Sonic the Hedgehog Action Figures
This page will feature ONLY "Classic Style" Sonic figures by Tomy.
Because Tomy has all 3 licenses (Boom, Modern, Classic) Their figures will be split up into categories for easy finding. You can see their Boom related efforts over on the Sonic Boom section of Gear, this page/s will only have their classic Sonic toys/figures.

Tomy LOSES Sonic license in 2019 , these are likely to be the only figures they have / page may not be updated.

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Comic Pack Classic Sonic & Tails Figures Here's a first look at Tomy's classic figures line!
Here, in Toys R Us you can see their individual boxed figures & comic book 2-pak figure sets. The individuals are 7.99 each, while the comic pack is 16.99. It contains an issue of the Archie Sonic comic. The individually boxed figures look the same as the comic-pack ones, so if you were de-boxing, all you'd really need was the comic pack & single Knuckles to have all 3 of this type.
The packaging here is notably a LOT better than their Boom packaging. It's completely enclosed so no more dirty/ destroyed figures or missing items. The deeper box & cut out "pixel" look in the silver-gray is also a good "Mania" like modern touch to a classic feeling concept. Comic packs were also alaways pretty popular, so it's nice to see a return of that. The price seems pretty hefty though, depending on the figure quality or articulation they end up with. *Full review pending getting these figures.
Figures appear in fall 2016. Photo by Taaron
Tomy Metallic Figures & Coins Collector Pack Also in fall/2016 comes this special 25th anniversary "Figures & Coins" 3 pack set from Tomy. The box shares the same 'pixel' style, but this time the figures all have 'hi-spec' metallic or 'pearlized' shiny paint. Each one also comes with a gold colored collectible coin. This pack is 19.99 for 3 figures & 3 coins.
The edge of the box has frosted texture/smooth texture to show off some watermark-look character graphics which include mostly some nice neo-classic art. This is a cool added touch for MIB collectors. Full review of figures pending getting this set for inspection. Photos by Taaron & All-StarWarriors
Classic Figures & Rings 3 Pack Box This was seen ages ago, but now in 2018, it finally appears. This is the Classic Style Figure 3 Pack with Rings. You get Sonic, Knuckles & Tails in the box, along with 'rings'. These are goldtone rings with colored stars in the middle. They're big, so they don't go with the figure (as an accessory) Sonic gets yellow with a blue star, Knuckles gets red with a green star & Tails gets blue with a red star. Rings & stars were always a bit of a theme in the games but these seem like a curious addition. Photo by Taaron
Transparent Plastic Classic Sonic Tails
It's the Tomy Transparent Classic figures!
Tomy created these alternate-versions for their classic style small size Sonic & Tails figures. Sonic is a semi-transparent blue plastic & tails is a semi transparent yellowish-orange plastic. They only have paint for their eyes, noses, face-bottoms & belly-dots. The ear-interiors, arms, shoes & Tails' tail-tips are all unpainted.
They come in somewhat over-sized cube boxes with big 'pixel edge' window on fthe front & a simple classic art on the back. Tails' art is a neoclassic piece though, while Sonic's isn't.
These are fairly fun as a variant to add to the collection, since they're exactly the same figure but set in a different color. These fan photos really show they are clear-ish which is a cool effect. It's probably a good idea to pick these up if they're not too costly. Photo & owned by Sonic Dollz
Grayscale Classic Sonic Tomy Figure Small At some point maybe in early 2019 before Tomy lost the Sonic figure license, they produced 2 "Grayscale" figures, one for Sonic & another for Tails. This Sonic one comes in a cube box with die cut pixel-style edge around the window. He's in a gray 'swirl' background. They use Japanese running Sonic stock art for the back, but have set it to grayscale on their blue background. Over all, it looks ok, the dark charcoal to represent the blue, actual white areas for gloves/socks etc...however, because they already had just released this exact classic toy
as normal, with a comic, in a 3-pak, AND as a 'clear' (see above) it was getting redundant, asking people to buy so many of the exact same figure, just changing its color and adding nothing. A variant like this is best broken out way later in a line as a fun add-on, but that's not what they did. He's probably ok to collect...but where was it even sold?
Grayscale Classic Tails Figure Small Tomy Here is Tomy's "Grayscale Tails" figure. He was released along side the Sonic above, and has the same issue, that this was like the 4th or 5th time for them using this exact figure and then just shuffling how it was packaged or altering the color. He looks cute in the grayscale, but isn't as contrasty as Sonic. His box uses the Japanese running profile stock art of him that's fairly seldom seen, but pretty cute. (Look at the hair bending up in the wind) It's not bad by any means, and looks nice in the box, but how much was it? Where could it be bought?