sonic things can be worn by anyone who likes Sonic. However, you don't really see something that really says "Hey this is for girls" by being cut differently or having an expressly 'girls' theme. This shirt paves the way with Amy Rose. There are Amy line-art portriates, flowers, and even a pink Sonic X logo. The main art is 'looking back Amy' from Sonic X. This is a nice shirt if you need something which is only for girls. And even if you don't, it's unique enough to collect, and great for Amy fans!
Amy is bringing in the pink!
Another fun Amy theme shirt here, this time all in pink. Looking Back Amy is in the background as a line-art, while a cheerful Amy Rose peeks through a 'hole' in the design. The background is a wash of multiple Amy-drawings made into a pattern type watermark. With solid pink sleeves and collar, as well as another all-pink Sonic X logo, this shirt is totally Amy!
Girls' Tee Amy Rose Pink Shirt
Amy 3 Circles Floral Sonic X Shirt More Amy! To the left, 3 circles highlight 3 different Amys, with breezy happy (new!) Amy Rose at the top. The background has blue outline flowers on a white and blue stripe base while a pink Sonic X logo tops it off. The right shirt features Amy with pink polka-dots and stars, all arranged into a large heart shape over most of the shirt. Amy X Sonic Pink Dots Girls Tee
The words Sonic X Amy are used in a curling way to create further design elements for 'looking back' Amy. The text "Sonic X Amy" can also be interperated as a statement of relationship like "Vegita X Bulma" (DBZ) rather than "Sonic X" as it is likely meant. Amy would probably appriciate that, for this shirt!
Big-X Shirt Back Logo Photo The "X" from Sonic X is taking over on this shirt! The dominant design is a huge "X" with color-fade border, and blue Sonic line-art interior. (Jumping Punch Sonic) In the spaces are Sonic faces, with an overlay of the words "Sonic X". They've appplied a plastic decal (very thick plastic piece, almost like an item or tile, it is solid, shiny and smooth) The sleeves of this are black, and it has a back logo. Big "X" Sonic Design Shirt
Blue Tiles Sonic X Shirt
Another decal gets applied with this shirt. It's the same "puffy-sticker" type solid plastice piece set on as an applique of sorts. (the logo is not a part of it) This has a fading grid of light blue (or yellow) squares with various Arm-Cross-Point Sonic X stock art portraits scattered among them. On the fading stripe is the usual "Rose Video" line and copyright information. Blue or red accents top off the design.
GAME Store canned Sonic Shirt Eyes Only Black Adventure Style Sonic Face Eyes Only Classic Sonic Face Blue Shirt Foil Label GAME Shirt Can Packaging
The store "GAME" is beginning to sell t-shirts in these interesting cans. The shirt is all rolled up inside the plastic can. The can has a nice foil shiny label on it, with Adventure style Sonic (no matter if the shirt is classic style or not) and a picture of someone wearing the product so you can see what it will look like. Of course, this means you can collect the cans, too.
Here are 2 varient shirts on a theme, only having the eyes of Sonic, with his mouth and nose and nothing else. The blue one is classic style, and the black one is Adventure style. This design type was used on some vintage Japanese things, and it makes a nice look here too. Blue can/shirt photo by SonicFanGuy Black can/shirt photo by The GagaMann
Available: 2008-Summer
Toxic Whacko Hot Green Sonic X Tee Oh how bright it is!
This shirt is quite shockingly green! First, there's 80s style hot green in the front tone for Hand on Hip Sonic, then they really crank it up by adding in yellow so that the (reflected) image in the background gets even brighter. It doesn't glow in the dark, but it is likely as close as you can get to it. The sleeves have pieces of the same design, as well as 2 Sonic X logos. For good measure, they threw another onto the bottom front corner, though it clashes badly with the green. Sonic is just a print this time, near the top.
And here's the same shirt, but in blue.
This one is still quite 'loud' with the huge water-mark type Sonics literally ALL over it, but at least this one didn't look like it was inspired by glowing ooze! It's much more appropriate in blue, and isn't so likely to frighten the neighbors.
Fashion fright alert!
If you leave this shirt photo on your screen too long, your monitor may cry. That's how bad it is. More hot green fading to white, with dark green 'rays' coming out of Sonic for some reason. This does NOT go well with the dark red sleeves, collar, and shoes. The Sonic X logo once again is no help toward this X-treeeme green. The background has a Sonic line art with crossed arms and pointing finger...but it also has raining "Sonic X" words as well as the copyright and Rose Video done vertically. Shirts don't get a whole lot 'louder' than this one...
Fashion Police Felony Red & Killer Green Shocker
Ropes Wood & Cards Mysterious Shirt This is definetley one of the stranger Sonic shirts out there.
What is really the 'theme' for this? It looks almost nautical, with wood planks, ropes and blue background. It doesn't seem to be from anything Sonic...however along the rop like an odd type of charm are "cards" with character names and faces. Sonic, Amy, Knuckles and Shadow appear, but not Tails. If you look closely, you can find the Sonic X logos on the sleeves. The wierd wood and ropes don't really contribute to any sort of stylishness for the shirt, so it is rather mysterious.
Sonic & Knuckles Grid Blue Shirt A Sonic & Knuckles theme is refreshing here on blue.
With this shirt, both characters get equal billing, with both standing in front of hot green grid lines over a huge "X". Sonic and Knuckles' names have been written huge in the background, and are outlined to look like they are reliefs in the fabric. Again, the logo appears 3 times. This shirt is a nice change of pace, and isn't too busy or crazy.
Sonic Knuckles Shadow Stripe Shirt This striped shirt features more characters, but only Sonic himself is colored in. Shadow and Knuckles appear in some nice new poses as line art figures. Shadow is in blue, and knuckles is in Orange. They disrupt the stripes of the same color which run across the whole thing, along with each of their names. For some reason, one Sonic wasn't enough, so they added another hard plastic decal style Sonic to the other side of Jumping Punch Sonic. This results in the tee being a bit busy.
Sonic X Target Ring Stripe Sporty Shirt This somewhat unusual shirt has a bit of a sporty feel to it.
The "Sonic X" word is repeated in a circular team-logo like fashion, with Jumping Punch Sonic in the middle. Oddly enough is a yellow line structure, but it looks more like a lense flare (why) for some reason. Here, another thumbs up Sonic plastic piece has been applied. The copyright info goes around one edge of the circle. With the contrasting red collar, and double red stripes on the sleeves, this gives off a sports like style.