Sonic the Hedgehog Action Figures
Jakks Pacific got the license in 2019, and continues here in 2022.
This page will have their 2021 / 2022 articulated larger-5 inch size figures only. They have both modern and classic license, so any figure that falls in the "Articulated Action Figures" category will be on this page if it was in 2021 or 2022. Bendy type figures, deluxe figures & small line or car-figures will go onto a separate page. But if it's by Jakks Pacific and it's an action figure, check them out here.
UK NEWS: These & other JP figures CAN be at Smyth's Stores!
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Rouge the Bat 5inch Action Figure Finally! In 2022, Jakks Pacific looks set to release a Rouge the Bat action figure.
This is a factory photo that was released in spring 2022, when the figure is not yet out on store shelves. This should be at Target and Walmart upon release. It looks like they've done their usual excellent job from the single photo so far. The face looks good, the wings seem the right size and the expression seems normal. She comes with a unique accessory, but it and the pose for her hands/boots will take more photos to determine how they did with it. Is the body too small? Did they give her elbow or knee joints? Entry will be updated once more is determined
Face Off 2-Pack Sonic Knuckles Something new from Jakks Pacific appears in summer 2022, and it's the "Face Off 2 Pack Figures". For 20 dollars you get...2 10 dollars figures. But they're packaged together!
Picking at it a bit aside, this is an all right idea to cater to mint in the box collectors. The boxes are somewhat modular (as you can see in the factory photo here), and it looks like they're cubic so you could stack other boxes on top of them.
It seems to be exactly the same 5 inch size figures they've had before for Sonic & Knuckles, just now posed differently / more dynamically in a fancier box and seemingly without the accessory that they come with as singles.
Are people going to complain? I don't know...but it's probably a good thing to have this sort of special package figures on the market. It gives another opportunity to get characters you may have missed, and MIB collectors are indeed important to the fandom. Is it super exciting? No, but it's just fine to have. (Shame about the accessory though, they should hide it under the obviously thick bases)
Rouge the Bat MIB Figure Turns In fall 2022, the Rouge the Bat 5 inch line figure actually hits shelves in Target and Walmart. (Anywhere else? write in if you know) The side view shows that the box is really...kinda still too big for pretty much everybody except EOmega? The back lists 15 points of articulation, but that does include the wings and excludes the elbows...still ...even though she has the long gloves what would have made it easier to do. Though, they do turn, and the open hand can hold the unique accessory. The others on the wave are Shadow with 3 rings
(its the first time the 3 rings appears as an accessory) and Super Sonic with a blue chaos emerald, and eggman with the star post. (Star post also with Espio on the probably simultaneous wave)
Espio 5 inch figure MIB Turns This wave with Espio on it seems to have released at the same time as the wave with Rouge the Bat (above) so they could be on store shelves together in fall season 2022.
Their Espio looks quite good, which is to be expected. He still doesn't have elbows, but you can move his tail. He comes with the star post accessory....but he shouldn't. Other characters ALL got something relevent to them (when it was a unique character) so he should have had either a ninja knife (kunai) or a ninja star (shuriken) Rouge got her own item, and Egg Robo's Egg Blaster is nearly as big as the Egg Robo--so it's not like they can't/won't spend on unique accessories...they just didn't do it for him for some reason*.
The interesting thing about this figure is that he is depicted as smiling, which actually looks very nice and cool on him. Because he is the 'silent ninja type', most figures/media will have him frowning, so it's good to see a change of pace here.

He is on the wave with many-release modern Sonic/spring bumper, modern Tails/ invincibility stars container & the Egg Robo/Egg Blaster. DO buy him! As is the usual with characters who don't appear as often, he may become rare.

*I wouldn't complain about the accessory if everyone just had generic stuff like the stage pieces or emeralds etc. but they DO go out of their way / prove they CAN---it's the same reason I always knock the figures about "no elbows" because their movie line figures the SAME size DO have elbows yet they "claim" these are too small to do it.

Chipper Classic Sonic MIB Figure Isn't he chipper looking?
On the Fall Season 2022 wave of 5 inch figures Jakks Pacific releases this quite-cheerful looking classic Sonic with spring accessory. The mouth and eye shape combine to make him look very pleasant and happy. Notice his hand though, one is a fist but the other is clearly meant to hold something.
But what?
None of the figures other than Amy have ever seemingly (up to this point) come with something they can hold onto, so why keep doing it with the hand pose?
This is a good wave, with new characters for the 5 inch line Vector and Ray. It also has modern Amy again, which is nice for anyone who missed her (very short) first release wave. It's good to see them keeping characters on rotation like this.

Normally I wouldn't buy yet another classic Sonic figure.
However, this one IS actually quite charming looking, and it was enough to sell me on getting him again.

Egg Robo Badnick Figure 5 inch MIB The Egg Robo gets a 5 inch figure!
While it is important to include badnicks on the line for play, it's kind of surprising to see this one before Blaze the Cat or someone more popular than one of Eggman's cannon fodder type goons. Either way though, this one has had a good job done for it, as it DOES have bendable elbows, knees, the ankles turn and you can balance it with the gun to do multiple poses. You can also turn the dome head.
This has 13 points of articulation. The Egg Blaster (did its gun have a name?) it comes with is nearly the size of the figure (as it seems in games also, so, fine) but it really shows up Espio not coming with something unique like the ninja star or knife. They can clearly afford to give figures a unique thing (as Espio is even on the same line as this guy) but leaving Espio out now feels even more like he got cheated.

The Bottom Line:
DO buy this figure! Badguys are seldom repeated things, so if you want an Eggrobo for your display, get it while you can or risk paying too much later. The big gun of course adds to the play value, as does the many points of articulation. Because all their stuff is derived from the models in games, it of course is accurate and the paint is good. Maybe even get more than one to stage a battle area or something.

Ray Flying Squirrel 5 in fig MIB Here's Ray the Flying Squirrel 5 inch size figure and...
He looks quite decent! Interestingly, the figure makes him more appealing even than some of the art. Obviously because both he & Mighty were extremely simplistic sprite-knockoffs of Sonic, he's "way too Sonic like" in his design simply being yellow Sonic with spikes deleted and tail added. Maybe some data or history can be filled in, but the Arcade 3/4 view game
that was his origin (as well as Mighty) was super lazy...and that can't be changed as it's in the past. But, they seem to be taking his design seriously, by lifting the middle-brow on his mono-eye, adding a larger mouth, angling the eye edges to make him more child-like/friendly, and darkening the 'peach color' areas on him. It's debatable when his shoes were changed to have 2 bands that didn't go all the way down. The tail is of course, large/normal as it should be, and they handle the arm/wing things by having them be behind the arms so you can still move/pose him. He comes with a red emerald.
This line has chipper classic Sonic, a repeat of Amy (which is good), and also Vector who is new. He should appear next.

The Bottom Line:
I am not a big Ray fan because they don't seem to do a lot with his character and of course the lazy design (whether it was on purpose or they just needed 'other colors of Sonic' to shove cheaply into the arcade game and it was a stumbling-block of tech capability at the time not withstanding....) but this figure was clearly done by someone who cares a lot. There IS genuine effort here to make him appealing. I'm glad this is his first figure, and glad to have it. As for characterization: still no- the box back says he is friendly and loves adventure which is generic.

Super Silver 5 inch Figure MIB Jakks Pacific releases their own photo for 2023 figure Super Silver.
Other brands took a while to release him in super form, but they're getting right to it, much to the delight of fans. With him, that's all 3 super Hedgehogs being available on the 5 inch line. To go further and make it more desireable, he comes with the first instance of the white / clear chaos emerald. The other emerald colors have been released/re-released, so if you want to complete all 7 colors, you'll need this figure.
Rarity Warning:
If you see this just buy it, even if you're not a big Silver fan. Him being super and having a new emerald is likely going to amount to this being uncommon or expensive in the future.

The in box photo looks good, if they kept his shoe detail & the joints hold up/feel correct this will be a good figure. BUT: Why that gripping hand again? Of all characters he HAS the sculpted gloves/unique hands give him more telekenesis hand poses! Don't just shovel on the grip hand when no accessory is hold-able AND you've got the telekenetic character. Oy.

Modern Tails Gizmo Accessory Figure MOC
Jakks Pacific itself confirms they'll have this Modern Tails re-release on the wave with Super Silver (seen above) in 2023.
He may be a re-release, but the accessory is all new. It has been labeled as 'gizmo' on a few places but it is the Wisp Translator from Sonic Colors that Tails built to try and understand (at first) Yakker, then other Wisps too so that the plot of Colors could be complated. The box itself also just calls it 'accessory', but it's obvious what this is from like any screen shot.
It sure does look like it has a grip-able handle though, doesn't it? Finally here might be something a figure can hold onto. Opened box/testing info pending being added to this entry.
Classic Style Sonic 4 inch figure Speed Accessory Another wave, another re-release...
This time it's Classic Sonic again (but you can't tell his expression with this factory photo angle) However, his accessory is a new one that hasn't been released before: The 'speed shoe' / 'speed boost' power up monitor from the classic games. It is pixelated and everything, and it is about the right size to go with this scale of figures.
Jakks Pacific does have a habit of re-releasing/re-combining figures and this may end up with a different figure later. Buying recomendations are up to you--if you already have a classic Sonic you may not need to buy him again just to get this accessory if they add it to a pack, or a different figure you don't own later on.