Sonic the Hedgehog Party Supplies
Despite how many people would love to have a Sonic themed party, Sonic Party Supplies had a HUGE gap in production. You could only find classic (pre Sonic Adventure 1) supplies before 2010. It took them from the advent of Sonic Adventure 1 until 2010 to make another set of supplies readily available in the USA. These great items are perfect for Sonic themed parties, and can be bought online. If you need these supplies, try Birthday Express , it has most or all supplies available in 2010. (Site discovered by: Sonicfan167/ Holy Shrimp ) Other supplies here found at online & retail!
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Sonic theme multi-item Party Pack
This is a Sonic Birthday Party themed pack. It's a specially priced group of items you'd need to throw a Sonic party. It has cups, plates, napkins...and more. You can either buy the pack, or get the items separately. Let's take a closer look at what's in this much more!
Sonic & Tails Activity Party Mat
This is an 'activity mat'. It's basically a waterproof / spill proof placemat. Perfect for preventing party mess during meals, or if an activity (painting, crafts, etc) was to be featured. Plus, who can resist a cool Sonic place-mat? Depending the quality, it may also qualify for 'housewares'. Usually these are sold separately.
Sonic 3D Fold Out Centerpiece Table Deco Set the table up right with this Sonic centerpiece! It's a 3D fold out square. The interior has that webbed / fan-fold tissue paper (yellow) so that it'll keep its shape. The sides even have pop-out "S" symbols with wings on the sides. Another "S" symbol in a ring tops the whole thing off. A newer Sonic stock art is used in a swirl on the sides, and rings & checkers adorn the edges. This is a nice & well thought-out Sonic centerpiece. (rather classy too, as these things go)
Sonic party paper cup 9 ounce drinks
Every party needs drinks, so these cool cups are perfect to serve in. As you can see, they fit the theme well with this "S" symbol in a ring of stars. The top and bottom have blue checkering. There is likely a Sonic portrait on the other side of each cup. You can buy these in sets. Each cup holds 9 ounces of drinks.
Sonic jump Dinner Plate Paper This swirl plate is described as the Sonic Party Dinner Plate. However, 'dinner' just refers to the size, they can be used for anything. Under platter, it's the largest designation for party paper-ware plates. The plates have dynamic jumping Sonic over a blue & yellow swirl. You can see the modern logo by one of his shoes. This is a great looking official plate with nice sized art. Very good for parties!
Sonic Party Favor Box
Party favors have become a common thing. It's where the party-holder gives back to the guests. Usually in the form of little trinkets related to the party theme. These are pop-up thin-card boxes to contain Sonic party favors. Each box has art on all sides, you can spot Sonic, Eggman Tails & the "S" in the winged logo. The handles are decorated with rings, and each box is rimmed with a checkered band. The boxes fit in nicely with the theme. Someone really put some work into decorating all of these supplies.
Lunch Sonic Paper Party Napkin
This is the "Lunch Size" paper Sonic napkin. Lunch-size refers to the size and (usually) also the shape of the napkin, in that it is square. (dinner napkins are often rectancular) It follows the theme but does not repeat it. This helps it look even nicer, and hold interest. It has the newer 'spikes upward' Sonic stock art, over only a partial blue & yellow swirl. The logo sits nicely in the corner, and the whole thing is designed to look rather dynamic. A great napkin, sold in sets.
Sonic Party Invitations How do you get people to come to your Sonic party? Why, just send out Sonic themed Party Invitations! These great little invites come in a pack of 10, with envelopes. They have a nice big Sonic art on the front and it says "You're invited" inside, the guest will see the winged "S" symbol in blue-scale, as well as the details. (Time, day, RSVP, etc) the top of the interior says "It's a Sonic the Hedgehog Party!"
Sonic party Stand Up This is a "Party Stand Up". It's a piece of non-essential decor...but it can really add to the party mood. It is cardboard, and operates much like a Point of Purchase or "Standee" display you'll often see in stores. (die cut, character only, stands on its own) The base has a prop on the back so you can set it up anywhere (additional table decor, buffet table add-on, entry-way item, etc) Plus, you don't have to only use it for parties, you can post it on the wall and use it for regular decor anyway. This is GIANT, it's 45 inches high when assembled. But beware of a $10 extra shipping charge because it can't get bent by the post.
Personalize-able Party Banner Usually "Personalization" is BAD. It is MOST MOST often the sign of a bootleg, to be sure. Fake companies love writing names on things they find easy to print out. However, this particular banner was MADE to be personalized by the licensed company who made it. It's rather unusual
that this would be allowed to be done at all. It may be the only legitimate personalize-able Sonic item to exist. You can see how it would work, there's the stock phrase "Have a Super Sonic Birthday" and then the party-person's name would follow. The banner features Sonic & Tails on a blue background.
Sonic Pull String Pinata This Sonic pinata is a cool's a pull-string pinata! Pull-string pinatas are especially fun because they're not destroyed like a normal one. The cluster of colorful ribbons at the bottom is the key to candy-dispensing fun. The catch is, that only 1 ribbon will open the secret trap door in the bottom of the item. As the guests pull different ribbons, no one will know which one will be right, so it keeps the same suspense as a normal pinata. This has a large peace-sign Sonic graphic, with logo under his shoe.  The sides & edges of the pinata are covered with the traditional blue crepe-paper flaps.
Thank you cards Sonic theme Thanking the guests & gift-bringers is the best thing to do, so why not do it in style with Sonic thank-you notes? These cards have running Sonic on the front, in a blue swirl. Under the checkered band it says "Thanks!". The interior has even been designed as well (quality!) it has lines for writing, plus a nifty little Sonic line art.
2 Sonic Mylar Round Balloons What party is complete without festive balloons? This is likely a shot of the front & back graphic of the same balloon. It's a nice round mylar one. Mylar balloons are known for staying afloat for a long time, for added fun. When they finally fall down, you can carefully press out any remaining helium and hang them on the wall as a shiny poster or decor. These can also be re-filled later on if you can find helium.
Filled Party Favor Box For extra convenience, you can buy a pre-made Sonic party favor box. This is the same box as seen above, but it's pre-filled with several items, two of which are Sonic! With this, you get 6 Sonic stickers (different characters on most, though there are 3 Sonics) & 2 Sonic temporary tattoos (Sonic & Tails) however, it also includes an Air Heads (like a fruit flavored taffy strip) a barrel of slime (rather random) a sparkly flat top (to spin) and a glitter ball. The Sonic items seen here in this box can be found on SonicGear, with their own descriptions.
Bayonetta Monkey Ball Alien Sonic Christmas
What is this odd art? It is Sega's Christmas Card for 2010 holiday season. Someone clearly used a lot of artistic effort to place several characters in tacky Christmas themed sweaters. You can see a slightly un-proportional (arm angle is amiss, breasts are low) Bayonetta who has decorated her head-hair with a ribbon and tree-topper star, the xenomorph Alien from Aliens (in a sweater as well as a hat (!) and Sonic, also wearing the red & green. Bayonetta has recieved a Super Monkey Ball gift. It was created officially by Sega of America, and even given out at Free Stuff Friday event. Still, it is interesting to look at. Info provided by ChaosControl14 and SupeSonicBoom
Sonic theme Squirt Gun Favor This is a somewhat Sonic themed squirt gun. Normally, it would just be on USA Misc, but it is specifically stated that it should be a party supply/favor. It's about 8 inches long, & is sturdy. It is reported to work well. See the oval on the side? It has the Sonic modern logo, but that's the only official Sonic detail to be on the gun. Should be about 3.99 and is at in 2011
Discovered by: Techno1252
Sonic Bounce Balls Favor This is a Sonic Bounce Ball. (Similar to hi-bounce or 'superball') The ball itself is clear solid rubber. In the center is a flat sheet with the Sonic image on one side, and the modern logo/copyright on the other. Each ball is about 1.5 inches in diameter, and you get 4 of them in a pack for 3.99. They are meant to be a party Favor. in 2011
Discovered by: Techno1252
Flying Disk Party Favors Here are some odd Flying Disks. They're bundled in packs of 3, and are about 3.5 inches in diameter. Are they like a frizbee? (Just throw it) The site describes them as 'disk launchers' though, which implies they may shoot out smaller disks? The art chosen is rather stylish, you get Knuckles, Shadow or Sonic with a rings background, the star logo and an over-all holofoil/silver background. With the foil background, these are an interesting party favor. Each set of 3 is 3.99 in 2011
Discovered by: Techno1252
This is a Sonic Beverage Napkin. The 'beverage' part just refers to what size it is. It usually sits under a cup like a coaster, or is handed out with a paper cup to ward off condensation drips. It has a yellow background (as opposed to the blue/swirl ones) and features the new 2011 stock art Sonic, large, and with an interesting crop. This is a Party City item. Discovered by SonicBoy19
Blowout Party Noisemaker Rollers Here are some Sonic noisemakers for the party. These are rollout/blowers (usually makes a whistle or tweet sound) The springy yellow paper at the end unrolls. The Sonic theme here is added by the cardboard disk with Sonic art on it that fits over the plastic tube part of the rollout. These are sold in packs. This is a Party City item.
Cool Sonic Shapes Confetti How do you make the party table look extra festive?
Scatter fun confetti on the tablecloth! This photo shows the content of a bag of Sonic themed confetti. Each piece is differently shaped and you get: Sonic in a winged ring with stars, running Shadow, thumbs up Sonic, Knuckles w/fist, and a star-bumper like round disk with the word SONIC in the center. The items are different sized, perfect for scattering around. You can include a few in a card too for a festive surprise. Confetti can also be glued down to notebooks or projects as stickers--there's so many uses for these great Sonic themed peices. Discovered by SonicBoy19 This is a Party City item.
Sonic beverage cup look-back A different collection of cups, sold in sets of 8. This has Sonic looking back over a shoulder, in a close up shot with a simple pale blue background. The other cups only had a logo on them, while this actually features Sonic. Should sell around 2.50. Discovered by SonicBoy19 This is a Party City item.
Dessert Plate Sonic These are both labeled as 'dessert plates' by Party City. It just refers to the size (Smaller than both dinner & lunch) so it's more suitable for snacks & etc. The Sonic one has the newer 2011 art jumping/pointing, and Tails has a fun swirl on the edge of his plate. With these two plates, the selection of designs just keeps getting better! This is a Party City item. Should retail around 2.00-2.50 Discovered by SonicBoy19 & JordanXSonic
Dessert Plate Tails
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