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This page covers (vaguely) "Line 4" of the 3.5 inch line Jazwares Sonic figures. They DID NOT clearly define "Lines" of figures either by separating releases by an amount of time, or making up some kind of a list. The figures here are just ones that appeared after a gap that occurred after the release of the Super Hedgehogs 3 Pack.
Despite the size, these figures are quite well articulated as well as well sculpted. All figures should retail for around $4.99 USD (a good price!)
The Toys R Us exclusive expired in late 2010. (BigBad Toy Store has them now, at a lower mark-up than all other online retail. If your TRU isn't stocking the figures, this, OR Suncoast Video Stores (in malls) may be the best place to get them, possibly also FYE stores (in malls). "Big Lots" (clearinghouse style store in USA MAY have some 3.5 line) ForbiddenPlanet UK has added the figures too! They're 5.99 pound. Alton Towers Resort shop has 3in figures for £5, Sonic / Jet Free Riders figures for £10 & 5 inch jazwares sonic for £10. Argos (online) has blindbox 3in for 4.59 pound. Argos online BB figures not reccomended, due to package damage/figure damage. info by Dio Soth, Kingboo & Fuzzball Raccoon.
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Clear Purple Espio 3.5 figure "Invisible" Espio! Of course, you can see him, no figure is actually invisible. They chose a clear/purple color for him, which is quite appropriate. He's exactly the same as his painted counterpart, only made of a different semi-transparent plastic. This is a variant figure that MAKES SENSE in context with the games! Wonderful to get for your collection as well, it really is a neat idea. Left photo discovered by MasterSpeedHero, right by Invisible Espio Color
*This Espio comes with a stand (behind the name tag, as usual) but lacks the hole in his foot to actually use it. This is because the original colored Espio from the comic-2-pak didn't have one either, and they never changed his mold. Info by SonicToast
Plastic wrinkle detail photo
Clear Espio Back Photo Clear Espio Side Compare
As you can see here, he looks great from any angle, and is a nice contrast with the regular, colored version. The purple-plastic is a good matching tone, & is convincingly clear. Since he's the same mold, the figure is identical. The last photo shows a wrinkle in the plastic on his eye and face. This minor flaw can sometimes happen on poured figures (plastic is poured into the mold) but it's especially evident if they're made of something clear. Inspect the figure in the package, though it isn't an extreme flaw.
Get this figure!
He's single-carded, inexpensive AND fits in with the games! Seems less likely to have joint problems, & the only fault seems to be he can't use his own base.
Single Card Super Shadow 3.5 Figure
Curiously, in 2011 Super Shadow appears as a Single-Card figure. Why just him? You'll remember him from the Super Hedgehogs 3 Pack, but for some reason, he was chosen for release on a single-card in early 2011. This figure is exactly the same as the one in the 3-pack. It is also on the 2010 style (non-slanted-top) back-card. Hopefully, the other super Hedgehogs will also release single-carded, due to breakage issues on the original set of 3. This was never common. Photo discovered by SonicRanger!
Big & Froggy Figure Pack MIB The not-particularly-anticipated Big & Froggy action figure pack. This can't really be called a figure 2-pak because Froggy is more of an accessory than a real 'action figure'. The box appears to have a tropical or swamp like background, with picture of Big's house from SA 1. It seems his hands are shaped to hold something. The box has a picture of Big's face on one edge, & a profile on the back. This should be about $13.99 at Toys R Us in winter 2011. Big is quite sturdy, and well articulated. He is the most detailed Big figure released as of yet. Photo discovered by: TurboTheHedgehog
Big the Cat Action Figure Jazwares Big the Cat back Big the Cat side view
Here, you can see the nice sharp details for Big. Even though he doesn't twist at the waist (a very easy/obvious joint to do, because he has a belt on to cover it) he's still the most articulated Big ever released. His legs will turn as well as tilt, you can move his tail back & forth, and his head will turn. His arms have a good range of motion, and his hands will twist. Note that they're a mirror-image of eachother. This Big is also the only one to have the points on the back of his head. Big seems very sturdy (obviously, he's so thick) and holds poses well. The expression is appropriatly zombie-like, so it's in-character for him. If you're going to get a Big, this is a great one to have.
Big the Cat Box Interior Scene Big's Box Profile Typeo Error Big's box can be seen most clearly when opened. It's an art of his house from Sonic Adventure 1, with a 'lake like' scene for the ground.
Notice that Froggy comes on top of a clear, lilly-pad shaped riser. (how creative! It's a good touch for MIB collectors!) The box back shows the figures instead of art, and has a small profile for him. However, it contains a typeo (Who, Who) likely caused by someone fiddling with the word-wrapping to get it into the hexagon, then never having it proofread.
Jazwares Froggy Figure Toy Island Jazwares Froggy What about Froggy? He's not really a figure, as he's solid and can't move. He is portrayed crouched, and with the chaos-tail he had in Sonic Adventure 1. Coloring is accurate, and the
sculpt is good as well. He seems a fitting size. The right photo has the old Toy Island 6 inch line Froggy (that's why it's bigger) for comparison. Theirs is a little more dynamic, standing up on the feet, but their Big/Froggy were always considered strong sculpts. TI Froggy is considered rare.
Underneath Big Big the Cat holds things 3 Bigs Comparison Photo
It does look like Big's hands are meant to hold something, so why didn't they give him his favorite fishing rod? Every other release of him did. Though it's not the only thing he can hold...hmmm. The right photo shows all releases of Bigs. ReSaurus Big is the smallest Big, while JW Big is in the middle. The biggest Big is also the least articulated, he couldn't even turn his head. It is interesting to see the Bigs over the years of releases. Clearly, if you need a Big, this is the one to get, as he has a nice mix of articulation and sturdyness.
A 'big' mistake! No froggy Well what's this? Looks like a BIG mistake!
This pack is missing its Froggy all-together. Without Froggy there, it looks kind of like Big is gesturing 'well...where is he??' Obviously, watch out for mistakes like this, and make sure wrecked packs stay on the shelf!
Espio Knuckles Comic Pack Curiously, in 2011 winter JW chose to release Espio & Knuckles comic packs. It has regular Espio & normal Knuckles, so it won't do you any good if you collected the previous figure 2 packs. However, it's a great chance to grab these guys if you can't find single-card Knuckles or couldn't find the Espio/Vector 2-pack. The comic is still 138, so it's not a new one either. Discovered by Berzerker Odd Knuckles Sonic 2 Pack Look at this strange variant 2 pack. It's still got S & K, but instead of clear Sonic (as initially released) it has regular Sonic. Then, the Knuckles is clearly 'racers Knuckles' because of his hands. Are they throwing extra figures around into these packs? Did they run out of regular figures? The comic is still the same though. Discovered by A Cat.
Wrong Way Comic Vector Espio Pack Not every comic pack is is evidenced by this one, which has had the comic inserted backwards. Instead of the cover, all you see is the ad on the back, inside this Espio Vector 2-pack. This flaw makes it less-good for MIB collectors, & so should likely be avoided. Photo by Turbo the Hedgehog K-Mart new Single Figures MIB You may be able to find the 3.5 inch figures at K Mart in the USA in spring 2011. When you see them though, they'll be in this newer more simplistic package. The Shadow may also be a darker color of black than previous releases. (side-by-side photo pending) If there's no TRU near you, give the K a try! Photo discovered by A Cat.
Egg Break
Even Eggman in all of his big packaging is not immune to problems. Here, you can see that his leg has snapped clean off. Be sure to inspect ANY figure pack you intend to buy thoroughly. Big window-box (non bubblecard) packaging is not a guarentee of safety for figures, as seen here. Photo by Calistine
This unexpected item is the Figure Mega Pack. It's released under the 20th Anniversary logo/line, but it is just a re-run. This is a 6 pack of the 3.75 line figures that likely collectors already owned a couple of (thanks to forced rebuys) however, it's at a slightly discounted rate, so if you needed doubles/extras this could be the way to go. You can see Knuckles, Shadow, Sonic, Tails, Silver & Amy inside. This appears in late Nov. at Toys R Us in the USA 2011. Photo discovered by Sega1991Sonic
20th Anniversary Figure Multi Pack
Figure Right/Left Leg Problems Here are some photos showing assembly errors on Eggman & Espio. They don't have obviously different right/left legs/ it seems any leg is getting applied to any side, even when it shouldn't be. Note the numbering on the bottoms of the feet. Putting the legs/feet wrong can contribute to the figure not wanting to stand up properly. This seems to only apply to 2011 and then on releases of Espio figures, both Painted and Translucent). In the 3rd photo you can see the comparison for the Eggman from the Metal Sonic pack in 2010 and the new one from the 20th Anniversary line (2010 one on the left, 2011 one on the right). Photos & info by PacmanSonic138
Comic Pack Gone Wrong Silver Here's a comic pack...gone wrong! This is supposed to be the "Classic Sonic & Amy Pack" but somehow, a Super Silver has gotten in there. It's all sealed up and everything...and by the position of his head, you can tell he really doesn't fit too well. This is another of JW's factory mix up items, much like their "Trashcan Werehog Plush" who got the wrong tag. They're not common but they're not particularly prized. It's merely the wrong figure, and doesn't display well. Naturally someone will try to sell it for crazy prices on Ebay, but since it's only mis-packed, the value is debateable. Discovered by SonicBoy19
Super Hedgehog 3 Pack New Joints Here's something curious to see. This Super Hedgehogs 3 pack was photographed in-store. What's different? The joints. These guys all have the new style/better joints that JW did more recently...however, look at the emeralds! They've still got that wierd orange one in there, where there should be the light blue instead. Why would they bother to fix the figures but not the emeralds? People were forced to rebuy this set because of their original emerald mistake, it seems just so haphazard to do it again. Photo by Pacmansonic138