Sonic the Hedgehog Accessories of the UK
If you can wear it, and it isn't exactly a clothing item, then it's a Sonic the Hedgehog accessory!
The items on this page are both vintage AND new, so it will usually say where or when the item was available in the description. For the 'recent items' some common stores seem to be NEXT, GAME and online retailers. If it's available online, a link will be added to the description, while it is for sale. Some of the items here may also be released in the USA at the same time. Some companies like to do dual releases, and those will usually be noted.
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Sonic & Knuckles symbol kids' sock
This sock is from the release of Sonic & Knuckles on the Megadrive. These socks came in small childrens' sizes only. The ankle part has the famous S & K symbol around it, and the words "Sonic & Knuckles" below that. The rest is patterned with squares that have either a brick-like line texture, or foreward-facing portraits of Sonic or Knuckles on a black background. Why they chose these somewhat unflattering stock arts is unknown...maybe they didn't want it getting too similar to the symbol's profiles? Sock owned and photographed by KariXIII
Many Sonics Pattern Tie Here's a nice vintage Sonic tie, that uses Sonic himself as the pattern! By making the classic stock art Sonics very small, and reducing the space between them, they become the (somewhat busy) pattern for the tie. The green background is a bit unusual, but it is not overly loud. See if you can spot unusual 'tipping Sonic' among the art. It was bought in London, in 1993, so it's an earlier piece. Photographed & owned by
NEXT modern Sonic 3D face slippers NEXT modern winking Sonic slippers
Both of these pairs of slippers can be found at NEXT stores in 2010. The difference is, the original design (left) could be found early in the year, and the new winking design (right) found later in the year. It's unknown why they quickly replaced one pair with the other. The originals were also released in the USA by GE Entertainment.
There are several things to note about the pairs...first being that the 2nd ones include a bit of the chest/belly dot while the originals do not, also, the 2nd pair has an open mouth/grin expression, while the first is just the side-smile. The ears and spikes look the same. Also notice you can see the texture where the 'eyelids' are to have met in the middle. While the construction looks decent on both pairs (rather plush-like) it's still an odd concept to be wearing Sonic's heads on your feet. Both pairs owned and photographed by KariXIII
BioWare Enamel Metal Sonic Face Buckle This is a cool belt buckle by BioWare. It's metal, and the colored areas are enamel, so it can stand up to really being worn. This is meant to replace a regular belt buckle, or go on a belt that's made for buckle-changing. It has the arms-crossed Sonic from Sonic X art, but is just under a modern logo tag. You can see the BioWare logo & copyrights on the back. This is a cool buckle to add to your collection! It should be available in winter/spring 2010. This was also sold in the USA. Owned & photographed by OrangeUnicorn
Sonic Colors bracelets Sonic Colors theme Bandz Wisps shapes rubberband bracelets These are Sonic Colors themed rubber band bracelets. "Crazy Bandz, Silly Bandz, Color Band...etc" they're all names for the same thing: stretchy rubberbands with interesting shapes.
You can wear them as bracelets or display them on flat surfaces or in a book like a sticker album. Even if you stretch them, they return to the original shape. Above, you can see the front & back of the pack, & what it looks like when you buy it. The 'bandz' are shaped like Sonic heads & the various wisps from Colors. The colorful & cute wisps make this set a really fun idea! At a low price, they're easy to collect as well. Found in GAME store for 1.99 pound. Photo & owned by: BisyLizzie
Football Sonic Touchdown Baseball Cap This is a bit of a mixed-up cap. It's a baseball style cap, but it has football playing Sonic as the design. This is the classic stock art of him where he has jumped to catch a football. The background has "SH" for Sonic Hedgehog) and the word "Touchdown" at the bottom. The art is a seldom-used one...however the "faux-wear" is EXTENSIVE. The design appears extremely rubbed off/faded nearly shabby when fresh from the store. The back of the cap is mesh/open weave material so it's airy. You can see close-ups of the tags (inset) & hat back. This was produced by "Trademark Products" & can be bought at the Alton Towers Resort hotel in 2011, (home of SonicSpinball Rollercoster & Sonic theme room!) Photograhped & owned by: Kerr0765
NEXT Sonic X Socks 3 Pack Here is a 3-pack of Sonic X themed socks from NEXT. You get 3 pairs in the bundle, each with a different Sonic art & theme. The first pair has red accents and jumping point Sonic (with logo on the sole), the next is checkered with just a Sonic face, and the last is standing Sonic on a gray background, with black heel. They seem to be licensed by Sonic PROJECT and should retail for about 3.99 pound. These are likely youth sizes, but socks are notorious for fitting a decent variety of feet. Great to collect, as Sonic socks are rather unusual, and these are nicely designed. Photographed & owned by Kari
Sonic X Soft Shoe Slipper type This looks like more of a 'house shoe' rather than a regular slipper. These have fuzzy textured fabric, and checkered toes. A plastic-like jumping-punch Sonic X stock art is on the front/top of each one. These are by NEXT & likely Sonic PROJECT due to the tag. Photographed & owned by Kari Yellow Embroider Sonic Wrist Band Here's a yellow wrist band/sweat band. It has embroidered classic Sonic, as well as the letter H? (but why?) May have been produced by TopScore or available at GameStation stores. Photographed & owned by Kari
MIB Sonic Cufflinks Display Box This is an interesting classic styled Sonic item. It's a pair of figural Sonic cufflinks. Each one is 3/4 relief sculpted. They appear to be metal, painted with enamel. They're shaped like classic running Sonic, and are quite nicely detailed!
NEXT Sonic Figural Classic Cufflinks
They can be found at NEXT stores in the UK in 2011. As you can see at left, they came in a nice box with paper tag at the bottom. The 'background' has space for the backs so they display well. MIB photo by SonicTeam. Loose photo & info by Shadouge
Trucker Style Classic Sonic Hat
This hat is available at the Alton Towers Resort gift shop. It's somewhat 'trucker style' with mesh back and white panel front. The design has classic foreward-facing winking Sonic with the classic logo, but it also uses that 'faux wear' to the design, making it look scratched up. You can see the hang tag & cloth tag in the inset (same as the above hat, maybe they have a series of them) Hat photo & owned by SonicSpeeder1
Classic Style Star Sonic Sock Checkered classic style Sonic faces Sock Laughin Sonic Sock classic style Here are 3 different great pairs of classic styled Sonic socks. The first has a 'new classics' art with Sonic jumping among yellow stars, the second has black & white checkers with various expressions for classic Sonic, and the third has laughin' classic style Sonic with the logo, and a star background. Each one seems classic without getting too busy. The first sock can be found at New Look & the second 2 are from Amazon UK in 2011. Photos & owned by Shadouge
More pairs of Sonic socks! The first pair is interesting, as it has Sonic on one sock, & Shadow on the other, depending on the they pair up to complete the look. The middle is modern Sonic...but he looks off model! What's going on here? The last pair is interesting, as it uses only Tails & Knuckles (classic style) with the logo. All found at New Look. Photos & owned by Shadouge Sonic & Shadow Sock Pair Modern Sonic stripe socks blue Tails Knuckles Checkered Socks
Classic style Sonic run stars socks This pair is classic style, with 'getting ready to run' Sonic & some red/white/blue stars on the ankle for easy visibility. The bottom foot-part has the classic logo, and blue sole. Apparently they can get a bit pilly if you wear them. These were found on Amazon UK. Photos & owned by Shadouge
Sonic embossed wallet with tin This wallet comes inside its own decorative tin. Once you take the wallet out, what do you do with the tin? Don't put your sandwich in there, as there is a Sonic tin specifically designated for your sandwiches over on Homegoods. (or do put it, looks about the same size) The tin is nice, with a brushed metal top & raised-embossing of the classic logo with Sonic face & colored enamel.
The wallet has had some careful design as well. There's a line art of classic spinning / rolling Sonic on the front (nice & big too) , so it's rather subtle at first. But then when you open it, the entire interior is covered with full color spinning Sonic arts. It has slots for cards & a little zipper pocket too. This should be around 16.99 pound in 2014, which may or may not be reasonable depending on what the wallet is actually made of and how sturdy it is. Discovered by ShadowFoxx757
Sonic & Knuckles Sneaker Shoe Box Someone finds a shoe box...but not the shoes?
That's the case here with this vintage 1990s Sonic & Knuckles shoe box. Supposedly, it had a pair of sneakers...but what did they look like? This also COULD be a USA/UK release where you might have (breifly) been able to find them in both places. The art for the box is everywhere, with the lid made to look like a brick wall. It has a bit of strange art going on though. Knuckles is punching through the wall but he has kind of small fists and his arms in a really wierd position? Then, Sonic is obviously modified stock art but they kind of modified him into being worse...look at the tiny hands and then the arms look like they're coming out of his neck? What is he supposed to be doing? The Sega & S&K logos appear at the top and bottom of the lid.
The bottom part of the box is designed too. It has the S&K symbol on the end and a sky scene on the side. It looks like there's maybe surf board Sonic there? But then what is Robotnick doing flying around? What is he even doing? Aside from the wacky art, this shoe box is a mystery because what did the shoes look like, where was it really released, and what company made them are all unanswered.