Sonic the Hedgehog Action Figures
Jakks Pacific Small Line Sonic Play Sets
Jakks Pacific makes several playsets for their Small Line Sonic Figures.
This page includes their action playsets and diorama/accessory sets. If it's in a box and comes with figures and scene/ background items, it should be here. Play sets started appearing in 2021.
UK NEWS: These & other JP figures CAN be at Smyth's Stores!
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Green Hill Zone Boxed Play Scene
Green Hill Playset Display
No sooner does the 2 inch figure line launch, that right on its heels there comes a playset to use with the figures!
And it's a REAL action play set too, that's good for play and also display on your shelf.
There are 2 action features that really work. The spring bumper (yellow) really springs up a figure when you push it down. Then, the loop has a track hidden in it with a place to put the figure's foot/peg in the bottom of the shoe. Then, you can make the figure zoom around the loop-de-loop just like in the games for fun!
It comes with the Sonic figure & 3 rings that you can put in the loop, or on top. The whole thing should be 19.99 at regular retail and is confirmed at Target in fall 2020 season. The look of it is 'cg style' instead of 'cartoon'. It resembles the GHZ of things like Generations (Where it wasn't/may not have been called 'green hill' but it was obviously styled that way) The box has no windows/is solid cardboard with photos of the product and call-out circles to tell you what it does & showcase the things you get. The bottom advertises the other 2-inch figures on the 1st wave, as well as their larger action figures.

Opinion Zone:
GOOD! Buy it! The price? 20 bucks is great for something that has action features AND comes with a 5 dollar toy (would be 5 if bought separately) It looks nice so you know you can put it on your figure shelf and display all the other figures from the line in it. Then, when you get the Chao, it comes with 3 more rings you can use for play in here. Cute!

Jakks Pacific is already standing out with good decisions / differentiating themselves from both Jazwares & stupid Tomy.
They have reasonable prices, unpredictable characters & a real action-features playset. (Tomy did action but it was expensive and never anything in-demand or 'like the games' it was always ripcords or something Boom/helicopters that they never had in the game or show. Jazwares had literally 0 playsets their whole run.) If they do more runs of these small characters, it will only get better & better. Good choice to start, good value, good play features...all around this thing's a real A+!

Eggman Robot Boss Battle Playset From prototype to actual-item, here comes the "Eggman Robot Battle Set" from Jakks Pacific.
This is the 2nd playset in their line, with the first being Green Hill Loop. This one promises boss battle action, when you can launch the classic Sonic figure at the final boss of Sonic 2, the giant Eggman robot. It looks good in the big window packaging here, where you can clearly see all the items you get and the illustration shows you how it works. The corners are solid, which is another good move by JP. This is good for MIB collectors or to take it out. Their only problem being that they used Modern Sonic on there. Notice it is part of the 30th celebration, with the red rectangle, as well.
Egg Robo Boss Figure Launcher Here are the factory photos of it out of the package so you can see what it does. The robo figure is clearly pose-able, although it also has 'pop apart action' as evidenced by the box art. The Sonic figure is of him in a spin / rolled up so that he can be launched with the
spring loaded catapult item. It looks like if you hit the center panel (as you had to do in the game) that it changes from normal to 'battle damage' which is a common action figure trait that works well. (Who started it, was it He-man?) It would be a fun goal to try and shoot him to switch the panel. The catapult is themed for the sort of 'death egg' design look with caution-stripe base, bolts & gray metal looking construction. It makes sense as something to include.
This looks like a good playset once again. The boss looks like it does in the game, the action element is fun, it looks like it will display well, and the box is very appropriate. This will be a good one to collect.
Egg Battle Set Box Turns Here's what the box for the Egg Robot Battle Set looks like.
It's quite a good one, with all the features you'd want. Top-windowing to let light in for better MIB display, totally enclosed without fiddly bits to attract damage & good big window. The back nicely illustrates the features like the damage panel, the fly-off spike 'hands', the backpack 'jets' action/movement and how to use the catapult thing to launch the Sonic figure at it. It explains how each thing works in 3 languages. Then, at the bottom another good move is showing what else there is to collect. Always helpful!
The sides have 1 partial window/repeat of what it does or running Modern Sonic even though this is a classic thing. (Notice it also has modern logo all over as well)

Opinion Zone:
Get this! It may technically be on their 'small line' because the Sonic is small & it is a playset but it is BIG. This weighs 3 pounds by itself so nobody was skimping on materials. Big action (esp pop-apart) toys like this ALWAYS become rare in the future! It's about 39.99 in Target (Confirmed August) so be sure to grab it right away if you want it.

It's a big, colorful game-like thing that is accurate and has fun play features. Pop-apart things get easily lost by kids and large heavy objects don't store well for non-fans so expect prices to shoot up as soon as this goes off shelves. Jakks Pacific scores again with another fun and reasonably enough priced playset. This item is in the SonicGear collection
Sonic Tails Diorama Accessory Set This is called the Diorama Set.
It's a bit of an odd thing...though maybe useful for some people. It's odd because it comes with classic style Sonic, but modern style Tails. They don't really look right together/they look out of proportion. Usually companies aren't allowed/supposed to / know better-than to mix modern and classic and this reflects on why.
They come with various items that have already been released elsewhere. You get 2 different height star-posts, 1 yellow spring pad, the spikes trap square and a sheild power-up monitor. Stuff like monitors and traps are always ok to have more than 1 of if you are setting up a scene for your figures on a shelf. It's also an ok tactic to give fans the opportunity to get accessories they missed without having to buy another figure to get it. (Remember, they play 'round robin' with what figure comes with what accessory on the 5 inch line--so if you wanted Eggman & Spikes maybe you had to have him on a certain early wave, rather than a later)
This is 19.99 in Target stores in Fall 2021. It's an all right buy if you're setting the scene for figure fun.
Flying Battery Zone Playset The Flying Battery Zone playset appears in late summer 2022.
As with the previous play sets, it should be about 19.99 at Target. (Will Walmart get this?) As is the usual for Jakks Pacific, this is for the small line figures and it comes with a Sonic figure already included. As it's a classic zone, you get their classic Sonic figure. (Hand can grip version)
This has action elements that you would expect, such as that the propeller turns, the pull chain can swing, and the fire shooter can also spin the transparent orange plastic 'flame' things. There are 3 rings you can add to the top, and a spike pad to jump the figures over.
Notice that the cloud texture area is actually an art/panel background (and not part of the box)

This is another nice playset from Jakks Pacific. It has good/expected action features, incorporates many elements from the zone and giving a figure in there helps with the value too. A good buy! Photos by Taaron

Level Clear Diorama Set Figures A cute idea...well exectued by Jakks Pacific!
This is the "Level Clear Diorama". It has the spinning sign found at the end of most levels, so spin it to the Sonic picture side, then have the figure push the button on the top of the big capsule thing that's also at the end of the level to release the little animals. It pops in half to reveal/release a flicky bird and the bunny (Pocky).
What's fun is that you can put this at the end of any of the above scenic playsets to have a real level look for your action figure display shelf. The animals are a bit...well they're huge but if they're with the 5 inch figures they're probably a bit closer to scale. Notice that the box back does get "Pocky" correct on there, they don't just label it 'bunny'.
If they release more of these animals in the future, it looks like there's space to load more of them in there to have it be more like the games too. All around a good idea, and something you should collect if you're getting this size of figures. Likely at Target & Walmart in winter 2023.
Stardust Speedway Zone Playset With the success of the previous playset (Flying Battery) here is the Stardust Speedway Zone play set This has 2 movable features, the swinging spikes shelf and the chomping 'beanstalk' badnick. It comes with 3 rings (seen on pegs here) and the determined looking small line classic Sonic figure.
The release of this seems to be overlapping with the previous playset, the Capsule (above) and what should be the Blaze 5 inch figure (seen on its box back) but it looks like the Blaze will be later.