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Sure thing with all of these Sonic cups, mugs, glasses & bottles. If it's Sonic the Hedgehog themed and goes with food or drink, hopefully it's here. Glass is generally a good collectible, as, if it is not used it is generally very stable over time & requires little care. However, beverages in your favorite Sonic items makes them even more fun. "As an Amazon Associate this site earns from qualifying purchases."
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This is called the "Blast Off Pint Glass Set".
It is by Surreal Entertainment Products & features an amber-glass with after-images classic Sonic & a blue glass with big-face classic Sonic. Each one is, as advertised about a pint of liquid.
This shot glass says "I always finish first" which is taking Sonic's 'win races' attitude into drinking with a double meaning. The other being 'always finish the drink first'....which isn't necisarily a good thing. This was sold individually in Spencers.
A modern set of 4 shot glasses by Surreal Entertainment. Each glass features 1 character and tint. Blue for Sonic, Yellow for Tails, Red for Eggman & a close-up character portrait. It is likely to come in some sort of box...
This shot glass is called "Chasing Rings" , but really the theme is just Green Hill. Sonic is running along the classic ground, with a row of rings ahead of him. This is a decent classic glass that was originally individually sold at Spencers.
This is called "Set of 4 mini glasses", but they are actually shot glasses. Each has a different classic style character art on it. This is the set that was in Spencers' Gifts stores in malls. If you couldn't get it there, this is an all-right opportunity for some Sonic theme glassware to collect. Similar to the shot glasses to the left, here are classic-style art pint glasses. Each one has either Sonic, Tails, Knuckles or Eggman, in large simple color art. This set probably comes in a box (it did at Spencers) but it isn't shown here.
More pint glasses, this time in blue tint. Each one has a different face / expression for classic Sonic. This was a Spencers' set, but the price seems to have gone up here. This single pint glass is called "Pixel Pint", which is appropriate because its graphic is a large pixelated 16 bit looking 'annoyed/waiting' Sonic, on just one side of the glass.
Why is this mug-like glass so expensive? Because it's a wacky giant glass. It's a 1.5 liter glass, so it is both big & heavy / thick. It's probably not actually useful for anything because really...1.5 liters of liquid at once is impractical. However, it could be collected as a prop or decorator item. This is called "Green Hill Pint" & it's an individual pint glass (not part of a set) it has a big classic style stock 'finger waving' Sonic over a Green Hill Zone background, with various levels of ground, palm trees & rings.
This is called "Sonic Carnival Cup", but it isn't. It's actually a plastic double-wall insulated drink cup with non-disposable / re-use plastic straw. The whole thing is clear blue plastic & the design is a plain forward-facing classic Sonic face. This is likely a Spencers' item. Here's a ceramic Sonic mug. It has classic style winking tilted Sonic face on one side, & the classic logo on the other.
A cool portable cup! This is an all-plastic cup with lid & straw. It is double-walled to help insulate your drinks. It has a large part of the modern Sonic cast on it, so many people should be able to find their favorite character here. This is also in the SonicGear collection. A Sonic Egg Cup? Isn't that something more fit for...Eggman? But anyway, here it is. It has that annoying 'faux wear' to the design with classic sonic face on the front & classic logo on the back. This comes in a box, though not shown here. Why is it 11 dollars? Aren't egg cups small & ceramic?
This mug is called "Get A Life! Mug". True to form, it has Sonic waiting beside an 'extra life' monitor in the Green Hill Zone. It's pixelated 16-bit looking & the design wraps around. The bottom says "Sonic: Est. 1991". The box claims it is a "collectors edition" of the mug, but what makes it different?
This mug is "Green Hill Scene", & it's right, it is quite the scene! The wrap-around design has Buzz Bomber, Crabmeat, Moto Bug, Tails, Eggman Eggomatic & Sonic, all in Green Hill. (Poor Tails doesn't belong in Sonic 1, but oh well) This mug is in an 'exposed sides' style cardboard box. Watch out for sell-outs! People like this one!
Silver gets a solo mug?
Apparently so, from GE Animation! This has a nic big graphic of Silver on one side & then his & Sonic's name on the other. It is a white ceramic mug. Price may vary.
Here is a "Giant Mug". It comes in a box, & is labeled as "Giant" but you can't really tell with just the photo. Just how much larger than normal is this mug? Why do you need an enormous mug? The back has the classic logo, also with that 'weathering' faux wear to the paint.
Super Sonic Mug!
This uses the Advance graphic for Super Sonic large on one side & has the word "Super" repeated several times on the other, in varying yellowish shades. This is a GE Entertainment item.
A classic style Sonic water bottle by Vandor, the company that appeared in 2016. It's an 18 ounce plastic bottle with blue tinted inner plastic (for thermos-like effect) that has a Sonic/Green hill type theme.
All-Black Pint Glass
This matte black frosted texture pint glass is the match to the shot across the way. It has modern Sonic with a red outline, and big logo. It's quite different & will definetely stand out in a glassware collection. Clean modern looking design with interesting black glass.
An all black shot glass!
The first of its kind to appear here in the store, the glass has a matte, frosted black texture & features a red-outline modern Sonic & the logo. This is a Surreal Entertainment item in 2016.
Super Sonic pint black glass. This shiny black glass (not transparent at all) features a great & large Super Sonic graphic, & the modern logo printed up the side. It should be a Surreal Entertainment item. This is "Game Board Pint" glass from Surreal entertainment. It's a clear pint with all-over print Green Hill Zone featuring Sonic & Tails. Notice the nice effect of being able to see the palm trees through the glass to the other side. This is a popular item.
This is "Laser Decal Leap" glass set by Vandor in 2016. Although the button here shows only 1 glass you actually get 2! Each is 16 ounces & features the same leaping Sonic neoclassic art design. This is a festive glass!