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Sonic the Hedgehog Modern Pins & Keychains of the USA 7
This page of USA Sonic Pins & Keychains will have only modern items. For actual classic items, see Pins/Keychains pages 1 and 2. Because they're not that big, some of the older ones may be harder to find. There was a dry spell for pins and keychains in the early 2000s, then again during the Boom-ban. Some of these keychains may be available in the Sonic Gear Store.
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Zen Monkey Gold Emerald Shape Pins Now here's a stylish set of pins from Zen Monkey! These are called the "Sonic Golden Pins", but really they should be called the Emerald Shape Pins or something because the emerald shape seems to be the real theme here.
(As pin metal when it's plain is either always goldtone or silvertone--"Chaos Emerald" is more distinctive for a descriptive, in this case). But, whatever they're called, they're a fun idea. Each has a modern character art with a cool glitter enamel background. Sonic on dark blue, Tails on yellow, Knuckles on green, Shadow on light blue (for some reason), Amy on Purple and Eggman on sort of reddish orange. The glitter colors are fairly appropriate, like Amy looks fine on purple instead of pink. The art they've chosen is fun as well, notice how it was all picked so that part of the character looks like it is popping up off of the pin. The poses are some of the less-freqent oes too which is also nice. These are sold seperately and EACH pin is 10 dollars. (So, they're probably not tiny--which is fine) These ARE on Amazon, but because it's Zen Monkey they should be sold elsewhere too. Very stylish, well thought out, and quality looking, an A+ set.
Emerald Shape Chao Glitter Pin Here's the last pin to the set, to total 7 emerald shape pins with characters, for the 7 Chaos Emeralds....sorta. (They didn't use all emerald colors for the glitter) The chao for whatever reason, the photo for it appeared after the other 6 characters. It is a neutral chao, shown in a cheering pose. The background for that emerald is quite a bright blue. (It IS 'chao blue' so that's a nice choice) The set is nice, with all 7 pins present.
You CAN get these pins as a set in 2021, at for about 55 dollars
Classic Run Sonic Neoclassic Knuckles ZM Pins Here are 2 classic style pins from Zen Monkey for 2021. There's getting ready to run Sonic and neoclassic fists-together Knuckles. These pins may be slightly larger than normal size, but still within the standard for metal and hard enamel pins. They use silvertone metal for the line art borders. Both are quite good looking, with every small detail exactly in place, just like the art. Each pin should be 9.99 if you can find it, and while they last, can be gotten at
Sonic Limited Emblem Pin
In spring 2021, Zen Monkey Studios releases a limited edition pin.
This is called the Modern Sonic Emblem Pin. It is limited to 150 of it only, and it is numbered on the back. It's fairly large, at 1.5 inches in diameter for the circle. The background texture is 'sandblasted' metal so it is sort of rough and holds the dark patina. This helps make the Sonic art look 3d/popping up off the pin, which is a neat effect.
The looking back/jump pose is a good choice here, it's nice and active, but does not become confusing or jumbled on the monotone metal of the pin. This is 16 dollars, and only sold at their website until it runs out. Which means it will likely be an uncommon pin in the future.
Great Eastern ReRelease Keychain
A Blast from the Past?
Well...with Great Eastern activating Sonic stuff seems to be. This is not a duplicate entry, it's actually a key chain re-release. The actual item, a flat rubber/layered thumbs-up modern Sonic in a circle seems unchanged. The original was probably out at or before the time of Sonic X, to give you an idea of how old it was. The back-card is probably the same too, with the modern cast in front of some rays/the logo.
It's an ok design, but it does leave the 'shine dot' off of the eye which makes it look a little odd/'off'. It has the usual key ring and claw clip. The package back is updated for 2021 though, so you can tell it's not just an old product. The MSRP seems to be 7.99. This was found at Books a Million. Photo by Taaron