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First Sonic Item What is this mysterious little item? It isn't super attractive, or even super expensive. It was once thought to be the first physical Sonic the Hedgehog item ever released that wasn't a video game. (but it was proven later on to have been released in 1993) This simple and primitive plastic object came from a Cereal box at the time of the release of the SatAm cartoon series. As you can see, the sculpt is ok, and it shows him on a Skateboard for some reason, although he's never ridden one. This came from a "Limited Edition" version of Cookie Crisp. You could find either a blue one or a gold one inside! Fact by: Juan Martinez
It is shown displayed on a Sonic Story Book, for size reference.
Blue & Gold Sonic Cereal Toys Skatin' Sonic Back Photo
With these very crisp photos you can see that the gold one is somewhat metallic and it's edges are a bit translucent. These were supposed to balance on your cereal bowl edge. Fact and photos by: Edscott.
Cookie Crisp Cereal Sonic Promo Box Here's the special promo box the above toys would have been included in. The starburst says "Sonic the hedgehog figure included inside" and there's a picture of how it is used (balancing on bowl edge) as well as a shot of both the blue and gold ones. Cookie Crook & Cookie Cop appear un-changed however the writing at the bottom may tell you how to use it. Photo discovered by  SonicBoy19
Wacky Wobbler Sonic bobble head
This is the Wacky Wobbler Sonic Bobble Head by FunKo, and, conveniently, its retail box. It is not the first Sonic bobble-head, though (oddly enough). It looks all right, with modern proportions, and well painted details. The box is also quite well done, with good viewing ability and some nice art applied with die cuts.

Photo discovered by Kirchu This can be ordered from: (link discovered by connornator &
www.treasureseekersgifts.com (9.67 & ships free in the USA) and
www.amazon.com (12.99) which should be regular retail for it.
*Note that package changed before release, original package now found on Prototypes page. New package discovered by: Berzerker

Next, Funko made Wacky Wobbler bobble head Knuckles. He too is modern style, (according to the box art) though it's hard to tell on the figures' eyes. He is just standing in a 'ready' pose without any gestureing. This figure looks fairly on-model as well, with nice 3D details for the shoes and no exaggerated head size. Should be able to order from FuntasticStore. Photo discovered by: DinosaurGigamix

Wacky Wobbler Knuckles bobble head figure
Bobble head Box Bobble Head Knuckles
Here are fan photos for Bobble Head Knuckles, and the sides of his box. He looks quite decent upon final release, & it's good to see they put forth effort on each side of the box. Photos by: Knuxfan23
Bobblehead Knuckles Box Top Bobblehead Sizes Compare photo
This photo shows the size comparison for all 3 bobble heads. They scaled Tails well, but missed with Knuckles, as he should be taller than Sonic. You can see a Bobble Head video review. Review & photo by: Piplupfan77
The Tails wacky wobbler bobble head figure was (likely) made last. He differs from his prototype figure (seen on the Gear prototypes 4 page) in that his head is on facing forward instead of up...which does look better. Notice that the figure size is fairly big, that first shot shows him next to the Jazwares 3.75 line classic Tails & modern Tails figures. The box maintains the nice art with diecuts around the window & plenty of viewing space if you left him MIB.
The figure itself is vinyl-like, and feels like an action figure (so, not pose-able, but can handle a drop & not break) He may still be available on Amazon, but it's unlikely that any more were made in 2016. Photos & owned by RaeLogan
Sonic Embroidered Seat Belt Wrap Cover This is a Sonic themed seat belt wrap. It's made of fuzzy soft blue cloth, and has Sonic X style Sonic embroidered onto the middle. It's likely to be pretty tough & resist wear. A seatbelt wrap is for people who are short (er than car makers expect) and the seatbelts can either ride too high on them and scrape at their neck, or be otherwise uncomfortable. These wraps prevent the annoying action while letting people stay safe. Plus, any car accessory is cooler with Sonic on it! Should be available at GKWorld.com in 2011. Photo discovered by PiplupFan77 Classic Sonic Bobbleheads This classic Sonic bobblehead is likely the first. It has a 3D Sonic posed like the finger-waving stock art, though the details aren't perfect. (shoe stripe way too wide, pupils not vertical) The base just has the Sega logo.
It seems fairly Sonic-like, but what does the back look like? This bobble head is likely to be uncommon. Discovered by PiplupFan77
Sonic & Tails Temporary Tattoos Here are two different types of modern Sonic themed temporary tattoos. The right 2 can be found online at BirthdayExpress.com , as a party favor. They're just Sonic & Tails on separate transfer squares. The left is more of a set, with 2 sheets of them for only .99 cents! With those sheets you get Shadow, Sonic, Knuckles, Tails & Amy (with 2 poses for Sonic) They can be found at Wal-Mart, but also at party stores as a favor item. Reported to have good quality/not fade for 2 days. Right set discovered by SonicBoy19, left by Sonic Characters Temp Tattoos
Magnetic Sonic Characters Book Marks Book marks! Are they a school supply? They're not a book...so Misc. Goods it is...These are flat, magnetic book marks. Each one has a different character, & you get Sonic, Tails, Amy, Knuckles, Cream & Cheese all in one set. The backgrounds are stylish & simple, with two colors. The art is mostly newer 2011 stock, so they appear fresh. These are likely made by GE Entertainment. These were at Sears for about 9.99. Info added by Sonicasha. Photo discovered by PiplupFan77 Sega's Sonic-theme Thank You Card
If you ever do something nice for Sega, they might send you this Sonic themed Thank You card. It's crisp, with a simple CG Sonic on the front & they may write a note inside. Card owned & photo by RaeLogan
Hot Wheels Crash Smash Sonic Motorcycle
Crash Smash Sonic Cycle in Box Photo
What an angry Sonic! This is one of the few toys where he's actually unhappy...
A Sonic the Hedgehog Crash-N-Smash motorcycle toy. The Sonic is not the greatest likeness, but it was done in 1995, as you can read. The right photo makes it look huge...But it is actually tiny. When it crashes, the Sonic flies off and gets lost under the sofa. You should also use caution when launching it, as it is propelled quite quickly, and backward right at you and Sonic is also sharp. A dangerous toy? Possibly...

Credit for the main photo goes to MCRG, along with the info that he could be hazardous to crash.

AoStH Olympic Animation Cell This is an animation cell. It's a scene from Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog (weekday Sonic) Here, he's shown at a sporting event similar to the Olympics, notice the olive leaf, roman head, & roman couch in the background. The speckling is meant to be spectators in the 'bleachers' area. AoStH was sometimes rather abstract. This could be from the Time Travel Arc...but do you recognize which episode this was from? Write in if you know! Cell owned & photo by SonicToast
Knuckles Theme Bop Bag Puncher Remember all those bop bags? Well, here goes another. This one makes sense, as it has Knuckles and his whole punching theme. These were made by Toy Island for the release of Sonic Adventure 1. You could tell it's very early, as the Eggman one is labeled "Dr Robotnick" (as some of their earliest stuff generally is) Each bag has a smaller portrait at the top, and the bottom is meant to be filled with water for the weight. This is 48 inches high, and made in 2000. Look at the box-back. It shows their inflatable chairs (the smaller of which is on SonicGear) The larger 'game chair' must be uncommon. Photo & owned by OrangeUnicorn1984 Bop Bag Box Back