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So many things that just don't fit in anywhere else.
But that doesn't mean they're not interesting! USA Random Items overflows onto the third page. As usual, things on these pages are subject to change or move as more catagories are created.
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Sonic Duel Tops Box Tomy Toy Sonic Fighting Tops This is a rare and unusual item by Tomy Toys. The "Sonic Duel" top launcher set. You don't see many of these around. Photos all courtesy of MCRG.
Fighting Sonic Eggman Tops Box
The premise of Fighting Tops was around before they invented Beyblade. This set is from somewhere in the 1990s, and features quality metal tops with mini figures on top. What makes this a great addition to your collection is the fact that it's an American item (early USA) and still has Eggman and not Robotnik on it.
You put the tops in those cone box things, and then launch them into the curved plastic 'arena'. The spinning will cause them to wobble and hit eachother, which is the fight. This is an unusual and interesting toy.
With this close up you can see all the tops. The figures appear scrunched so that the tops will still balance, their pose has to be this way. Sonic is clearly early, as they hadn't decided yet just how his spikes should be. If you look at the second photo it also
proves that Eggman can spin on his head as well as on his base! Top close up photos provided by: John
Switcherz Sonic Heads Now here's something random. Swicherz. They are like an ornament for your items. (But why?) You stick (permenently!) the bases to stuff, and then click off and swap the heads. Just stick them to something out of the way or they look likely to get snapped off. These are TOTALLY OVERPRICED. They cost more then an entire action figure for EACH at $6.99. Gear is not afraid to call 'ripoffs' when they appear. These are a rip! They aren't useful, they klutter things up and cost more than something 10x more fun. You can buy them at Hot Topic, in fall of 2006.

WARNING: Do not stick them to anything that might get hot (monitor, console, pc, etc) as they can melt and ruin your device! Info provided by Beatleboy62

Swicherz Eggman Head Swicherz Amy Head Figure
Interesting Note: The head-sculpts are generally VERY good. Better than the current action figures, at least in the case of Sonic. (Shadow's mouth is odd)
Available in Sonic Amy Shadow and Eggman so far. You can see how big they are with the controller and X-Box comparison in the photo.
3 Swicherz Heads
Individual Pack Matchbox Sonic X theme cars Matchbox Sonic Car Close Up Look at the glittery blue paint in this close up...it's like what's on a real car!
Matchbox gets in on the action by plastering Sonic X images onto some of their famous metal tiny cars. Each car is a real type that you can drive, such as Sonic is on a Pontiac Piranha, Tails is on a Volkswagen Beetle 4X4, and Knuckles is on a Chevrolet Suburban. They themed the cars with the character, name, and tiny Sonic X logo as an added detail. Each one really rolls and is made of metal. They were available individually (seen here) or as a multi-pak. The individuals are confirmed at Eckerd (a drugstore) in the USA. The multi-packs were available at Target, and Toys R Us in the USA. They started around 2004, but many hung around until at least 2006. Photos by Memeki.
Chris Thorndyke White SUV Eggman Panel Van Matchbox Cars Box Set Sonic X Theme
The multi pack contained all 5 cars, but doesn't tell you what type of car they are. As you see above, Eggman is on some sort of panel-van and Chris is on something like an SUV. Neither of these have glittery paint like the Sonic car. Eggman's is blackish/brown. The Tails car has a clear/yellow plastic light bar on the top (it doesn't do anything) The back of the multi-pack is also open to view and doesn't really have any info or extra art. The pack is in the collection of SonicGear.
Promo Yoyo Sonic Advance E3
This is a promotional Yoyo.
It was used to help promote Sonic Advance on the GBA. It was likely available (given away/sold) at the Sega booth at E3 during the year where they released Sonic Advance 1. As you can see, it's a nice and shiny blue yoyo with a clear front that contains the game's name and large Sonic head. A yoyo is a rather interesting promotional item for a show like this, and it looks to be of good quality. Photo by Nick M.
This is the rare Sonic Bubble Blower. The figure you see is actually a jar for the bubble-soap-type solution. His head unscrews, acting as a lid, so that the bubble-wand can fit inside. This resembles one of the Sonic coin banks (as he is seated on an item) but it is likely smaller.
What does the stock art on the box Sonic have to say? "Dudes I'm a radical bubble blower with a wand and lots of shield bubbles insdie!" This is a rather rare Sonic item. Photos discovered by: Calistine, quote by Connernator Sonic Bubbles Lid Odd Photo
Sonic Bubble Blower Bottle
With the lid unscrewed, you can see the figure is actually pretty wierd. Look how long the 'neck' of the bottle is.The bubble wand is attached inside the top of the head. Bubble lid photo by John.
Game Players 6 Purple pogs photo
The magazine "Game Players" had a promotion for Sonic during the time of Triple Trouble for the GameGear. They released a set of pogs (or milk caps) that came free with an issue of the magazine. As you can see here, the art for the fronts has been 'stamped out of" larger pictures probably including the game box for Triple Trouble. Still, they're not a bad freebie, as pogs are still good to collect. Photographed and owned by Edscott
Plush Sonic Face Seatbelt Cover This is the 2nd Sonic themed seat belt cover. This one has fuzzy fabric and a 3D plush classic style Sonic face on the front. A seatbelt wrap is for people who are short (er than car makers expect) and the seatbelts can either ride too high on them and scrape at their neck, or be otherwise uncomfortable. These wraps prevent the annoying action while letting people stay safe. Plus, any car accessory is cooler with Sonic on it! This one is by BioWorld & appears in 2011. Photo discovered by Sonicboy19
Sonic X Stripe Bop Bag Punch Bopper The "bop bag" industry must be secretly flourishing to warrant such a giant selection of these things!
Here we have yet ANOTHER Sonic theme punching bag bopper. Available in the USA from...somewhere you can find these on Ebay. This one is about 4 ft. high, and weighted at the bottom.
Netflix Kids Start Up Screen
Not really an electronic item, nor is it an ad, a cameo or a retail display...this is a start-up screen. If you use Netflix service for your PC, smart TV or (in this case) WiiU, and select the "Netflix Just for Kids" area, various (in their opinion) Kids Characters show up...and, well here's Sonic! But notice! They took that mysteriously re-occurring "Blue Arms Mistake Sonic" who frequented Australia & also for some reason the Sonic Underground box art.
Ironically perhaps, Sonic is the most innocent one there, as Rocko's Modern Life was frequently fairly raunchy & Ren Stimpy were frequently quite awful. Screenshots by SonicToast
Hotwheels All stars Racing Danica Sonic Car Hot Wheels has worked with Sonic themed cars before. This time, they made a...strange car and painted it so that it looks like it might be a relative of the Sonic All Stars Racing / Sega sponsored car Danica (seen here on the card) drove in the race. This is the "Danicar".
Why didn't they make a replica of the actual car? This car is unusual because if you look closely, it has 6 wheels. The front is a smallish fin & the engine is sort of exposed in the back while the driver gets a cockpit type area. It's still got the Sega / Sonic & GoDaddy branding/logos, along with some green flames.
This could be gotten as a pre-order bonus at GameStop for Sonic AllStars Racing 2...but where else can you find it? Photo & owned by SonicFan09
Hydrophaser Squirt Gun A rare product! A suspicious product?
It's the Sonic Hydrophaser Squirt Gun. Here it is, mint on the card but...why? Supposedly this is a legitimate item, and the package certainly seems to check all the boxes. You've got the Sega copyright, real barcode, real company name "Gemmy" it seems, with actual address, where it was made, logos & everything.
But then, why is the gun itself completely unbranded?
Where is the Sonic element AT ALL? It's just stupid red, blue, white and orange for no reason. It's not even Sonic themed & nobody could bother with even like...a logo sticker? Sure there's lazy branding around the site but this thing is the laziest of all. The only Sonic thing about it is a portrait on the cardboard & the logo.
There is no reason for it to exist, it's not themed, it's not branded, it doesn't go with or do anything 'Sonic like' (Squirt badnicks etc), and the only Sonic to it is the first thing that kids throw away. It is a nonsense item.
But, that's probably why it is so rare. After the package is gone, literally no one would know what it was to. And if it's that cheap--probably it breaks fast too. It wouldn't even hold much water, and every pump squirts instead of storing power like a real squirt gun. All this adds it up to being really strange. But now you have seen quite an uncommon sight.