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This page covers (vaguely) "Line 4 & 5" of the 3.75 inch line Jazwares Sonic figures. They DID NOT clearly define "Lines" of figures either by separating releases by an amount of time, or making up some kind of a list.
Despite the size, these figures are quite well articulated as well as well sculpted. All figures should retail for around $4.99 USD (a good price!)
The Toys R Us exclusive expired in late 2010. (BigBad Toy Store has them now, at a lower mark-up than all other online retail. If your TRU isn't stocking the figures, this, OR Suncoast Video Stores (in malls) may be the best place to get them, possibly also FYE stores (in malls). "Big Lots" (clearinghouse style store in USA MAY have some 3.5 line) ForbiddenPlanet UK has added the figures too! They're 5.99 pound. Alton Towers Resort shop has 3in figures for £5, Sonic / Jet Free Riders figures for £10 & 5 inch jazwares sonic for £10. Argos (online) has blindbox 3in for 4.59 pound. Argos online BB figures not reccomended, due to package damage/figure damage. info by Dio Soth, Kingboo & Fuzzball Raccoon.
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Chaotix Team Box Set With Accessories Here's the first non-prototype & outside of a box shot for the "Team Chaotix" boxed set of 3.5 line figures. You get Espio and his kunai ninja knife, Charmy & his flower, & Vector and his walkie-talkie /radio /communicator device. Notice that the joints for everybody are new here, & look better/improved. This makes having to re-buy Vector & Espio to get Charmy less of a problem. (Most people will have picked
up Vector & Espio earlier on comic packs.) Accessories also help lessen annoyance at a forced rebuy to get another figure. To anyone else that had none of these guys: looks like a fantastic way to grab all 3 Chatoix members at once. This should be 14.99 at most Toys R Us stores. It is NOT a store exclusvie. Photo discovered by SonicHedgehog11
Chaotix Pack Espio Figure Chaotix Pack Vector Figure Here are Vector & Espio from the Chaotix pack set. As you can see, they've got some differences from their earlier release. Let's inspect! First off, their hands are posed differently. The hands are a mirror image of eachother, so either hand can hold the accessory. (Vector used to be fist/pointing, while Espio had 'ninja gesture') Also, for some reason Espio's chest color is darker/non matching to his face-bottom color.
His shoes are a more blue-ey purple than reddish-purple as they were before. Vector will likely have a MUCH neater job on his shoe-stripe, but his back spikes are likely to be duller in color & have worse paint. The new joints help Espio a lot, but his legs may come packaged backward/need manipulation to get his joints turned around to the proper direction.
Charmy the Bee Figure Turn Arounds Here's Charmy! They've done a great job with the Chaotix's smallest member. Clear plastic used for the wings is super! His jacket has minute detail for the stripes on the bee logo. His shoe-soles are textured & detailed just like in the game. Antenna feel flexible so they shouldn't be breaking off.
Charmy doesn't have knee or elbow joints because like the "classic line" figures he's much shorter/stubbier than the rest. He does, however, have a waist swivel, & it is odd. In the far right photo you can see that the cut for it is below his jacket bottom, so his body actually sort of splits, showing you the interior of the figure because he's not cross-section symmetrical like most of the other figures' body types. (like cutting an egg shape down the middle, then twisting the halves off center)
For whatever reason one of his shoes is set bent at the ankle (quite obvious, above) this appears to be purposeful/posed that way not 'twisted in the box'. Like everybody else in the pack, both hands have the same pose. The wings aren't pose-able.
Espio figure compare Espio figure comparison joints This photo can give you an idea of the new joints vs the old. See how Chaotix pack Espio stands up right, looks less knobby, and the knees don't just flip backward/turn loose like the previous one. (Right photo both figures are laying down, the old one just squishes/flops, that's why it's posed that way)
Vector Figures Compare Vector Crocodile Back Spikes With his super short legs & unique arms, Vector doesn't have as much of a posing difference. The Chaotix pack figure may have eye flaws/less defined eyes, but neater shoe paint & worse back spike paint, as seen with these photos.
Charmy with Flower accessory Here is Charmy with his warping flower accessory. All of the accessories are good (textured wrapping for Espios ninja kunai type knife, good paint detail for Vectors communicator) but Charmy's is the biggest. It appears to have a decal for the center texture, and the petals are actually HINGED so you can pose the flower as opened or closed. They didn't have to do that, but it's a really nice touch and shows good attention to detail.
These guys DO come with bases. They're clear, and they're taped UNDER the box cardboard, and not announced on the box at all. Look for them & don't throw them out!

Why aren't the shoes detailed?
Charmy having such nice detail for his shoe-soles really makes Vector & Espio stand out because theirs aren't detailed at all. What's up with that? Everyone else Jazwares has done (so far) has detail for the soles. It seems fiddly, but characters with such a feet/big feet/running theme it's important for.

The Bottom Line:
Buy this set if you like the Chaotix! Improved joints & detailed accessories plus Charmy make it good even if you already own the other figures. The fixed joints really do matter (even in aesthetics for the MIB collector...though not as much). The accessories are all good as well, with the impressive hinged flower & nice detail for the rest.

Small package single-card modern Amy In 2013, Jazwares will release a different type of single card figures. These new bubble cards are the smallest ones yet from them. The new back card features the pale checkers & lighter blue theme, with character names in orange with stars. ANY figure they've done could become available on these smaller cards. It would be a really welcome addition, if they re-relase fiigures on the small cards, at low prices. For instance, this modern Amy became uncommon. It would be a great way for fans who missed out on 2-packs to fill in their figures too. So far, only Amy has a photo on card, but for further proof there is Metal Sonic at ToyWiz . (Watch out for high prices, they're probably charging double the price there) These should be in stores around October 2013. Who else will appear? Photo discovered by:
Single card figures Metal Sonic & Werehog As 2013 ends, more photos of single card figures show up. Here comes Metal Sonic (modern) & the 3.75 line werehog. The Werehog hasn't been seen on shelves in ages, but they're re-releasing him. However....

WHERE are these figures being sold at RETAIL?
ToyWiz has them on their website & Amazon too, but at 3x the normal price. (15 dollars each!) These are clearly meant to be 'bargain' figures to fill in collections, so they've got to be regularly sold somewhere at non-ripoff-rates. Write in if you know!
Both photos discovered by PatMac

Mis-labeled Single Card Tails Boxes
Single card figures are still showing up in 2014, but they're not common at retail. Some Toys R Us stores may have them, but more often than not...they don't. It's unfortunate because these cost less than ordinary figures, if you can find them at actual retail without markup or internet markup.
However, they are not immune from mistakes, as these MIB figures show. It's Tails in there, but he's labeled as Knuckles. If you find a mis-labeled one, it's likely that all the rest of them at that location will be too. They're usually not worth more (and often worth less than) a regular figure because with the wrong name they don't display as well MIB. Photo by CoolLuke1337
Close Fist Sonic Modern Figure Pack
This small line Sonic figure is different from the others because both hands are closed fists. This pose is generally available in that "Modern Figures Set Pack" (has 5 or 6 of the 3.75 line figures in there, likely to be a Toys R Us exclusive) but can also appear in those single card package format like you see above. The single card figures (reportedly) can vary a little bit on how they're posed / it may be Jazwares clearing out extra figures, or figures who were originally supposed to be packaged with other things, instead being sold alone on the card like this. Photo & owned by Britsboy122
Werehog Six Pack Multi 3.75 inch Figures In time for the holiday buying season of 2014, here comes another figure multi-pack from Jazwares. This is their usual 3.75 line figure for Knuckles, Shadow, Sonic, Amy & Tails...but instead of adding Metal Sonic (like the previous pack, or Silver, like another pack) they add the 3.75 Werehog. This pack actually saves you money if you had 0 of the figures & were going to have to buy them separately. However, if you already had 2 or 3, it's not as good a deal, at most prices.
These multi packs tend to show up around holiday season, and especially at "Toys R Us Xpress" & outlet stores. If you missed the Werehog at this size (it hasn't been on shelves in ages) this is an ok opportunity to grab him. Photo by:
Super Silver Wrong Color Figure Mistake Isn't this curious! It's "Super Silver" but without his super color!
The middle figure is clearly a Super Silver, but he's been cast in the grayish regular plastic instead. Even his shoes & gloves are the color of the regular Silver. Then, look at his hand, the fingers are all flat, instead of slightly curved. What makes this especially odd, is that it was mailed out by Jazwares itself as a replacement figure to fulfil a customer complaint! How could something like this happen? Photo & owned by Turbo The Hedgehog
Factory Photo Wrong Head Silver Here is a factory photo (Jazwares photographs their own toy for their website) of that above "wrong head" Silver. He's regular Silver color, but that's clearly Super Silver's head on there. You can see he (and his box) were on some kind of reflective surface and they didn't manage to photoshop out the ground quite right. A wrong factory photo is one thing, but actually letting the toy out like that? It was time to be more careful. Discovered by 09Sonicfan
Wrong Box Silver Here's a Silver that got into the wrong box. As you can see there at the bottom the name on it is "Sonic the Hedgehog", but it's more than that. Silver doesn't generally fit into a package that was meant for another figure. His crown of spikes means he generally has to go into an insert (The plastic that hold him in place behind the 'spin' shaped front bubble) that is only for him. So, it's more than just the wrong front cardboard thing (that has the name on it) that had to be done to fit him in here. It doesn't do a whole lot to the value of the figure, but it's still interesting to see the occaisional accident. Photo & owned by Max6464
Jazwares Figures & Accessories Run 1 Set 6 Here are all 6 figures from run 1 of Jazwares "Figures with Accessories" set. They were some of the last figures Jazwares did, & were generally a bit costly. It's important to note that they are 'run 1', because when they released them / continued them, the paint was much worse. Shadow's details weren't nicely done & the paint for several were pale/poorer. Sonic had 2 rings, Knuckles a green emerald, Shadow with Dooms Eye, Tails & "PDA Device", Silver with a steel box & Amy finally got her hammer. The little shooting stars on the front was a little 'cheap feeling' saying "As seen on GAMES!" because it's so oddly generic & wierd. Over all, a good set though, with now-rare collectible smaller pieces. Photo & owned by Max6464