Decorate your home, or fix up your Sonic room with lots of great items. The home decor things found here will be ONLY modern (that's post-Sonic Adventure era) items. If something's buy-able, it will be noted in the entry. This can include things like kitchen / dining ware, bathroom towels /decor, pillows, bed sets and more. What more interesting items will appear to decorate your home in Sonic Style? Stay tuned on this page as well!
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STK George Bed Set in Asda Ring Sonic Classic Style Blanket George Classic Sonic Shape Pillow in Asda
Here are 3 bed items from the "George" company that were released into Asda stores in the fall of 2023. They're all classic style, but with a sort of odd shading type and muted colors that make the characters to look somewhat 'metallic'? It also has a snow theme for some reason.
There's a "Pillow & Blanket Set" that's obviously for a single/kids bed. This has a black pillow case with Sonic popping out of a ring in the 'o' of his name. The blanket has Sonic Tails & Knuckles all in forward facing hands on hips pose, on a snowy mountain peaks very simple background with black sky that has either stars or snowflakes in it. The middle is a larger comforter/duvet type stuffed blanket. It has the same mountains and snow black sky but with Sonic holding a glowing/shaded ring & his name at the top. The pillow is a shape-pillow that follows the outline of hands on hips classic Sonic. With the way he's shaded, the eyes are blue & the background is snowy gray.
This sort of color application to the classic stock arts hasn't really been done before on anything else, so it gives it a new and interesting twist, if you like the style.