Sonic the Hedgehog Plushes of UK Title
A mixture of new and old plushes will appear on this page. Keep in mind also that some of the plushes may have originated in the UK area, but could be available in other European countries as well. Especially with online retail being as popular as it is, it allows areas to share plushes. Some of the plushes you see here are not exclusive to the UK area but were originally sold there.
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Check out these cool plushes! These are from the "SegaPrize" EU website. Each one seems to be a nice, solid-quality plush with attention to the detail and no real mutations. This is likely due to the close hand of Sega in the project. You can see Tails' fur/bangs detail, Shadow's 3D cuffs, Sonic's 3D buckles, and Knuckles has the tops to his shoes. Amy's eyelashes are in control (but her head is a tad wide) And look... THUMBS for everyone! How unusual. This photo is of their 15 inch size (regarded as 'medium' so possibly other sizes will be released) They are made of "Velboa" which feels like fleece but presumably isn't as costly/wears better.
Info & photo discovered by Sonikku.
Back photo of SegaPrize Amy The first to get more photos is Amy Rose. She looks just fine from the back, with nice even spikes, quality dress and the fact she has fingers shows nicely. Her head has stuffed bangs...but the ears are off in position, with them facing eachother and her side spikes are huuugely wide. This makes her head look a little odd. Sega Prize Amy plush face
The eyes are plastic...but they have the pupils set off-center in the colored part, which is wrong. She has her eyelashes and the eyelash line, but it looks quite nice and is not over done at all. Her expression is good, and the eye positioning doesn't really distract too much. They retail for 15.99 pounds but has her (and the rest) for £13.99 each. It's pretty pricey for a plush but remember the size and the special materials used. She's quite soft with good quality, so if you like the look of these plushes, is your answer. Photographed and owned by Spook1414
A plush that can stand on its own!
Sega Prize Europe All Plush 15 inch The Shadow to the right is actually standing by itself. This is rare for a plush, and depends on the leg-stuffing for them. He's not propped up at all, so that helps show his quality. Photo by Oni
Here are all the Sega Prize Europe plushes as owned by a fan, so you can see their real nature. As you can tell, Shadow's spikes aren't as odd, and Knuckles' face looks nicer in person. The set shown here is all around 15 inches tall, but there is a second smaller set available around 9 inches. As promised, they ARE well made, with some even able to stand on their own! Want some? You
can win them in the Trocadero in London or if you can't make it to there, you can buy them out of as it offers the same set. Note: the first run of these plushes may have Sonic in black, not blue on their tags. Photographed and owned by (and info by): Oni
Watch out: will only ship to Europe. They only have a phone #, so calling is unfriendly too. Unless you have a friend in Europe who can ship to you, you can't get them.
Foot Tag Odd Tails Doll This classic Tails is rather strange looking. He resembles the one seen on UK Sonic Plush Page 1...but he does not have the thick/wooly bangs. Here, they are just strips of t-shirt cloth, but the rest of him still can be odd. The bottom of his face is big, and his eyes aren't exactly even. They made the entire chest fuzzy as well and gave him quite little feet while neglecting the straps on his gloves (and likely also on his socks) You'll notice he's easy to distinguish as well due to the 'tush tag' (so named because it was usually sewn to the butt of a plush) is actually on his shoe sole. This tag is Tomy Tails 1992 Plush
usually not cut away and made of cloth. This is about 13 inches high and not all that common. As you can see with the 2nd photo, not all of them were the same, as this one has more evenly done eyes, and you can see they made the orange/white divide on the tails wavy. This was made by Tomy in 1992 (Perhaps because it didn't really look like Tails, no one bought them up?) Discovered by Berzerker. Rt. photo owned by Dexter.
Tails plush with embroidered eyes Here's a super big Tails plush!
He's 2 ft 6 inches high...and is surprisingly well done. This was likely made by GOSH, who manufactures for amusements. They have "amusement only, not for resale" on the back of their hang tag. The eyes are embroidered on, and they got the straps to his gloves and even used a different fabric for the shoe-soles. The only thing out of place are the felt 'fur' tips that go at the top of his chest, on this they're actually down a bit low.
Photo by Gabriele, info by Oni
GOSH did a whole set of 4 characters in the 2ft. size. The Shadow stands out because he's always missing the white fur on his chest. Shadow photo by Oni
GOSH Shadow win-able prize plush photo
Fat Large Sonic Prize Plush This large size plush is a prize give-away somewhere in England. However, would you really want to win it? He is nearly mutant with such a case of big-body that he looks fat. The ears are super tiny but the nose is big. He also has small shoes and the legs and arms don't look quite right with the giant body. His eye is rather low and strange as it a bit of an odd appearance. Though available in 2009, these still come out with a Sonic X cloth tag and paper tag as well, but where can you win it? Write in if you know for credit. (same with sizes in which it can be won) Photo discovered by Techno1252
Large Sonic X Doll Side & Detail Large Sonic X Plush Back
With these detail shots you can see the eyes and mouth are embroidered on well, but his body is kind of fat while the head & back spikes are rather small.
The shoes have faux leather plastic-type cloth for the soles, which is a good touch. Sometimes these appear on ebay after they were won as a prize. Above photos by OrangeUnicorn
Talking Knuckles Plush This (somewhat crazy looking) Knuckles plush is unique in that it can talk. (It also looks like it has a dissappearing nose! but no, the nose is just pushed into his head somehow) Even with the talking gimmic, the bad face still puts this plush down. The fists are large, but they're relativly flat and he has small feet too. He says:
"I'm just warming up!" and "Soon we'll be back home Sonic, back home..." which is somewhat odd, but at least it is not a repeat of the "Giant Talking Figures" phrases, which is a help. Photographed & owned by Dexter.
Dissatisfied Sonic Pointing Plush w/tag This is an old Sonic plush, likely from 1991 or 1992. He was available in the UK area, but may be based upon a Japan pattern (see the big pointing finger, it was popular with older JP plushes) This plush is not very large, but with really short arms and legs, plus the fact that it's rather furry, makes it quite compact-looking. The mouth, which should be turned not, and is just a long, streight line making the plush seem mildly dissatisfied with something if not rather bored looking. Though the tag is difficult to see, it's also hard to get one with it still attached due to age. Which company could have made this doll? Photo discovered by Berzerker
This is possibly THE first Sonic plush released in the UK. It was made in 1991, by Tomy. You can see that this is actually a bit better than the one that came after (seen above, 1991-2) While it is still very stubby, the face is smoother and more refined looking. It also has an opposite version of the tag and hands (what's on the left switches to the right) The mouth is just a line, it didn't have that edge piece yet. It is interesting to see that their first effort really was a nice one. Photographed & owned by:
PLAY Shadow Back Plush This is the back of the PLAY Shadow plush, seen above. The spikes are nice and big, as well as well-placed. Curiously, they only detailed the front of his shoe, and the center line, not bothering to add the other hover-holes. From any angle, this is a cool plush to collect. Owned & photographed by OrangeUnicorn
Gosh large size prize Shadow plush Gosh big Shadow Detail Amusement doll Gosh Plush Tag Sides
GOSH! makes prize plushes for arcades, carnivals and amusements.
This is the improved version of the GOSH! Shadow plush seen above. This line was notorious for leaving off the white patch on his chest. They fixed this, and appear to have tightened up a few details on the doll from before. The comparison shot at right, shows both new and old dolls side-by-side so you can see exactly what details they switched. This is the large size, it's about 2 and a half feet high. He has embroidered face details, and decently placed/sculpted spikes. The tag they use has Sonic X art on it, though the plushes are just modern/Sonic Adventure styled. Because they're not sold at retail (win-able prizes only) they can be somewhat scarce, especially at harder to win sizes. These can be found at Haven HolidayCaravan sites like Seton Sands & Blue Dolphin
Photographed & owned by Orange Unicorn, comparison shot by KariXIII
Gosh Shadow doll comparison new & old
Logo tag foot bottom Sonic doll Does this Sonic doll belong to the same 'set' (likely of just 2) that the Tails above is from? They both have the rather unique tag placement, where it's a strap on the bottom of the foot, with the Sonic the Hedgehog logo on it. It seems likely that these guys were a pair (sold at the same time, not a 2-pack) He should be about the same size of about 13 inches high. The sculpt on the doll is all right, consistand with early plush, and the expression seems decent enough, even if the eyes are somewhat slanting. Photo discovered by Trogdorbad
Green Tag scrunchy Tails plush Here is a 1990s UK Tails. What company made this doll? The tag is no help either, with its geometic green background and ordinary stock art. Look at the distinguishing features of the plush: Stuffed bangs (not felt strips) very defined fingers, blue sock-bands, that little curl at the base of his head is stuffed too, and the very wide lower-face area makes him look sort of fluffy/scrunchy. Discovered by: FuzzballRaccoon, location confirmed by Kari