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The USA sure had a whole lot of miscellaneous Sonic the Hedgehog stuff. Infact, it's still cranking out more, probably even as you are viewing...the more the better! But in page load time, it won't all fit on one...On with even more stuff!
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Sonic 15th Anniversary Statue
This small but quality statue was created to celebrate Sonic's 15th anniversary. It was a pre-order bonus if you got Sonic the Hedgehog for the Xbox 360 or Playstation 3. You could pre order it from EB Games in the USA.
The sculpt is very good and accurate. The statue is only about 4 inches high though, and came wrapped in plain plastic. It appears to be plastic as well. Photo by HarroSin.
Shaped Mouse Pad Classic A Mouse Pad in the shape of classic Sonic The Hedgehog. A common but well-done stock art is put to good use with this fun shaped pad. Use caution though! MANY mousepads are bootlegs! Shaped pads are harder to make though, they need a custom cut, and are therefor not likely to be bootleg items. You can read more about avoiding bootlegs here: How To Avoid Bootleg Items Page
Hot Wheels Micro Racers Character Tops
Hot Wheels Micro Vehicles with a Sonic the Hedgehog theme and some kind of launcher. These are kind of like Micro-Machines but they have a somewhat squashed looking bit of Sonic related art on top. Notice they skipped Tails and put the weekday Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog version of Robotnik on the last car. Was there another set?
Knuckles Bop Bag in Box Sonic Adventure BopBags. If a bop bag is not random, I'm not sure what is. This is an inflatable weighted (at bottom) punching bag that bounces back and knocks over your items. Sonic Bop Bag in Box Toy
A Knuckles punching bopper I could understand, I mean, the whole fists thing...but Sonic? And why not Eggman-- punching him out would be relaxing. Maybe there were more of these, like one for each character. They weren't too popular, or common. You can occaisionally find one on ebay, though.
Why do you need a bop bag? Ever? But, here they are. 48 inches high and guarenteed for seconds of entertainment! These are by the same people who did the pens. They were available at Big Lots and probably elsewhere. I was never able to aquire one.
Sonic X Bop Bag Box Sonic X brought about a bop bag revival. Notice though, that these are by Toy Island, and also have a different shape than the previous 2. This should also be a Big Lots find. If you just need to punch inflatable bags for some reason...Ebay may be a better bet, though. Sonic X Punch Toy Photo
What does the box say? Basically about how it's weighted, safe, easy to use and works inside or outside.
Horrible Metal Scary Sonic Door Stop Oh no, what is this?
What is this thing for? There is NO EXCUSE for the sideways bonkey eyes on this. Note the shrivelled ears and gooey spikes. This couldn't be used for much, it would even be a scary door stop. The thing in the background is a sugar-jar, so you can see the size. What this is good for may remain a mystery...
We have a mutant item! This is a metal figure of some kind. It is solid and rather heavy. It is also rather badly done.
Sonic Underground Puzz Mobile Decoration A Puzzle Mobile. This is another supposed "Sonic Underground" item that actually has nothing at all to do with the show. It is a puzzle (made of foam) that you put together and then hang on something and it turns or something. The illustrations don't really clarify. Notice that the Sonic Underground logo appears as a necklace on the stock-art just like the Dennys' Give-away plushes have it. What an odd concept. Known puzzles include Sonic, Sonia, Knuckles, Manic and Robotnik. Puzz Puzzle Mobile Box Back
Caution: these fall apart easily so you could lose the pieces.
Info credit to: Steven Matarazzo
Sega Sonic Store Open Retail Sign A sign for your video game store to tell people if you're open or closed. Nice to see Sonic on non-consumer based goods too.
Matchbox Cars Big Rig Convoy Sonic X Shadow Truck Matchbox Convoy Big Rig Truck. This is an average sized toy truck (like a hot wheels type scale to the normal cars) It has a SonicX theme, because they applied a big sticker to the sides. It is the same on both sides, and features Sonic & Shadow the hedgehog. Tractor Cab Box Sonic X Detail Photo
This item is on sale NOW in 2007! You can go and find it at: Target, Wal-Mart, K-Mart and possibly Toys R Us stores, so be sure and check the cars section. It should be around $3.99 or $4.99 USD. People are also selling them on Ebay, so watch for any mark-ups and go shopping.
Sonic Adventure 1 Stickers Pack A set of Sonic Adventure 1 stickers. The typical fare with the SA stock arts and their names written along it. Good to see that they included some Chao as well as all the regulars. It is not known why or where these were sold.
Sonic junk collection
Sonic Game Gear Christmas Ornament
Sysco Treasury of Christmas Ornaments Sonic the Hedgehog ornament
"Fun in Hand"
Someone has gathered a bunch of Sonic toys. You can see the bolt-sitting bank in its box, a better shot of the ball, the night-light and a mystery Tails meal toy.
Not only did Sega's famous color portable appear as a gum case, it is also a keepsake Christmas Tree ornament. This has a Sonic figure on the top, and a "Xmas-ified" image for the screen. The Game Gear system is a good likentess, but look at Sonic's nose! The title appears on the front: "Fun in Hand"
Sonic YoYo
Here's a set of light-up yo-yos from...Frosted Flakes cereal! It's easy to tell because the last yoyo has Tony the Tiger on it. Each yoyo looks to have about the same make, too. They likely came inside the cereal box, with their own little glittery card (only Robonick's card is uses foil to simulate the light.
Tails Light Up YoYo
Sonic, Tails and Robotnik yoyos. Each one lights up when you yo-yo it. See how the tips of his tails and the sides are gray? That is the light-up part. But where are the light-up parts on the other 2? (0 gray areas) Sonic curled up is a fine design for a yoyo, but it's too bad the only Tails they had was that awful mutant stock art. The final yoyo being Tony the Tiger makes sense, as these were early Sonic 2 era. Group yoyo photo by Streakthefox.
Christmas Blast VHS Tape
The infamous Sonic Christmas Blast video. Can you guess the plot? Robotnik tries to steal Christmas presents, Sonic has to stop him. It couldn't be much more obvious, but that's not why the contraversy. This video was done well after AoSTH (weekday show) and the darker Saturday Sonic show. Before it was released, it was rumored to merge the two shows. It failed. The story took place in a 'universe' much like AoSTH, but Princess Sally made an appearance. Her fans went crazy at another chance to see her again. However, she had no speaking part, and appeared for approximatly 5 seconds. Naturally, this sparked all sorts of outrage. This is probably also the last known Animated Attempt at Sonic the Hedgehog in the USA.
Here's something to add some fun to your Game Cube: a skin! This is a skin (a series of stickers with graphics on them, that are precicely made to fit on your console, to decorate it) from "Gamer Grafix" As you can see, it's for Sonic Riders, and has pictures of nearly everyone from the game to go on all sides of your cube. Photo courtesy of Fire_Tip.
This was found at a Planet X Store. One of these stores is located in San Diego, California.
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