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While the UK area was big on many Sonic things, plushes wasn't really one of them, for some reason. Yes, plushes were produced there, but not in the amount that the USA or Japan did. Since it is somewhat close to the rest of Europe, you could sometimes find these in other countries of the area.
As you can see, the quality never really suffered with plushes (as it did in the USA sometimes) however, they never really knocked any socks off or got super creative or cute like Japan did. The UK is still continuing to occaisonally turn out Sonic plushes in the current time.
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Big to Small Plush Line Up Sonics UK What is this strange line-up?
It is a show of the various sizes of new Sonic plushes that have been made in the UK near the fall of 2007. As you see here, they vary from big to tiny, with nearly every size in between!
This photo is from Sonic Team's "Sega Channel" area. (they cover news around the world--but only publish it to Japan)
The quality is just all-right. The noses are a bit snouty, and they look like they have fill/stuffing problems with the wiggly arms and bent up quills. They also lack filled ears, which leaves flappy cloth. The eyes seem well sized and placed, but it is curious to see plushes like this at current time (2007) when they've produced better models in earlier years.
Big & Small Sonic UK Plushes with Cellphone
Just how big is the 'big one' in the above photo?
It's THIS big!
Which is about 70cm or 2ft 3inches

With a real cell phone and measuring tape in the photo, you can see they've really made a fairly big one. There is a still-larger one at around 3 feet high, but it suffers the same design problems as these. How can you collect it? Try, or possibly stores (?) in the UK somewhere.
Size specifics & UK locator info thanks to Link.

This pair of plushes looks especially soft.
The Sonic is probably from 1992, making it one of the earliest plushes available to collect. Tails is likely from 1993. Both use a very soft looking fuzzy cloth for the body, and have small hands. Tails has stuffed 'dreadlocks' type of thing for his hair. The Sonic is about average (great for such an early piece) however Tails has a fattish face and rather large body, due to the makers trying to stuff every detail of him. Photo credit to OrangeUnicorn 1984.
Fuzzy Plush Sonic & Tails
Sonic Plush by GAME It's retro-style in 2008 with these plushes from GAME.

With their old-skool looks and 'classic' type tags, these plushes are trying to be a blast from Sonic's past. With plain black eyes and big bodies, these look like something out of the 1990s on purpose. Sonic is decent once again, but his body is a bit 'fat' looking. The cloth looks to be a soft, nice quality, and they bothered to sculpt on his 'eyebrow ridge' area. The Tails is qiute close to being cute. The 'tall' pupils with double 'shine' spots make it just that little bit off model.

Tails Plush by GAME
Side View Sonic GAME Toy
The centered smily mouth and little nose are a great touch. In all, this is one of THE best Tails plushes produced outside of Japan. The tags are very classic, and say "Collect Them All" meaning that they'll release Knuckles at some point. Do you want these plushes for yourself? Good news in 2008 Winter, you can have them! The store GAME in the UK (Likely: England) is selling these, so if you're not there, it's time to contact a pen-pal.
The standing photo of their Sonic makes him not look quite so fat. However, it appears his nose is somewhat fuzzy. Standing photo by Rathe.
Back View Sonic Plush With these side and back views of the Sonic plush, you can really tell how his spikes go. In trying for the classic style they've got what looks like just 2 on one side, but the 3rd is visible from the middle (in trying to complete a profile with 3 on his head and one on his back) The tail here is clearly defined, unlike some other dolls, as well as all his spikes being stuffed, and not just felt pieces. Side and Back photos provided by: Mariobro27
GAME is a retail store (physical) in the UK which sells video game related merchandise like shirts, plushes etc. for several popular games, including Sonic. You have to go there in order to buy their items, or get a pen pal to do so for you.
Here's Knuckles in his box, so you can see that the box is the same for all the plushes, and has some nicely chosen oldskool stock art and checker patterns to go along with it.
Side & Back photo by Topaz
With these detailed photos, you can get a good look at the GAME Tails plush! Despite a bit of 'big body' this is still a really nice one. The classic look serves the plush well, and they've got all the details including glove and sock bands, the uneven white tips to his tails and a felt piece for his bangs. The clor is appropriate and he looks soft. This classic series really looks like something to be collected. All above GAME plush photos (in section) by Mariobro27. Back view and all tags provided by Topaz.
NOTE: In 2010 Impact Int. (makers of these GAME plushes) LOST their Sonic license, and so the 'classic Eggman' will never be produced by them.
Kncukles Mini Size plush GAME GAME made their classic-styled Sonic plushes in several sizes, and here you can see their mini Knuckles Sonic and Tails. The minis held up well, despite the small size they're still pretty detailed and the details are correct. Tails still has a bit of 'big body' but the finger-lines, chest fur edges, and glove straps are all still there. It seems to be that in any size GAME has done a good job with these guys! Knuckles' nose isn't wooly there, you're just seeing the stitches. Photos by Rhia. Small Size Sonic GAME plush
Tails Small Size plush from GAME
The Sonic is fine too, with decent proportions and details. He's got all his fingers, and again, only minor 'big body'. The ears do fold foreward, though. Even though you see Eggman in the tag above, he'll never be made. GAME lost their Sonic license before they could ever produce him, and they won't be returning to the line. What you see on this page is likely all of what GAME will ever do for Sonic dolls. Small Sonic photographed & owned by
GAME store's Medium Knuckles Plush
Here's a good close up for their medium Knuckles, out of his box. It's a good solid plush with decent construction as well. The white chest stripe is a bit low and huge, but that may be due to the overly-round body they're using on him here. His fists seem an OK shape, but his face is pretty nice. For his shoe-soles they've used a type of fuzzy fabric, which seems a bit of an odd choice here. Still, if you want a good classically styled Knuckles plush, GAME is likely the best bet for good price, and the ease of finding it. Photo by: Rhia.
Here's a little Shadow plush. This was done by the SONIC Project, which as you know, does some things in the USA as well. Unfortunately, this Shadow isn't their best wrok. The body is way way too small for it, the arms are actually longer than the legs, and the wrist cuff actually *fell off* once the doll was aquired. He's made of felt and jersey material, so it's not a touchable soft-quality. The botttoms of the shoes are clearly decals, but they aren't even as detailed as the UFO version above. This was aquired at an anime convention in London, but it's possible it could be aquired elsewhere.
Photo by: OrangeUnicorn1984
Low Quality Sonic Project Shadow Plush
Shadow Tails Mini UFO Plushes
Sonic Knuckles Mini UFO Plush This is a set of plushes that you could win out of an arcade in Bournemouth England in 2007-2008. The machine there is extra fun because you put in 2 Pounds, BUT you keep going until you win something! Who could resist getting the whole set, with a setup like that!
These aren't very big, only 5-6 inches high each. The eyes are embroidered on, and the fabric is smooth (not fuzzy) You can see some felt details like Tails' hair, and glove cuffs. However...look at Shadow! He's missing the white spot on his chest. Are they all like that? Out of all the dolls, this one seems to be the worst likeness, with his uneven and small eyes, bent up ears and missing detail. However, they DID detail his shoes very nicely, and used decent material on all of them. Especially for a 'prize item' such as this, a good effort has been made. Produced by GOSH. Photos by:
Big Head Sonic Plush Back photo of Big Head Plush
Here's a Sonic plush with quite a big head! He's a classic, though not all that rare. Though his ears are rather on the sides, and the bottom of his face is extra-wide, this doll still looks pretty cute. If you look closely though, you'll see he's missing the stripe on his shoes. This plush has a rather fuzzy texture and a flat nose. Photographed and owned by JaQ.
MP3 Playing Button covered Sonic Plush Big Here's another Mp3 playing plush, though this one seems much larger and possibly more sophisticated. Skip foreward/back are on his palms and power/play
MP3 Playing Foot Plush Sonic Here's an interesting plush, which resembles a GAME plush, however it has green eyes and so far GAME has only done classics. (you can see some of their plushes near this one) Obviously due to the sewn-on buttons his shoes are musical, and will likely play MP3s (maybe a slot in the heel or something?) The eyes don't appear to have a white spot (or maybe the lighting is off) but that hinders the otherwise interesting plush.
is on his middle. This one seems more 'sculpted' than the other, with what could be actual fingers and somewhat larger ears. The price for this should be around 24 Pounds, but who is making it and where will it be?
These would be the first 2 plushes in a long while (aside from the minorly 'talkin' plushes) that actually do something. A good idea to add MP3 to plush? Well, as long as it doesn't mess it up, why not? Photo discovered by BleachXVizard
Here are some great shots of the MP3 playin' plush. It's sitting here on a chair, so you can see how big it really is. His buttons are on the gloves, middle and shoe-tops. The spikes on the back are well done, and the battery pack/device as well as USB cord are packed into a velcro slot in the back. For some reason, his shoe buckles are also stuffed! The tag has most of the Sonic X cast on it, among stars. Sega Prize Europe produces these, under SONIC Project. It has 1 gig of memory to store all your songs. It is available on EBay UK in winter 2010 for about 69.99 pound and 10 pound shipping to UK areas. It MAY ship world wide. (it totals out to be about 91 USD for the whole thing) Owned and photographed by Orange Unicorn