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There are just so many cool bags to choose from, they get their own page of the store. This page will have every sort of bag find-able, like messenger bags, saddle-style bags, purses, plush bags, lunch carriers, lunch boxes, draw-string bags, schoolbags, backpacks and anything else you can store stuff in. The bags are not in any particular order. "As an Amazon Associate this site earns from qualifying purchases."
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Vandor Metal Lunch Box
This classic style lunch box has neoclassic Sonic & 2-tone blue checkers. Vandor got a Sonic license in 2016.
Sonic Sandwich Tin
This square metal box keeps sandwiches from squishing in soft-sides containers like the ones below. This is likely a UK import item. It has classic forward-face Sonic on the lid & checkered sides. Sadly, it has that "Faux Wear" to the paint that no one likes as part of its design.
This is a saddle-bag type Messenger Bag. (right)
It has neo-classic annoyed /hands-on-hips Sonic in front of a winged ring in gray. The slogan at the bottom is "You're Too Slow" written in a simple font. Saddle-bag-type messengers are more square than rectangle, & are always smaller.

At left, is the "Shadow & Sonic" black messenger bag. With a blue area for Sonic & a red for Shadow they're on the flap of the fairly large bag. This is an older bag from 2012 but it doesn't seem to sell out. It's made of a tough canvas type material.

Red Stars rolling backpack school bag.
This is an older roller bag, it's mostly red, with an arch of white stars and jumping modern Sonic. Beware of it selling out since its a late 2014 release.
At right is "Spike Ring" lunch tote
It has Sonic, Tails, Knuckles AND Shadow with a checkered background. Look at the ring though, it has a 'spiked' or 'flame' type effect on it that's new for 2016.
"Run Away" Messenger Square Pack
This more-square shaped black bag has modern Sonic, a few colored squares and "I'm Outa Here!" slogan in the bottom right corner. Keep in mind that this isn't as large as some of the other bags here. It is canvas.
A glossy (probably- aux)-leather messenger bag.
This all-black bag is mostly plain. It has a simple medium-size (its embossed too!) full color spinning Sonic in one corner. Notice the zipper pull! It's a fun classic Sonic charm!
Green Hill Print Messenger
This bag has neo-classic jumping Sonic with his name in large block letters. The name has a "cut out" look with Green Hill Zone scenery within it. The bag itself is canvas, with zipper top, & pocket in the main flap that zips shut too.

The bag at right is billed as a 'messenger bag' but it is more of a 'saddle bag' style, being square instead of rectangular. It is made be GE Entertainment of tough grayish canvas type material. For a better look at it, you can use School Supplies USA on SonicGear.

At left is the classic styled 'mini backpack'. It should be around 18.00...but then at that price (suggested retail, by the MFR) how mini can it be? No one yet owns this bag to know the real size.
Another 'mini backpack'.
This one has neo-classic jumping Sonic on a 2 tone blue checker background. It too should be around 18.00 but the listing may not say how big it is.
CG Stars Lunch Bag
A soft-sides lunch carrier with Sonic, Knuckles, Tails & Shadow too. It has a 'stars' theme, with all CG character art. The edges of the bag also have Sonic designs. Has both carry handle & shoulder strap.
Sonic & Knuckles Lunch Carrier
This is by Accessory Innovations who got a Sonic license around 2016. This soft-sides carrier is square rather than the usual rectangle shape. Good big S&K graphic, art-squares background & with carry strap instead of handle.
Like that shiny rainbow hue foil on other products here? Here's a lot of it as the background for this messenger bag. With the modern Sonic & stars design, it continues the matching theme. Foil stuff does not photograph well for the button here. Checkered Messenger
This black messenger bag has blue checker design all over with a big classic Sonic face in the bottom left corner. It's canvas-type material, and an older bag from 2013 or so.
This popular bag has only Shadow on it. It's another messenger bag, all black, but accented with a large yellow circle, with his name in it. The strap features a shoulder-cushion pad, with the modern logo. The extra logo is a nice touch! Team-Up Bag
This soft-sides lunch bag has Sonic, Tails, Knuckles & Shadow big CG art for the front. They are covered with a glossy thick plastic for added interst. (However, it does not photograph well) Use the link to inspect the plastic.
This is "Green Hill Messenger"
It's an import from the UK & is a tough, grayish canvas thick fabric bag with Sonic & Tails in a Green Hill Zone full color grapich. The design here looks like it's printed on, so bag durability is unknown / in question.
This is a Sonic rolling luggage style school bag with carry strap. It has a rainbow hue foil background for the Sonic/Stars design. It doesn't show up well in a photo but its pretty iridescent. The rainbow foil effect is new and interesting here. (Several items with it can be seen around on the site, all carry/bag related)
A spatter paint messenger bag. This black bag with blue front flap has modern Sonic, with drips & spatters of colored paint. The modern logo is in the upper corner & Sonic is spelled out across the flap.
All-Blue Sonic Messenger
This is by Bio-World & the whole messenger bag is blue canvas material. It has side-walking classic Sonic on the flap, but really big so he goes off all sides. The handle & carry-strap are blue too. This bag should be fairly big.
This is the "I'm Outa Here" saddle bag style 'messenger bag'. It's black canvas with colored checker squares & Sonic running 'toward' the viewer with the slogan in the background.
A simple & classy messenger bag. This all black bag has 1 blue strip near the bottom of the flap. The Sonic graphic here is small, and modern, off to one side. If you need something more subtly Sonic, this is a good canvas-type material bag to use.
Cool Combos!
Above are all items that come with related/matching things. If you're getting one, why not get two for a deal?
From left to right
"Cool Team Combo" Backpack & lunch carrier with CG Sonic Silver Shadow Tails & Knuckles w/blue background
Spike Ring 3 Set: Spike Ring lunch carrier (from above) but with rolling backpack & non-matching 'study kit'
Glossy Backpack & lunch set has Sonic, Tails & Knuckles
Sonic & Knuckles 'sound effects' words background lunch bag & school bag
Sonic Stars- Sonic, Tails, Knuckles & Shadow with CG stars theme in lunch bag & backpack (this has nice detail like added Sonic-side graphics, side pocket for water-bottle & more
More soft-sides lunch boxes / carriers
All of these will be insulated & most have a carry handle & shoulder strap that's optional. From left to right:
Red Checker Accessory Innovations- Sonic, Knuckles & Shadow with red & yellow rays background. Sonic is texutred.
3D-FX - Lenticular (motion) City-Jump modern Sonic. Bag edge has Sonic graphic line art too
Accessory Innovations - CG Ring with Sonic Tails & Knuckles blue bag. Has "Sonic" name graphics on edges too.
"Ultimate Sonic" (why is it called this?) CG Ring with stars has Sonic, Shadow & oddly 'yelling' Knuckles on cloud background
Accessory Innovations: "Team Up" lunch bag with Sonic, Shadow & Knuckles on rays background
Still more bag variety!
Red backpack & school-bag combo has CG Sonic, Shadow & Knuckles but features Shadow at the front
Glossy Face lunch bag: This has Sonic & Shadow only, with thick very glossy plastic over the CG Sonic big face
Team Up- Another Sonic/Tails Knuckles CG graphics lunch bag this time with a 'roller style' luggage type backpack
Characters Medium Backpack - 14 inches instead of the usual, this has Eggman in the top section which is unusual
Sonic pointing backpack- Sonic, Knuckles & Shadow in the background with a logo on the top oval pocket