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This page covers the third line in the popular "3 Inch Line" Sonic figures. This wave sees more fan favorite figures, and finally a proper Super Sonic to collect. Despite the size, these figures are quite well articulated as well as well sculpted. All figures should retail for around $4.99 USD (a good price!)
This line sees more "Multi Figure Packs" which are generally 13.99
Toys R Us started with an exclusive on all Jazwares figures, however the exclusive expired in 2010. (BigBad Toy Store has them now 2010, at a lower mark-up than all other online retail. If your TRU isn't stocking the figures, this, OR Suncoast Video Stores (in malls) may be the best place to get them. ForbiddenPlanet UK has added the figures too! They're 5.99 pound. Info by Dio Soth & Fuzzball Raccoon.
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Espio Chameleon 3.5 inch figure Super Shadow small line Jazwares figure 3.5 inch Super Sonic action figure Vector Crocodile 3.5 inch figure
These are the earliest painted shots of the third small line 3.5 inch figures from Jazwares. The line starts off super strong with great sculpts for Espio, Vector, Super Shadow and a REAL Super Sonic. All these shots are by Jazwares themselves, and were taken pre-approval by Sega, but it is highly likely that the final figures will look exactly the same. There isn't really much fault to find here, with great paint jobs all around, and the Chaotix members looking just like they should. Just look at all the detail on Espio! From 'ninja wrapped' socks to his detailed glove cuffs, he's a winner for sure!

One small paint anomaly here could be that Espio's back spike isn't green, but it could change. Vector will be at least 4 inches high, so they ARE paying attention to scale for these guys now. It is expected that Vector & Espio will be released in a comic 2 pack. Notice also that they both have 'waist' joints as well. They paid attention to Super Shadow's more cream/platinum tone color rather than yellow/yellow, and Super Sonic is appropriatly bright, with red eyes and actual 'super' spikes. The Super figures are expected to come in a pack with 7 Chaos Emeralds!
All figure photos in above section taken by Jazwares, discovered by TSSZ and Kari

Eggman Metal Sonic 2 Pack MIB Here's the latest & greatest 2 pack from Jazwares yet. Instead of having a comic everyone already owns, this one has a rather awesome "Diorama Style Box" complete with removable, re-useable pod. The box depicts Eggmans' lair (reminiscent of Sonic Adventure 1, where you could find it, and Metal Sonic in a pod) With great art all over, caution striping, and die cuts, this box spares nothing in the quest to be cool. The back (above) even has cool profile write-ups of Metal Sonic & Eggman for you to read.
Once the box is open, you have a scene that you can use the figures in! Look, Amy is trapped in the pod, while Eggman sends Metal Sonic against Sonic. Just think about it on your shelf today! This should retail for $12.99 at Toys R Us.
Eggman MS Diorama Box Play Eggman Metal Sonic Box Back Profiles Eggman & Metal Sonic Box Side Graphic
The Metal Sonic in this pack is a DARKER blue than previous releases. Info by Creatureofthedepths3
Using the box as a scene/toy is an excellent idea, for if people want MIB or loose, you can still use it and have it look great. The Metal Sonic in this one seems sturdier too, but always look for paint errors or mix-boxed items before you buy! (dont get distracted) MIB photo above discovered by SG, all other photos by Sonictoast
Removable Metal Sonic Figure Pod Removed Metal Sonic Pack With this turn-around below you can see eggman not only looks great, he poses well too. He doesn't need a base to stand, as his feet are so big. His joints are also sturdy enough to support him. He has great face detail (looks evil!) and his pants & shirt are well painted and have all the detail from the games.
3.5 inch eggman turn-around photo
Eggman Figure Poses
His head, wrists, and hips can twist. He has no 'middle joint' like all of the other figures do, but you also don't really miss it. He can bend at the hip, knee, elbow & shoulder. This is a great figure, and it's fantastic to finally be able to add another Eggman!
The Metal Sonic should be fully pose-able, but watch out for sticky wrist paint that can cause his hands to break off. As seen here, he poses well. Above photos by Taaron
Single Card Metal Sonic
If you missed Metal Sonic in the original Comic 2 pak, you can get him on the single card, seen here. More releases like this only help to get the figures distributed better. Plus, he's a great option if your previous figure broke (The 2 pack comic one was notorious for breaking) because the single card figures are so inexpensive. Hopefully this one is better made. The timing of the release for this puts it on wave 3. Photo discovered by: AzFastAzLightning Posed 3.5 inch metal Sonic
Vector & Espio 2 Pack with Comic MIB Vector & Espio come in another Comic 2-pak, the first for this third wave. It's great to be able to get these guys together, & Espio is a constant fan favorite. They look good in their pack, you can clearly see the details on the figures, like Vector's chain & Espio's shoe accents. You can also notice that the issue they come with is 138, which is not a modern one. It had a somewhat-focus on the Chaotix (which is why they selected it, so that it makes sense with the figures) and lets people in on a back-issue, which is convenient. The box-back has profiles, & a very ARBITRARY 'line' chart for the figures. Photo discovered by: AndrewPopp
Vector Tail rotation joint Vector & Espio figures stand 3.5 Jazwares vector figure Here are the first shots of these figures out of the box. Vector has an extra joint in his tail, that lets him rotate the end of it, which is a nice touch. Both figures look good, but watch out for Espio! He can have messy paint.
Vector action figure back view 3.5 Vector crocodile figure side view Underneath Vector small line figure Vector actually has an extra joint, more than those of other figures. You can twist him at the middle, neck, and tail tip. His necklace covers the neck joint, and looks great at the same time. The chain does not have actual holes in it, due to his small scale. His wrists can twist at the back cuff, not at the hand.
He's easy to stand (without a stand) as his feet are so large, and also his tail is almost always touching the ground. His joints are all stiff enough that you should be able to pose him however you want. The bottoms of his shoes are also blank/white.

With this size comparison, you can see they're paying more attention to scale with these guys. Vector is LARGE and Espio is no small matter either. Their pack actually appears larger on the shelf too. Vector's pose-ability is limited by short legs, but he feels really solid & quality, and has good joints. Espio has the above-mentioned joint problems, but should at least stand up for you, and pose well too. The bottom line: GET this set! The great sculpting is so well done and accurate & it's great to finally get Chaotix figures!

Vector Sonic Espio size comparison photo
Espio figure wrong elbow
Espio figure bad knee joint Then, look at his knee, it's on backward, and his elbow is also too short/wrong upper arm. (werehog knee) You can see fingers in the photo because they don't stand well with these flaws. Photographed & owned by: Mighty the Tacodillo Vector Espio 2 pack box back
Espio 180 degree arm joint Espio 3.5 figure back Espio Chameleon Jazwares figure side Espio under figure He looks proportional, and has all of the expected joints the other figures do
His tail can't rotate, and his shoe-bottoms are just blank/white. Those are only minor things though, and it doesn't really affect his play or display value. His ninja-posed (2 fingers) hand adds character. However, as seen above this figure CAN have problems, such as NO STOPS at all on his elbows, so they go 180 degrees. (the 'stop' is the little plastic corner that you'll see on most figures) You can't detect this in the package. They're also trying to 'self-shade' his eye-corners by adding a black rim.
Super 3 Pack Box Back 3 Super Hedgehogs Chaos Emerald Pack The box back does not have profiles, but it does have nice stock-art for everybody. Box back photo discovered by Psyic Ninja Bat.
The box itself displays everybody pretty well, with the emeralds 'floating' in the background.
the back has art of each hedgehog. The emeralds are held in by thin molded plastic behind them, and they are large. (as in, they're not to scale with the figures) The box is NOT a diorama, it has an emerald image in the background instead. Notice that the emerald colors in the art ARE accurate to the actual Chaos Emeralds. The right-side box-edge has a die cut of Super Sonic, and the other edge has the exact same image, but w/o die-cut. Photo discovered by: TurboTheHedgehog
3.5 inch Super Shadow turn around Under shoe Super Shadow paint detail Shadow figure mouths compare
The Super Shadow figure from this set looks good. Since his super form is mostly just a re-color, they didn't have to try very hard to get him right. From the above photos, you can see he's a cream-tone yellow, as he should be. They gave him a normal mouth (just a line) rather than having a white mouth like his regular figure has. The under-sides of his shoes are now white, and he still has the numbering on his heel (seen above) as the foot-bottom is too rough to print on. Notice that the figure on the far right has TWO of the SAME hand. Do watch out for this flaw in stores! Over-all though, he appears to be a decent enough and stable figure. Above photos by Taaron & SonicFan09
3.5 inch Super Silver turn around Super Silver under Jazwares figure Silver small line figure shoe comparison
Silver's shoes are noticibly different between his regular and super forms. His shoes don't actually change color in-game, so it must be some sort of figure error. Notice the color difference in the below photo, & that the bottoms are NOT colored.
With Super Silver they did pay attention to most coloration though, as his eyes are red, and the glow lines on his gloves are changed to yellow. The spikes are properly elevated, and his color seems pretty game-accurate. (not bright yellow, nor white) He seems to pose well, and stay on his base. This is another over-all stable figure. Above photos by Taaron & SonicFan09
Super Sonic 3.5 action figure turn around Super Sonic figure eye line The first REAL Super Sonic figure! His spikes have all been appropriatly re-sculpted to be much more vertical, as they should be. He has the red eyes, and is slightly taller than regular Sonic. For some reason they've decided to self-shade him by adding a black line at the edge of his eye, which he does not actually have. It's mis-enterperated from the stock-art. Watch the figure, as it can be mis-placed on some of them.
Super Sonic eye edge fix paint job No, this isn't a fan-fix. Jazwares has started painting over the errant Super Sonic eye-edge line. He was never supposed to have one, but they sprayed one onto him anyway, as complained about above. Well, if you DIDNT
buy the early sets, or any that were released right at the'll likely find the fixed version instead as the shelves are restocked. However, as seen at far left, the white paint for the fix can be a little lumpy (there's a speck in his eye too, because of it) so inspect the sets carefully before you buy. Photo comparison provided by: AzFastAzLightning
Unfortunately, Super Sonic is literally their weakest figure. He is plagued by terribly loose joints. Some so bad that the figure won't even stand. Others, he simply tips over. This can be fixed with the 'super poser super glue' method, but it is still a menace that can't be detected in-box. When the SonicGear collection box set was opened, his head wasn't even ATTACHED AT ALL. It had simply been held in by the rubber-bands, and had to be replaced twice before it would stay on. So, be careful of this figure. Don't let Super Sonic's weakness stop you from getting this set. It's still quite a worth-while item to have! Photos by Taaron & SonicFan09 Super Sonic head fail
Super Sonic's head is prone to falling off. The one in the SonicGear collection lost it's head upon removal from the package, and this one (seen in-store) is clearly getting a 'head start'. Obviously, never buy such things when you see them. Photo by: Taaron
With these photos you can compare the heights of the figures & their super forms, as well as get a good idea of the size of the chaos emeralds they come with. Super figures height comparison
Chaos emerald comparison photo The emeralds are solid, hard rubber with many realistic facets. They're well made (you're not boing to break these!) and feel heavy. The solid quality and many facets make them look like the real emeralds! Super Hedgehogs & Emeralds
The above left photo compares them with the Toy Island emeralds (the only other previously released chaos emeralds) which were very hard plastic, but hollow inside. Despite the TI figures being larger, those emeralds were actually smaller. Why aren't they to scale? Because if they were...they'd likely not show off well in the box, and also be a hazard for quick loss if you tried to play with them.
Why are they colored wrong? Everyone knows that the orange emerald hasn't been seen since Sonic R. There should be a light blue/cyan-tone emerald, NOT that dark yellow one. WILL this mistake be corrected? If you look closely at the box above, you'll see they're correctly colored there! Also, in their Super Pack Box Mock-up, they are ALSO correctly colored. Something must have gone wrong in the 11th hour to cause this.

The bottom line:
Despite wilting Super Sonic & mis-colored emerald, get this set anyway. It's the first appearance of a real Super Sonic figure, which everyone's been clamoring for, for years. The emeralds make great props, and everyone's well colored. All 3 come with bases. The box itself is quite well designed with raised logo in the plasic and nice die-cutting. If you leave them MIB you'll still be pleased. With the emeralds held up by their backing, it'll display well. Above comparison photos by

180 degree joints As you can see here, almost any of their figures can suffer 180 degree joints in either the knee or elbow. Either the stop is non-existant, or way too small to function. Tails is here because he's released continually, it seems. Despite being single-card quite early on, they continue to release him, and it's these that can have the 180 elbow shown.
Super hedgehogs 3 pack die cut box Super 3 pack Chaos Emerald illustration box The box has nice die-cut Super Sonic graphics on the edges, and the back-card...back wall of the box has a graphic of the chaos emeralds. Notice that the graphic gets the colors right, but that the emeralds you actually get are wrong.
Silver Super Plain Shoes Super Sonic 3.5 Fixed Eyes Right Colors Fixed Chaos Emeralds For the Super Hedgehogs 3 Packs sold in 2011, they FIXED the colors of the emeralds. You'll notice the turquoise/blue-green one here right away.
You can also expect these fixed sets to contain Super Sonic WITHOUT that erronious black eye-edge paint, as well as Super Silver with PLAIN shoe-bottoms/all-gray shoe soles (as they were before). Photos by Hali66
Inspect sets before buying! Don't choose old/wrong sets!