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Sonic Long Sleeve & Winter Type Clothing Store (Pajamas Also)
To further narrow down your search to what you want...
Here is the "Winter & Warm Clothing" section for the Sonic Gear Store. With long sleeve shirts, hoodies, long pants, & clothing generally intended for cooler weather, if you're looking to warm up, there could be a Sonic design for your tastes here. Long sleeve/winter things can be a little more costly than tees. if you can't get to a mall (to avoid shipping costs) or your local store just doesn't have the selection you want, you can now use the SonicGear Store!
When clicking the links, the retailers should all present you with sizes to choose from. All shirts seen here are also available to be viewed on the regular pages of Sonic clothing. "As an Amazon Associate this site earns from qualifying purchases."
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Here are "Lounge Pants", basically all cotton loose pants for anyone to wear around the house. They're by U-Wear-UK , and have a paper tag (not seen in photo) They're a tad busy, with all-over neo-classic forward-leaping Sonic & loads of classic logos on a white background. Bring It!
Long sleeve orange shirt (with gray undersleeves) and blue striped beanie hat combo. It has modern Sonic running with yellow trails, black squares & a logo for the hat. It's fairly old by this point, but does come in teens sizes.
Green Hill "Christmas" Sweater
Getting in on the Ugly Christmas Sweater trend is the company Numskull with this sweatshirt that's printed to look like a sweater. It has pixel-Sonic & Eggman in a 'winter Green Hill' type setting on blue background with 'stitch shape' trees & snowflakes. This is adult size only, so it's fairly costly.
Ugly Christmas Sweater Sonic!
The ugly trend continues with this genuine sweater-material top. It's all red with Sonic in his ring, but the banner has been changed to "Merry Christmas". This comes in EIGHT sizes so one will surely fit! They're adult sizes too, so it can be a sweater for anybody.
This isn't very winter but...
This is the "Ugly Sweater Pattern Tee" made for anyone who's winter doesn't get that cold but still wants the look of the "Ugly Christmas Sweater" with Sonic. This time, it's neo-classic head tilt/finger waving Sonic & some 'sweater stitch' pattern emeralds & snowflakes on cranberry background tee.
Sweater Pattern Black Tee:
This is the same design as the cranberry-color one at left, but in black. These come in BOTH kids & several adult sizes, so freely choose them when you press the button if you want either tee. This is new in winter 2016.
"Game Over" PJ Set.
This set is SMALL. It's available in several sizes with this button, but only for kids 3 to 8. It has gray shirt with Sonic portrait & red pants (with no Sonic element) It's a bit older from early 2015 or so, as it's modern Sonic.
This is the "Sonic Face Print" long sleeve shirt. It's got a real fresh look going on with CG Sonic's face printed only within the thick font that spells out "SONIC" all down the center of the gray tee. It should have several sizes, but it's too bad they're all little kids, topping out at about 10 year old size.
This PJ set is called "On The Run". It has a red collar, big, modern (2013 / 2014) running at an angle Sonic & long fuzzy pants. The pants have various scattered modern Sonics, & logos with a few checkers. Watch the sizes here! MAY be little only, despite the price. Be sure to check out all measurements if you are not a little kid.
This set is called "City Escape Boy Shorts Set". It's a bit 'grittier' looking, with splashy graphics, swipes of color & a tank top style shirt. Sonic & Shadow are shown racing through a city at the bottom (Is it really from the level?) This may be little-kid sizes, but what size does it go up to?
Fleece PJ Pants or House-Pants. These pans are a warm, fuzzy faux fleece material. They're pretty bright with light blue background, and fairly busy with graphics. You can see Sonic, Shadow & Knuckles portraits in rectangles, along with various poses for modern Sonic. This should be from kids to teens, so some of the 'teen' sizes should at least fit more people.
This is a simple pj set. It's just a tank top & shorts. The top has a big modern Sonic face on blue fabirc, while the shorts have all the same face scattered around on red fabric. This is likely to be for little kids as well. Why don't they make normal size pj's so anyone can wear them?
Here's a different looking long-sleeve top! It has all-over CG design. Sonic is running forward out of an all-cg level...looks like probably Generations. With all-cg art and the everywhere print, this is defenetely a unique set to get.
This sweatshirt is quite expensive. It's probably around 60.00. This is that one from England where it has a beige background, and a really wide variety of pixel-art sprites of various classic characters. There are multiple poses for everyone showcased here. It's expensive because not only is it an import (in this tile) but the original in it's original country was always very costly. This is mostly here to show / showcase the item.