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Here, you can find still more "Pre Sonic Adventure" Sonic clothes. While things made today can use the "classic style", these items were all actually produced before SA1. Some things may be rare-er to come across. The old designs aren't as classy (in most cases) as the current fair, but they do have a nostalgia to them, and are still great to collect. As with all vintage Sonic items, Ebay is your best shot for the clothing found on this page, unless otherwise noted. Sonic Gear
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Echidna Wear Official Sega Crew Tee This is a rare shirt. It's an adult size white shirt from the later 1990s. The front has Knuckles in a circle & says "100% Echidna Wear" while the back has Sonic & says "Official Sega Crew" with the Sega logo. It is unusual because it's printed on both sides, as well as for the fact that old tees didn't usually feature Knuckles solo like that. Where could this be from? Was it an event, or an employee thing? Write in if you know for credit.
Life-Savers Candy Promo Sonic Tee This is a Life-Savers candies promotional Sonic tee. Why is he on there? You can find out about the Sonic/Life Savers promo on the Sonic Foods USA page. This shirt likely went along with that promotion. It's very simplistic looking, but styled a bit after the ring Sonic appears in at the start of the games (only now, replaced with a giant lifesaver, which he's popping out of the middle of) This dates back to the time of their contest, so it is rather old and simplistic. That little mark at the bottom is the copyright. Photo discovered by SonicBoy19
1994 Colored Circles 2 Sided Blue Sonic Tee This shirt is from 1994. It is another of those lesser-seen "2 sided tees" which has a design on the front AND the back. The front has orange/yellow checkers & colored circles/rings. In the largest green one is a finger-waving Sonic portrait. The back has running stock art Sonic (with blur effect added behind him) & the logo. Shirt by Signals Wear.
Gotta Stride Clyde Classic Black Shirt
This black shirt is uncommon. It has the 'slogan' across the top "Gotta Stride Clyde" (most actual old shirts did not have added words like this) The background is repeated green line art of running Sonic. It has a large graphic of foot tapping stock Sonic, but it's not one of the better ones. Long, super thin shoes, big body & somewhat devolved face (like how the Tails stock art became progressively more mutated over time). This one is a genuine classic item.
Starlight Zone Classic Tee This classic black shirt has a sort of strange background. It looks like they mashed together 2 screen shots of 2 different zones to make it. The top part looks like it's from the Star Light zone while the bottom has that distinctive lava fountain from the Marble Zone. There's a score / time etc readout on that part as well (under Sonic's front leg) so they were just capturing the whole screen and shoving it onto the shirt to make the design. Look at stock Sonic there though, he's been given a little bit of reflected color (back of the head) maybe to make him look like he fits into the background better? No idea how old this is, but it isn't common if it's taken till 2014 to show up.
1993 Brick Wall Sonic & Tails Tee White This tee has a similar theme to the sweatshirt on Classic 2. This time, Sonic is holding Tails' hand pulling him along as he breaks through checkered 'bricks' wall. The art for this shirt was seldom-used. Look how cute the Tails looks, since this was made in 1993, this must have been before they started corrupting the art of him. The design is pretty dynamic, with flying off brick parts & foreshortening. The logo is large at the top, with the copyright at the bottom right. A nice & collectible old tee.
Sega Channel Black Tee This 1990s black adult size tee was made to promote the Sega Channel, however, it uses Sonic to do it, so it appears on Gear. The Sega logo & "Sega Channel" are printed in red, and stacked vertically. Classic stock 'arms crossed' Sonic is printed over most of the logos, but is 'standing' on the Sega Channel one so as not to obscure it.
Look at the fabric tag in the back. It's small and square, likely without a license/generic. This means it's likely the shirt wasn't mass produced for stores, it may have been a promotional, a prize, an in-company item, or something else that wouldn't have reached regular retail shelves. It is likely uncommon.
Power Up Sonic 3 Shirt Black Is this a Sonic 3 tee?
This shirt says "Power Up", in an outline green font, spelled vertically up the left side. It is difficult to see in the photo. The art here is unusual. It's Sonic with nice shading holding up 3 fingers, but the angle is different from all the other stock arts & he is frowning a bit. The background is made up of all the same sprite of him jumping, but on alternating black/white square backgrounds. "Sonic the Hedgehog" is written in green, in a block font at the bottom right. Over all, this shirt is pretty unusual.
The art may be an actual 1-off, or an altered piece, the sprite is uncommon to see, the lack of logo/change of font for the name there is also unusual for the time. This is uncommon. Photo discovered by Lightening
Sonic Rock Pieces Black 1994 Tee This tee is supposed to be from 1994. It's all black, with a big full color, shaded design on the front. It has classic getting ready to run Sonic, but they have added various pieces of purple rock / rubble /cement flying off from around him. This makes the design suggest he's 'bustin thru' something like a wall or barrier. The logo has been altered a bit, the "Sonic" part is written vertically and appears somewhat squeezed, while "The Hedgehog" is much smaller, horizontal, and at the bottom. You can see the copyright there under the smaller 2 rocks. This is probably a smaller teens size tee.
Spin into Action Promotional Spinball Shirt This is a rare, promotional tee.
It is adult size men's white tee released only in limited quantities to promote Sonic Spinball on the Genesis. The front has the less-common air-brush somewhat-abstract pinball art (notice Eggman at the top) & the back has the game's logo across it. Front & back printing isn't that common. The slogan "Spin Into Action" is written above the graphic. This MAY be a Babbages pre-order item.
Sega Studios Jean Jacket
Here's a cool old jean jacket.
It's the usual blue jean color, but with a really large/nice Sonic embroidery on the back. It's the lesser-used stock art of him in the directors' chair, and they've added a megahpone to his hand. Sometimes this art has him wearing sunglasses, sometimes not. This one has it, and also gives him a rather large mouth. Notice the megahpone-holding hand though, it only has 3 visible fingers and they're not too great looking. Whoever modified the art didn't get it perfect. There's a small "Sega" logo on the front chest area & the back/interior has a leather tag. But, what is Sega Studios? Why did it have jackets made & how could they be obtained? It's likely an 'industry' item, which makes sense that it wouldn't be common since it wasn't for the public. Photo by @JapanAnimePosters on Instagram
Sega Technical Institute Sonic Patch Jacket Here's a rare jacket that's got to be an 'industry item' that wasn't for the public.
It's either black leather or faux leather & features a large Sonic patch with fabric & embroidery. It's finger-waving Sonic in a yellow ring, but instead of white wings beside the ring, it has sort of pointy red shapes that go into a triangle at the bottom. The title ribbon is blue & squared off. Notice the patch below it. It reads "Sega Technical Institute Redwoody City, CA USA Sonic Team"
So, this had to be for game developers or someone who worked during the Redwood City location era. There were probably only enough of these specific patch/jackets created for the number of project members on...whatever this was created for. Very interesting to see, and certainly uncommon! Photo by @JapanAnimePosters on Instagram
Sonic Spin AOSTH Robotnick Tee A little bit of an unusual old tee featuring AOSTH Robotnick. Show characters were seldom featured on USA merchandise, even back when the shows were airing. (X was the first to get tons of stuff) This black shirt has rolling Sonic, the logo and slogan "Sonic Spin". But it also has running Robotnick as 3 overlapped graphics, probably for the 'movement' look. However, it makes him sort of confusing to look at due to where he's placed, and the size. The 'echoes' aren't like the usual after-images Sonic gets, because the furthest back one is somehow also the largest, and they're all in color/just as bright and not faded. It's an interesting enough sort of campy classic design though.
Old 1990s Sonic theme Scrubs Shirt Now here's something that's seriously uncommon...
Sonic Scrubs! Specifically, the shirt part to a 'scrubs outfit' which is what doctors, nurses and sometimes other medical type professionals wear as a clean-able uniform. They're not sold to the public, so that adds a layer of rarity as well. For use in areas where kids are patients, the scrubs are sometimes decorated with cartoon characters to put them more at ease. In this case, a company got a Sonic license...and used it to create altered stock art that's probably only found on this specific item. (And pants, if it also had pants) It features standing Sonic, but holding a giant tooth brush, Sonic showing an X Ray photo to Tails, & what appears to be Sonic & Tails talking about something, but with the folds it's impossible to see what. There are also little tooth brushes and stethescopes scattered around as part of the pattern. With the altered stock art, & general uncommon-ness, this is an interesting item to see! Photo discovered by The Tumblex
Screen Stars 3D Blast Sonic Shirt A simple Sonic 3D Blast promo shirt with a bit of a story to it. The shirt itself isn't very unusual, all games of the era seemed to have some kind of promotional tee or pre-order bonus type thing and 3D Blast was a big enough deal to not be an exception. It has the sort-of-3D looking running Sonic graphic for its design, with the logo at the top. The words behind him are the consoles it released on. In this case, it's the back of the tee with the big design, and the front has the logo smaller on one side of the upper chest area.
The thing to note though, is the tag which is the inset item in the middle. It says "Screen Stars", which is the logo of the tee maker company. This is not unusual, but what IS unusual is the era the shirt was made in vs. the ScreenStars logo (Logos change over time sometimes, the font used indicates when it was made) Obviously the shirt couldn't be made before 3D Blast existed--but the game only came out almost 'too long' after ScreenStars abandoned that logo style.
Screen Stars refers to 2 things at once which are screen-printing tees and also 'stars of the screen' which refers to TV/Video game icons & etc so it's a clever enough name for a blank tee maker. They sold blank shirts to companies to be printed on. If you know any details about the dates of the tee, you can write in for credit & the description will be altered.