Sonic the Hedgehog Accessories of the UK
If you can wear it, and it isn't exactly a clothing item, then it's a Sonic the Hedgehog accessory!
The items on this page are both vintage AND new, so it will usually say where or when the item was available in the description. For the 'recent items' some common stores seem to be NEXT, GAME and online retailers, like Amazon of the UK. If it's available online, a link will be added to the description, while it is for sale. Some of the items here may also be released in the USA at the same time. Some companies like to do dual releases, and those will usually be noted.
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Green Hill Jump Sonic Ball Cap Here's a creative cap from Asda. It's all blue, but the front panel has a whole scene from Green Hill on there. It's 16 bit style, and has a neo-classic stock Sonic jumping 'into' the scene. What's interesting here, is that the design carries right over onto the bill of the cap. The Green hill ground just keeps going & then the logo appears below that. This design feature helps the cap stand out among others, or a collection. It's not too expensive at 4 pounds. It should be in hat sizes 4 through 12, and was made in 2013
Black Classic Sonic Embroidered Cap This cap from Asda is rather plain. It's a black baseball type cap, with blue stitching as the only accent. The front has a fairly large all-embroidered classic Sonic (arms crossed) pose that cuts off at about the hips. This is in hat sizes 4 thru 12, and should be about 4 pounds. It's a 2013 item, & decent if you need a hat that's not too busy.
Set of 3 Sonic Eggman Theme Socks Now THIS is a cool set of socks!
This set comes with 3 pairs of nicely designed socks. Instead of just slapping on a poorly knit Sonic face, they took the time to make fun Sonic themed desgins for each sock. The first one is by far the coolest, as it is made to look like Sonic's shoe, sock & leg. The buckle is even drawn on!
The next pair is Green Hill themed. The foot part is all checkered, with the striped grass at the ankle, & blue 'sky' above. The final sock is sort of silly, as it is made to look like somehow Eggman is a foot. The toe is his pants, the heel & ankle his shirt & the top has a simplified Eggman face (bald head 'top' too) over his pointy yellow classic sytled collar triangles. Though it's kind of abstract, it's still a great pair for any Eggfans out there.
Good news! These are adult size socks so anyone can wear them. They began to appear in 2014, but where can you buy them? Write in if you have any info, as these look like they could be popular.
UWear Sonic Wallet in a Tin Here, the company UWear has made a wallet that comes in the collector case/tin. The metal tin has the classic Sonic logo on top, along with a face. Inside, the wallet fits in a foam pad. The wallet itself is black (either leather or faux leather) with an embossed in rolling classic Sonic on the outside. It's pretty subtle.
The wallet is only subtle until you open it. The inside, however is a busy colorful pattern, made only of rolling full color classic Sonic stock arts. The wallet has bills area, credit card slots & zipper pocket on one side.
The wallet has a lot of nice detail, spaces for items, and the fact that there's a tin too (to store it, or use for other things) makes it better. Photo & owned by: Spinballboy18
3 Pair Sonic Socks in a Tin Here are 3 pairs of classic style Sonic socks in a collectible metal tin.
The socks each have a different classic design woven into the fabric. First is 'steamin' Sonic' heads on a black sock, hands on hips Sonic on a gray sock, then running Sonic on another black pair. The tin has a nice big classic full color logo, with a nice color Sonic head to match. Because these are mens' socks, they're fairly large/the tin is pretty deep, so even after you wear the socks you can store things in the tin. Also, since it's mens' sizes, the socks should fit almost anyone. These are from Truffle Shuffle in 2016.
Women's 2-Pack Socks Truffle Shuffle Classic When making socks, Truffle Shuffle doesn't leave out ladies.
This is a 2-pack of womens-sizes classic style Sonic socks. (However, because they are adult sizes, maybe they fit men too) The first pair is all blue with such a large Sonic art that he's almost abstracted. You can see he's probably 'running stock' with a partial visible fist & just one eye. The other pair has finger waving standing Sonic & some various colored lines, squares & triangles scattered around. Both designs are woven into the sock fabric itself so they won't be able to wear off. How much did these cost? These are from Truffle Shuffle in 2016.
Sunglasses Sonic Kids on Card Photo Sonic sunglasses?
Sure! This is a kiddie-size pair of sunglasses. (Usually means really small, even likely a teen couldn't wear them comfortably) It's a good thing they're here on the hang-card, because...really the only Sonic thing about them is the very tiny logo there in the middle over the nose part. The glasses-frames are otherwise rainbow of red/orange/yellow/green/blue that doesn't seem to have anything to do with Sonic. The tag & corner-tab on the card indicate 400 UV protection. This is a 2017 item.
Multi Character Colorful Lanyard A colorful lanyard!
This lanyard strap is very colorful, thanks to it's bunches of character art. It features Cream & Cheese, Knuckles, Sonic, & Amy, all on a bright blue background. There's a thin tie strap & a clip at the bottom for keys, ID badges and more. Photo & owned by: Debbie Keers
Classic Face Sonic Plush Slippers
Here's another pair of Sonic plush slippers.
These types of slippers appear in the USA & England (seemingly over and over, with slight variations) As usual, the slippers feature 3D stuffed plush toy Sonic faces on the toes & blue backs for where the foot goes. These make it look like you're sort of wearing Sonic around, or wearing plush dolls around the house. These are pretty well done, with ears that stand up, well stuffed/sculpted spikes, embroidered eyes & well proportioned faces. Interestingly, they're a bit better put together than some dolls. There's a tag in the back/heel area, which has the Sonic classic logo.
In this case, they're at Primark in the men's section in 2018. They're all-around stuffed & keep your feet warm in sizes 6-8 and 9-12. These are big. Photo & owned by: DarkonDrago
5 Sonic Classic Socks Variety Selection Keep your feet in style with new socks for 2019!
This is a nice, big sock selection--and what makes it better, is that they're adult sizes so anyone can buy and wear them. They also feature the designs as part of the fabric itself, so there's no decals or paint to wear off with use.The socks are in 5 packs, but there are 10 different designs in total for you to collect.
First, is a light/dark blue checkered all over sock with the 'ready to go' Japanese (lesser used but very cool) stock art on the ankle area. 2nd is a 'getting ready to run' Sonic on a gray sock with GHZ ground around the foot area, and rings at the top. Third is a small Sonic face with blue toe tip sock that says "Game Over" in red letters. Next is forward facing Sonic with 'super Sonic' in blue above on a gray sock. The last sock is bright blue with darker toe & cuff which has the full color classic logo near the top. The second row has blue with very large (it wraps all the way around) forward facing Sonic, a black with mutliple poses of stock art scattered all over, a gray with many expressions faces, another really big art of 'arm cross' Sonic on a gray background and finally a black sock with more expression faces. These provide a good variety of nice designs. Photo & owned by: DarkonDrago
Primark Essentials Sonic Underwear Here is a slightly older pair of underwear.
It's from the "Primark Essentials" line, and has appeared in a multi pack on Gear. Here, you can see one pair by itself, and how it holds up as well. This has been worn a lot, but, as you can see it remains mostly bright and unfaded, though the fabric has become very slightly pilly. The elastic waistband didn't quit or become ragged which is also nice.
The front has 3 different poses for classic Sonic (including neoclassic art) and a sort of 'fireworks lines' theme for the background. The back has neoclassic impatient/waiting Sonic with his name spelled out in Japanese...twice. The first is "Sonic the Hedgehog", and then "Sonic". (It doesn't make much sense but they had to fill up the other half of the fabric with letters I guess.)
The cloth tags inside are surviving well too from the wear, as is the logo on the front of the band. The over-all look is nice, colorful and actively designed. There's nothing at all generic about this underwear. It's nice to see the result of quality Sonic merchandise. Photo & owned by Louie
Classic Sonic theme Crossbody Bag This is a 'cross-body-bag'. It operates like the supposedly (now) out of fashion 'hip packs' or 'belt bags' but is worn over one shoulder so the bag part fits on the chest, instead of around the waist like the former.
The front of the body wearing concept of this is why it is designed as a flat thing, rather than chunkier like the 'belt bag'. (Have to still be able to reach across self) It's probably the first actual Sonic bag made in this style. It has a red nylon belt part with squeeze clip. There are profile/running stock Sonics printed all along the belt. The bag itself is blue and plain, with a simple zipper closure. This has the full color classic logo printed in one corner. It's an ok bag for this style, with a simple design and actual classic look. This is a fall 2020 item & should be in Smyth's stores.
Kids 2 Pair UK Sonic Face theme Slippers Here are 2 pairs of different face themed slippers for little kids that were released at the same time in 2022.
The top pair has classic forward facing Sonic face for the whole top of the slipper, but he has pop up cloth ears as a fun detail. The back has the classic logo embroidered on. The interiors are red and they're just elastic. Looking at the proportions, you can see it's only for little kids feet.
The 2nd pair is the usual 'wacky' "Sonic's entire head is the shoe" plush doll type slippers. They have 3D stuffed classic faces for the slipper toe, and the base/sole is blue. These are decently enough patterned, the faces do look ok.
Sonic Shoe theme slippers 2 pairs Two different fun pairs of slippers, both themed after Sonic's shoes! The left pair is more of a 'costume' type, with the stuffed socks and the plush/oversize uppers. They have a black rubber sole, and the white band/buckle is a 3D item with real plastic. The other pair is more of a slip-on slipper. The band/buckle for these is simply printed on. These don't include the white sock part, but they have the same thick/quality rubber sole. This pair has the classic logo printed on the inside in the heel area.
Both of these are great. The 2nd pair could have a hand made big/white sock part added and easily become part of a costume. The quality soles mean that they're not going to slide around in the house, or wear out quickly. A good sole on a slipper also helps it keep its shape. These are probably Sega Shop EU exclusives. They are in adults sizes/fits anyone. (Which is a bit too bad because probably America would buy these too)
Opinion Zone:
Excellent! I LOVE items that are directly from the games or shows. The Knuckles' gloves, chaos emerald items...these slippers, they're all top notch. It's one thing to collect stuff with "a picture of thing you like" on there, but another to have actual props from movies/shows or games. This fits right in!
Byland Slippers Kids Modern Blue Still more slippers...this time just for kids by Byland.
This pair looks more like regular/outdoor 'keds' type shoes, however. They have a shoe like textured blue rubber sole, those stretchy band/curves on the sides and normal fabric uppers. There's a large full color art for jumping/twist modern Sonic across the whole front/top, and the modern logo on the outer side. The interior is red, and all borders are blue.
This is a stylish enough pair, if you could really call it a house-slipper. The art is nice, nothing is goofy or 'babyish', they look like a product that would last. These are probably Sega Shop EU exclusives.