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Items that don't fit in with some other category will appear here. All kinds of Sonic the Hedgehog items that just don't fit in anywhere else--until enough items build up to create a category, then the item/s will shift off of this page. Anything from nick-nacks to toys, if it's American and Random, it's here too.
Sonic wind-up toy in a box
Sonic & Tails wind up toys Wind up toys! These are rather Japanese looking, but they were supposed to have been released in the USA, and England as well. Where are Tails' tails? They are small and moulded on, which seems somewhat lack-luster. The back-cards for both are identical.
These hop along when wound. The ones in England (so likely all of them) are not of the best construction and may break. This is likely a contributing factor in why there aren't so many of them around today. Does the MIP Tails to the right look slightly different? Are his shoes a little bit different? Maybe he walks instead of hops, but his face & the card are identical. Tails MIP photo discovered by EmoElmo Wind up Tails figure MIP
A collection of animation cells from the USA Sonic cartoons. Every so often, a lot of these (or one at a time) will crop up on Ebay. They tend to run around $10 each, so they're not difficult to collect.
Running SatAm Sonic cell
3 Animation cells from Sonic Cartoon
Tomy Toy Sonic ring catch water game A Tomy water game. This is a varient of 'catch small rings on pegs inside' game. You push a button to send jets of water through the game that move the rings around. It looks like the Sonic gizmo might turn, as well. You can see the rings at the bottom. This is a rather appropriate mini-game. It does not seem very common.
Odd stubby bank
An odd, stubby bank. Looks to be made of rubber. The likeness is not all that great, either. These were plentiful on Ebay in the early 2000s. It was not very expensive. Where are all these things coming from? Note that it is not the new-style green-eye Sonic.

This is now suspected to be a BOOTLEG ITEM. It is not confirmed a fake, so it stays...for now. The later banks may have been created from the bank seen below.

Stubby Figure Sonic & Knuckles Coin Banks These plastic coin banks were available in 1998, and this set was found at a comic shop in the USA. The banks reduce each character down to a super-super-deformed head, arms and feet. There's only a tiny bit of the chest showing, and no legs at all. Retailing at $20.00 each, they were more than what was published on Ebay later on. The Knuckles is a bit better looking than the Sonic because the piece between his eyes is supposed to go all the way down (and Sonic is technically a cyclops, while Knuckles isn't...though here they both aren't) Photographed and owned by: Andrew C. Markey
Candy-like coin bank of Sonic Some Sonic the hedgehog Banks. Notice that this one is modeled after the candy-container on the right photo. It has a black 'belly button' area to distinguish it as a bank. The Sonic sitting on the bolt is the bank in the right-hand photo. The stopper is located under the bolt. Sonic odds & ends collection photo
Dreamcast System Launch Bag This bag isn't directly Sonic, but it is signifigant.
If you pre-ordered or bought on the first day, a Dreamcast with Sonic Adventure 1, you likely were able to carry it home in this special Dreamcast bag. The bag is a quality paper, with plastic handles. (After all, a new system isn't light) Photo by SegaFreak
Topps Sonic Cards & Stickers Box Topps Sonic the Hedgehog trading cards. This was the first series of cards released in the 1990s. (There was not another American series until the Sonic X cards) These were sometimes base-ball card like, and some had stickers which you could peel off. Mostly, they just took screen shots from the Sonic games (Sonic 1, Sonic 2 = all they had access to at the time) and added in various stock art. This caused a rather lame effect, as you can see the stock art was not much good. What is that horrible monster behind Sonic on the card pack? Sonic Cards & Stickers Pack
They usually had tips or descriptions on the back, and sometimes an extra little scrap of stock art. The rarest of these are the Prism Cards. You are unlikely to find any of these. It is thought that there are 4 different prisms. These are somewhat like silver-ish holograms but not-so-3D.
Sonic 1 Lunch box & Thermos blue Sonic lunchboxes with thermoses. Both fairly classic. There were several of these, but these two are more common. You need to be careful of the thermoses, as the paint can flake with age. The one to the right is based on the special stage of Sonic 3. Sonic 3 Thermos Lunchbox Red
10th Anniversary pack box
10th Anniversary coin graphic Inside the 10th Anniversary box set pack drawing
This is the 10th Anniversary pack, which was released for free in the USA. The CD has music from Sonic games, and the booklet has a breif history with photos. The cover is quite fancy, and well-embossed. The coin is real metal. (Note that the photo does not show an actual coin, the real one is more chrome-gold) These could be difficult to find at times, and some stores only had them on pre-order. Best Buy was known to have a good supply. This is a truly nice collector's item.
Cracker Jack Prize Top & Wall toy Two Cracker Jack prizes created in honor of Sonic 3. The white item is a top. The purple one is a suction-cup walker. You are supposed to throw it at a wall and it will rotate as it goes down. However, these are also known for not working very well. These are less common than the Meal-Toys from fast food areas.
Cookie Crisp Cereal Pogs & Avon finger puppets Sonic pogs! These are from Cookie Crisp cereal. They were a free promotion that came in the box. It looks like you punch them out of the cards shown...but the photo quality is not so good that you can see what's written on them. Each pog has the characters' name on it. These pogs were made for both AoStH & SatAm Sonic. Facts added by MrFanOfSonic on Youtube
What are the bust things in the background? They are actually Finger-Puppets for use in the bath. Avon Makeup Products had a Sonic deal in one of their catalogs/sales. They are slightly reminiscent of the Japanese banks, but they have no bases. See more about those at Hygene.
Sonic Underground Sticker Sheet Okee Dokee Sticker Co. did one run of Sonic the Hedgehog stickers. Unfortunatly, they chose Sonic Underground. This is actually an "Activity Pack", where you are supposed to stick the stickers onto that background scene to make different layouts. How this is entertaining, I'm not sure. Notice the claim of "Hours of Creative Fun!" You would actually have to be VERY creative to have 'hours of fun' sticking stickers to a background. The stickers include Sleet, Dingo, Manic, Sonia, Robotnick, Sonic, Knuckles, Sonia's Bike, Aleena, the Logo, a hover-board & their space...trailer home. It also has shots of each of the siblings playing their instrument. Okee Underground Background
Okee Dokee Stickers Close up
Okee Dokee was nototriously un-cooperative for fans who wanted their products outside of their "Selling Range" making these difficult to get. This may be the only item with pictures of Sleet, Dingo and Queen Aleena actually on it. (They appear in the LCD Game, but not the package) Sticker detail & background photo by DustinLee Autry
Sonic Underground Play Ball This uncommon item is a Sonic Underground theme 'play ball'. A play ball is just a generic ball, usually smaller than a basketball, with no texture that is made of semi-soft rubber. It can be used for outdoor games and is non-specific. What makes the ball SU? They grabbed a stock Sonic and drew the 'guitar pendant' onto him, to make him 'underground'. This was available at Wal Mart during the time that SU was on the air. Being from SU, it isn't that common of an item. Owned and photographed by Macey-Grey.
Milton Bradley 60 Pc Sonic Puzzle Sonic Puzzle Box Springs Clouds Art 60 Puzzle Pieces This is a Sonic themed 60 piece puzzle by Milton Bradley. It features a nicely shaded jumping Sonic, who is bouncing from a spring, among star bumpers. Rings & clouds are scattered in the background. You can tell this is a pretty early
item, as it uses that strange art of Robotnick/Eggman. He's the flattest looking thing among the art (unshaded) and looks out of place in the background (or somehow super tiny) so he seems
rather shoe-horned into the art. As you can see, the pieces are pretty big, and the puzzle (seen assembled at left) comes out larger than its box. Photo & owned by: Justin
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