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When Jazwares started with "Super Posers" the large, more-articulated action figures, they used old Toy Island molds. However, these larger super action figures were popular, so they continued the "Super Poser" line with more characters and original molds. This page has ONLY Jazwares molds figures. SuperPosers can be found at Toys R Us & FYE stores in the USA for about $12.99 each. (store info by SuperGameCube64)
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Super Poser Silver Figure Here's a first look at Jazwares latest Super Poser figure for 2013. It's Silver the Hedgehog, and he looks pretty good so far. The hands, as you can see are hinged, but open so he can look like he's doing psychic attacs. The boot detail looks good & there's no evidence of "fat wrist / ankle" going on. His head seems good as well, but needs close-ups to see how his expression & paint will turn out. This is a company photo. When will this arrive in stores? Photo discovered by DustinLeeAutry
Resculpted Spikes Super Sonic Poser This is a bit of a poor surprise.
As you recall from the previous page of Super Posers, Jazwares, in a cash-grab move, recolored the original, poorly sculpted Toy Island Super Poser Sonic yellow in a lazy effort to get more money from the fans. Unfortunately...
Jazwares makes a minor improvement here, and re-releases the figure. They have re-sculpted & re-attached the spikes for the super poser so that they are upward, as Super Sonic should be. However, they didn't fix anything else about the figure. The face, especially isn't up to their good standard of modern sculpting. It still suffers from fat wrist/ankle & wierd lanky limbs/lazy hands & all the previous Toy Island problems...except most of the spikes.
Why Jazwares can't just make the Super Poser Sonic BETTER by re-doing him is a mystery. Making the 'up' spikes took an entire new head mold, so the money is already invested. Why not use the opportunity to at least fix his face?
This should be on your shopping list if you don't already have a Super Poser Super Sonic, or if you really need to spend on a slightly improved one. Photo discovered by PacmanSonic138
Super Poser Spikes Up 1 fail With these fan photos you can see how they STILL manage to mess up his spikes. Sure they turned up the ones that articulated, but as anyone who has actually played a Sonic game will know...they missed that top one. All of Super Sonic's spikes are curved differently than regular Sonic's. This lazy figure just needs an overhaul instead of them trying to 'improve' it while missing something at every turn. Photo & owned by CoolLuke1337
Super Poser Silver Toyfair 2014 MIB Here is Super Poser Silver in his box , as seen at Toyfair 2014. It's the same white/pale checker background with Sonic portrait as the other 2014 release boxes. The dot at the bottom says "Over 25 points of articulation" , as is the usual with super posing figures like this. He looks about like he does above in the factory photo.
Do note that the paint from his nose has been smudged onto the interior of the clear plastic packaging (makes it look like the eye has a flaw) which is REALLY unfortunate to have to show at Toyfair because it exposes the fact that the packaging can let the figures get damaged pretty easily before they even get bought / make the store shelves. The people at Toyfair also tend to be buyers & press...not people you want to show slightly messed up toys to. This is caused by crush damage. The box bends in with enough force to wipe the paint off the figure's nose & onto the box. Full review & turn arounds pending actually getting this figure.
Retail price should be: 16.99
Retail location should be: Toys R Us
Super Poser Silver in Retail Box Super Poser Silver Sonic Gear Review!
Here's Super Poser Silver in his retail box. This figure is in the Gear collection with all Gear photos. Two things can be noted right away, first is that his name tag has fallen (They were all like this in the store) so the glue on there probably isn't great for MIB collectors. Then, the box is not personalized in any way. The card at the bottom says "Super Poser" not his name, & the back (inset) just has Sonic and the usual "he goes at the speed of sound" blurb they have on pretty much all of the merchandise. Also see that his nose paint has been smeared onto the inside of the box (black trail visible 'over' chest fur there) which every single figure had. Nobody ever put a bumper in to prevent it. Look at the interior plastic as well, it's "hole" for the figure is too wide because it's made to fit any of the 3 Super Poser hedgehogs. So, the box is ok, just not personalized, and with the 2 flaws being name glue & probably universal nose-rubs or breakage.
Super Poser Silver Turn Around The figure itself looks really nice. The points of articulation are as follows:
1 joint at the base of each main spike that lowers it, wrist swivels & hinges, center hand hinges, shoes hinge in 3 places, head turns, waist turns, & the obvious hip, shoulder, elbow. His eyes are yellow, it's just hard to see in the photo, it's very clear if you hold the figure. He's VERY "frown mouth", but since they didn't paint the mouth, it doesn't overwhealm the expression with anger or sadness.
THIS figure was VERY floppy. LOOSE joints for the legs absolutely plague it. The huge hands drag the arms down, and he barely could stand for poses for the photos. If you de-box and get a floppy figure, you can possibly use the "super glue" method to fix it up a litte. A drop of glue in the joint, then wiggle the joint around as the glue dries. It won't lock up the joint, but it'll clog it a little making it slightly stiffer. The right-side photo actually shows his knees cocked backwards because they're overly loose and poor at holding up his heavy head.
Super Poser Silver Under Photo At right, you can see all the joints opened. That's how far the head spikes go, the toe of his boot & the palm split. They painted the interior of the boot joint so the line is continuous, which is a rare & very nice touch. The shoe really does have a great range of motion. Super Poser Silver Joints Pose
They did not paint the interior of the hand joints (Where those glow circles are on his gloves) OR the bottoms of his shoes. Some of the hexagons on the shoe tread should be aqua blue. Normally, it wouldn't be a complaint, but when the 3.5 inch size 6 dollar figure has them painted, and this 17 dollar figure does becomes a bit of something to nit-pick at, because it's something they could have done, but didn't.
The head sculpt is great, the chest & back fur has some texture & detail, & the super-pose-ability is very apparent. With a fix for the floppyness you can really have a lot of fun with this figure. The action pose at right shows him leaning on a backboard, but he's really capable of being dynamic. Silver Action Pose
Overall Grade: A
Reccomendation: Get this figure
He doesn't get an "A+" because the upper arms are super thin, the nose rubs the package, the shoe bottoms aren't painted & the figure will more than likely not support itself or stand on its own easily. The last, most glaring part is user-fixable though & is moot for MIB collectors anyway. The cleverness of the boots is wonderful, the likeness of the head
is GREAT & they painted the inside of the boot joints shows care. The figure isn't an ugly or corney thing like Sonic & Shadow are on this line. It actually looks like the character & has good posing and play value.
Super Glue fixes SP Silver This photo proves that a drop or two of super glue into the joints of the figure (and then you move the joint around while it dries, so the joint isn't glued...just more clogged & stiffer due to the glue) can stiffent them up so the figure will support its own weight. Note that the above right photo he's leaning on a backdrop, but here he's free-standing because this fan has accomplished the glue trick. Photo & owned by: Manaphy21