Sonic the Hedgehog Accessories of the UK
If you can wear it, and it isn't exactly a clothing item, then it's a Sonic the Hedgehog accessory!
The items on this page are both vintage AND new, so it will usually say where or when the item was available in the description. For the 'recent items' some common stores seem to be NEXT, GAME and online retailers, like Amazon of the UK. If it's available online, a link will be added to the description, while it is for sale. Some of the items here may also be released in the USA at the same time. Some companies like to do dual releases, and those will usually be noted.
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BluePrint Collection Sonic Wallet The company BluePrint Collections is responsible for most of the school supplies on Sonic School UK 2. However, they decided to also produce a wallet, for some reason. It's a nice looking all synthetic canvas wallet, with plenty of pockets inside for cards & bills. It has a strap/velcro closure that also contains the main Sonic element. The Sonic face & logo are what you lift to open the wallet. This can be found at Tesco stores, but how much does it cost?
New-Look Blue Top Tall Sock Sonic Here are some socks by NewLook. They're a taller sock than usual, and look how when you put them together, you complete the Sonic graphic. It has modern jumping Sonic over his name written in Japanese. "Sonic Sonic the Hedgehog" . The top cuff, heel, and toe are blue while the rest is gray. Since the graphic for him is nice and big, the weave of the sock still captures his detail. These can be found in New Look stores in fall 2011 for about 3.99 pound. Photo & owned by Shadouge.
Sonic spin classic style red fleece robe for kids This thing looks kind of like a "snuggie" but doesn't go under that patented name. Instead, it's called the "Sleeve Fleece" and is basically just a simple long robe thing made out of that single-ply faux-fleece fabric. It is made of the same fabric as the "Sonic Spin Fleece" seen on UK Housewares page 3. (The company obviously just bought bolts of this simple red faux-fleece & started turning out items. It's a kids robe, but it looks big-ish on whoever this is here, so it may fit other sizes. It's available at for about 9.99 pound in 2013.
Standing Sonic modern bargain Socks This pair of kids size socks is the 2nd part of the 2 for 3 pound bargain at ASDA in summer 2011. It has standing Sonic as a good large wrap design. The paper tag is the same for both, and has the modern logo. Photo & owned by Shadouge. Jumping Sonic kids size MIP pair socks This pair of kids-size socks (still, check if they fit your feet! Socks can be somewhat versatile) is found at ASDA, and is part of a 2 pair for 3 pound deal. (see other pair next-to) With a bargain like this, picking up a couple pairs should be done.
The design here is quite large, with Sonic taking up the whole sock and wrapping around it. This gives it an interesting look, and maintains his detail. Photo & owned by Shadouge, right photo by Kari
Small Classic Style Button Badge MIP Look at this interesting tiny button badge (pin). It's odd to see such a small item single-carded like this. It's classic style Sonic with a ring, & the logo. The diameter is only 25 mm. The company GB Eye made it, and you can find it in HMV stores in fall 2011. It was actually manufactured in the UK. It is only 99P. This can also be found in a pin badge 4 pack. Photo & owned by Shadouge Sonic Face PJs Package Set PJs in a package. This rather plain pajama set has a big Sonic face & logo on the long sleeve top, with a plain pair of blue pants. It's not terribly exciting, but was made by Smith Brooks & can be found at NEXT stores for 13 pounds in fall 2011. Photo by Shadouge
Sainsbury's Sonic Plastic Graphic Slippers This pair of slippers isn't nostalgic nor corney. By not involving big fake plush heads or sewing half a doll to the toe of a shoe, these sturdy slippers look more like 'house shoes'. They have a black, blue & gray theme, with some nice scattered gray squares for the background. The Sonic graphic is a CG piece, but it's made on a tough plastic (so it's shiny as you can see) decal type item that is sewn on so it won't just peel away. A few shirts used something similar, and it tended to work out well. These are in kids sizes, unknown if the largest size may fit an average foot. These can be found at Sainsburys for 7 pounds in the fall of 2011. Photo by Shadouge.
This is a pair of classic sneakers, likely from 1991. They're a little bit 'Converse' style (with rubber toe, smooth thick track & canvas uppers) but they don't really have a name brand. They are, however, quite detailed. The Sonic image is a stamped on fabric paint, the rings are made with gold thread embroidery,
and there are little spinning & running Sonic stock arts all along the red part of the shoe base. The laces likely were Sonic branded as well (looks like either his name or the logo) These may have been available at BHS in kids sizes. These shoes are uncommon. Photo & owned by Bianca Nishitani
Sonic Wellington Rain Boot Kids This is a pair of kids wellington boots. They're an all-rubber rain boot with cool Sonic theme. It uses new 2011 Sonic art nice & big on the sides, with the modern logo. The tag has the license info & that it was made by William Lamb Footwear. You can get these in fall 2011 at Wellington Boot Sonic Tag William Lamb
Sainsbury's for about 9 pounds, however, do watch out because they're all small. Look at the pair sitting on the hand, that's not likely to fit anyone which is too bad. Photos by Bianca Nishitani & Shadouge
Here are 2 different pairs of Sonic themed Ankle Socks. These socks are sized for kids OR adults, so anyone can wear them! The first pair has modern jumping Sonic with yellow stars, and the second has modern back jumping Sonic with the ring w/stars & his name in black on one side. Both are nice colorful pairs with good big designs. These can be found at ASDA stores in the UK area. Photo & owned by Shadouge Modern Sonic & Stars Quality Socks Here's a fun pair of Sonic themed Socks, which you'll be able to notice are sort of 'opposite' of the top pair at the left. They're gray in the middle, with black tips, instead of the other way around. It has a nice big (sewn in) graphic of jumping Sonic, the modern logo in full color and some yellow stars. These socks are a good quality fabric, and they'll fit sizes from kids to adults. Photo & owned by Or@ngeUnicorn1984
2 pair Sonic Ankle Socks ASDA
Sonic face modern quality pair Socks This is another pair of nice quality socks which can fit kids to adults. They have a nice (very) big Sonic face, yellow stars, red stripes & a nice rendition of the modern logo in white. Photo & owned by Or@ngeUnicorn1984 Sonic Sock 4 Collection with tags A whole selection of socks! These socks aren't as high quality as the others, but they make up for it in variety. You can get Shadow, Sonic peace sign, Knuckles or a modern Sonic face, all on various colored backgrounds. The art here is all a part of the weave of the fabric, so it's not going to wear off. These can fit size 8 ladies, size 42 European, & up to 10.5
ladies, but they also come smaller, for kids too. Photo & owned by Or@ngeUnicorn1984
Shoe Tag Sonic 3 This is a shoe tag from about 1993. It's got Sonic giving the "3" pose from the Sonic 3 art. It was attached to a pair of Sonic 3 themed shoes as an incentive type item or freebie
Blue & Yellow Sonic UK Watch Here's a nice classic watch from the early 1990s. It was sold in the UK area (somewhere) , & really has a quite classic look. There are 2 Sega logos for the band, the face is yellow with finger-waving classic Sonic, and no numbers. The outer ring part (likely it can be turned) is marked for the seconds. If you look closely, you can spot red line art for Eggman & Picky the pig (who comes out of badniks) in the background. Photo & owned by Or@ngeUnicorn1984
You could probably leave it on the shoe, or take it off to use as a dangle elsewhere. There's a decal for the color on the back of the somewhat-thick clear plastic. For a better look at this, you can see a Shoe Tag Video. Photo by: Sonicfan3841
Jungle Sonic Silk Tie 1991 Tie Rack Tie Tag Silk Sonic Tie
Asda Orange Checkered Cap This cap is a Sports Direct item in 2013. It has modern Sonic on the front panel, with orange checkers for the background. The rest seems a normal black/gray ball cap style. It's only 2.99 pound, so that's pretty inexpensive. Photo by
This is a tie from The Tie Rack in 1991. It is all silk & was made in Italy, however it sold in the UK. It has the Sonic & Tails swinging on a rope/vine in the Jungle art that was also used on a few other items. Notice how Tails is the wrong color & Sonic's ears are not on top of his head at all. A scenic tie like this one (no pattern) is unusual to see. Photo by:
Sonic Poncho Style Towel Hood
What exactly are these? It's a poncho cut / style item, made with sort of terrycloth towel type fabric. It has a hood, so is it some type of bath robe? Are there sleeve holes or are the sides open? Is it for the beach to protect from the sun? The left comes from Asda in 2013, but what exactly are you supposed to do with it? It's 1 size fits all, & is about 5 pounds. The right is for tiny kid sizes only and is 9.99 pound at (why is the smaller one more money?) The Sonic graphic here is nice, with it so large that he runs off all 4 sides of the item. This is a rather unusual Sonic item. Discovered by: Sonic Sprint poncho little kids item
Here's a nice bifold Sonic wallet. It's made of tough nylon type fabric in blue with a yellow border. There's a full color modern running Sonic graphic on the front, with a large, line-art detail of his face to add interest for the background. The back has a sewn-on large modern/color logo. Inside, there's a long pocket for folding bills, several slot pockets & 1 zip pocket for a few coins or a small flat item. Wallets like this really last because the fabric won't crack like faux leather. This is about 6.99 pound at Photo & owned by ForeverSonic at