Sonic the Hedgehog Plushes of UK Title
A mixture of new and old plushes will appear on this page. Keep in mind also that some of the plushes may have originated in the UK area, but could be available in other European countries as well, or there could also be "USA Also" releases. Especially with online retail being as popular as it is, it allows areas to share plushes. Some of the plushes you see here are not exclusive to the UK area but were originally sold there.
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Sega Prize Europe Plush Sizes Shadows Here are the 2 sizes of Sega Prize Europe's Shadow plush. As you can see, they're both well detailed and the faces look nice. (sometimes smaller dolls lose detail, this doesn't seem the case here!) The only problem is the too-low placement of small-Shadow's white fur patch for the chest. The smaller one is about 9 or 10 inches high. Photo & owned by OrangeUnicorn1984
Sonic & Tails Sound Effects Plushes NIB Here are two "Sound Effects" plushes for 2012. They have made an ok Sonic & Tails here, in their cardboard display boxes. They're probably fairly large (like a 12 inch) as they seem to be retailing for about $24.00 each. The difference here is that they can make noise. (See the "Press Here" sticker on the belly dot) The confirmed sound is "get a ring chime", but there are others. They look fleecy/fuzzy, and the Tails design has that 'thick felt' for a single row of 'bangs'. The Sonic looks a bit better than the Tails who seems to have somewhat of
the 'big body' problem , but he still looks ok.
USA customers/possibly world-wide, will be importing these for you to buy in August 2012. Discovered by ChrisTheHedgehog453
Sonic X Theme Medium Size Plushes These plushes were sold in England area as "Sonic X" items, but what company made these? They don't have a tag (neither paper nor cloth) but the construction seems ok. Fairly proportional hands & feet, & the expressions are all right too. Do you recognize these plushes? They don't seem like the crane-game ones from other pages of UKArea dolls. Photo & owned by: SonicBlue15
3 Segaprize Europe Plushes STK
Segaprize Europe made another set of plushes (first set is seen on UK plush 2 here) This 2nd set is similar to the first, with small differences. First of all, the colored parts to the eyes are embroidered with slightly shiny thread (a nice & quality touch). Next, Knuckles' proportions seem different/a little better, at least for his head. Also notice how the bolt plates for his shoes are raised/3D...this is different from most other dolls. Sonic's buckles are also 3D. Then, the finger quality is good here for Sonic & Tails, they have obvious finger tips. Each plush is made with a fuzzy soft & quality fabric. Were other characters also remade on this 2nd set? Photo & owned by:
Segaprize Knuckles V1 Freestanding Segaprize Shadow Ver1
Segaprize Tails Plush Ver1
Here's a closer look at the Sega Prize first edition plushes. With the above photo you can better tell how the Shadow can stand up on it's own. It shows real quality construction & stuffing. Sadly, the Knuckles has the plastic colored parts for the eyes sewn wrong. One of them is upside-down, making him look rather poor. The Tails has very off-center pupils, which is distracting because no character model ever had that, so it's technically a mistake on how they made the plastic. Aside from eye quality control, the dolls in this set were obviously very well done. The hands have detailed fingers, Knuckles' fists have contours (not just blobs) & plenty of 3D detail for glove cuffs, shoes & socks. Photos & owned by Dex
Hangable Sonic Plush Prize
This plush can be hung up by the string on his top spike. He's an SA1 era doll, but kind of unusual in that he is posed. Look at his bent elbow for 'hand on hip' look. That thumb is even curled inwards. The other hand has a 'thumbs up' thumb. The expression is a little odd, but SA1 era items did tend to really lean on the "BDG" (big dumb grin, where Sonic had bent / horizontal teeth) Photo & owned by Dex
Tomy Logo Foot Bottom Sonic Small Plush Here's a plush that probably had a dual release.
It's a better look at the 'foot bottom tag' doll that's not very big. (Also appears on UK plush) This was likely released in the UK area as well as the USA. It's one of the few that have the colored cloth tag on the bottom of the foot, rather than the back of the doll. Note that it does have another on the back of the leg seam as well. Both Sonic & Tails were made by Tomy at the same time. The upper right photo in the montage here is the Tails.
With Tomy making plushes of Sonic again in 2017, it's interesting to compare their past work in the 1990s with the work they're doing today, with these plush photos.
PMS Big Eye Plush Sonic Here's a vintage plush with some...really big eyes!
This medium size, older doll is made of fuzzy fabric, and has really tiny fingers. The head is an ok shape/size...but look at the size of the black plastic eye chips they used for him. This plush is by the (rather unfortunate acronym company) PMS. He was made in the 1990s and the materials are pretty quality, it just looks a little strange due to the huge black eyes and super tiny fingers. Photo discovered by Pichu97
Gosh Plush Tails 2009 UK
Here's a closer look at GOSH plush Tails from 2009.
(He's on a previous page at a less-nice angle) This shows that he does have his glove cuff details, colored shoe bottoms & the fur at the edges of his face is stuffed. The bangs are an interesting super-thick solid felt shape. The body seems a decent shape/size and his face looks to have good proportion as well. This is actually a pretty solid looking plush when viewed from a normal angle. The ruler at the bottom shows that this is likely over 10 inches tall, so a fair size at least. Photo & owned by BM30