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Sonic Music is here!
Because Amazon has a large range of CDs that tend to stay in stock, it makes sense to have a store of available Sonic music. Most of these are likely going to be Japan imports, so they're more than a normal CD would usually be. If there are extras (booklets, albums made from more than 1 CD, etc) it should give the details on the item's page if you click the tile. All the music that's on here is ALSO covered in better detail & often with track listings on the Music Gallery Page of SonicGear. "As an Amazon Associate this site earns from qualifying purchases."

*Watch for MP3 downloads!
Everything here is SUPPOSED to be the PHYSICAL media version of the music, because anyone shopping here is generally looking for actual media collectible items for a shelf. However the tile CAN change or ADD MP3 download ability without notice. Press the tile to see what's going on & then read carefully to see what is there so you can pick what you want

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Passion & Pride. 2 disk set with "Adventure Era" songs. True Blue: The Best of Sonic
The description has the track listing & it features music from lots of different games through the history of Sonic.
Generations: Blue Blur:
This is supposed to be a 3 CD set with a bunch of Generations music. Modernized versions of old favorites...if you liked Gens, you'll like this music.
Sonic CD Soundtrack 20th Anniversary Edition: Basically exactly what it says, but in collectible CD format. True Colors: Best of Sonic Music Vol. 2:
Another compilation, but do note that this is the 2nd part, you'll also need the first for it to be complete.
Passion & Pride - Instrumentals:
Like the regular P&P album above, but this one has only instrumental versions of the songs / no vocals at all. Note the interesting change to the cover.
Sonic mini MP3 Player. It may not be an album, but you can load your songs onto this little Sonic themed player by Jazwares. Several Wills: Vocal Traxx:
This one is mostly from Sonic 06, with popular selections like All Hail Shadow & His World.
Sonic 4: Official Soundtrack-
Does exactly what it says, compiles all the songs from the game onto a CD
Sonic Adventure 2: Multi Dimensional -Does exactly what it says, compiles MOST of the songs from the game onto a CD. Be sure to read the description to see what this is all about.
Sonic 1 & 2 Official Soundtrack w/bonus direct import. This is by Dreams Come True. Has high probability of selling out. Sonic Colors Original Sound Track: This should be a 3 CD set with all the music from Colors plus a possible bonus Sonic Heroes Official Soundtrack- Does exactly what it says, compiles MOST of the songs from the game onto a CD. Sonic Heroes 20th Anniversary edition of the soundtrack. How is this different from the one beside it? Nothing tells you! Maybe it is less expensive? The cover art sure is different. Sonic Adventure 2: Official Soundtrack. Just the game's official tracks, onto a collectible CD. Be sure to see above "Multi Dimensional", which is similar, but different. That's why to be sure to read the item description.
Sonic Heroes: Complete Trinity. This should have 50 instrumental only tracks from the game. There should also be a track listing in the description. Crush 40: Super Sonic Songs Sonic Lost World: Without Boundaries this is the official soundtrack to the game & should contain most of the game's music. Sega Tunes: Virtual Sonic. This has 12 tracks from only early games like S&K and Spinball. Don't pay any attention to the 'new' album prices, they're rediculous since its from 1996. Sonic Heroes Triple Threat - This is all the vocal songs from Heroes, collected onto a CD. Chances of selling out seem high