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Miscellaneous Japanese Sonic the Hedgehog Items
Here is a collection of items that just don't fit in anywhere else. Sometimes, the items are so random that you can't even tell what they are! This does not mean they are not interesting to look at, though. Impress everyone with your knowledge of the obscure.

This page is also home to photos of someone's MEGA Sonic collection. Housed somewhere in Japan, this collection includes so many great items, it's a must-see!

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Mini Mystery Figures Eggman, Sonic, Amy and Tails small figures. What are these? Notice that they are not standing directly on the 'ground', meaning there's some part underneath each one.
Locks of Fun! Eggman, Sonic, Tails, and Amy are pad-locks! These mini locks each have a metal and enamel flat shaped front part of each character. How interesting that there are even Sonic the Hedgehog locks!
It might stamp Amy, Sonic, Tails and waving Eggman on little bases. The Tails is a bit cross-eyed. Why are they on bases? It was assumed that this is a set of stamps, but it does not show the image that the stamps produce.
Sonic the Hedgehog Sticks of mystery Some...Sonic the hedgehog...sticks. What could these be? There's a paper card Sonic base...a white stick type thing and then some sort of character on the end of the stick.
Spheres with chips and bits Are sticks too pointy for you? Try some spheres! Um. What are these as well? These pages dive so deep into the miscelaneousness that you can't even tell what the items are supposed to be. It looks like they could be stamps of some kind, but the bits inside look like mutant RISC game pieces.
Coin Banks Sonic the Hedgehog Figurals
A selection of 4 plastic torso shaped coin-banks. You can get the money out with a plug at the bottom. The Tails bank looks like it is contemplating the proposition of quarters being dropped into his head, as the close-up shows. The Eggman bank is the rare-est of this particular set.
Knuckles Bank Close Up
Here's a close-up of the Knuckles bank, along with the card that fits over it somehow. You can see the plastic plug that goes in the bottom.
Here's a close shot of the Tails bank. It's actually fairly cute, though the top makes the head look flat-topped. Each of the banks shows a bit of personality by the position of the hands. This photo of the bank makes it look better than in the official shot (above), as the details here seem somewhat cuter.
Photo by Sky1234
Tails Bank Close-Up Photo
Light up Star Figure Collection 5 Mini-lights. These are cute little light up figures. Each one stands on a star shaped base that lights up when you do something. They also have cords so you can hang them. Included are Eggman, Knuckles, Amy Rose, Sonic and Tails. This is a clever little set of trinkety items.
A wall-clock and a bag of some sort. It looks like there is a plush in the background. Isn't the sitting Sonic image on the bag so innocent looking? Sonic the Hedgehog Wall Clock & Bag
Custom Electric Guitar
A Sonic Guitar. You can bet that this is probably the only one of its kind, and it is being held by Yuji Naka of Sonic Team. You can see some of his items in the background too. Look at the end of the guitar, it is like a Sonic Shoe. Info by Fueledbychaos
A Sonic Advance promotional item Bag. This may have been a pre-order thing in Japan only. Which is a shame, because this looks like a good quality colorful collector's bag. Promotional Bag for Sonic Advance on GBA
ULTRA COLLECTION of Sega Joypolis in Japan And now, without further ado, the page presents:

Sega Joypolis' ultra Sonic the Hedgehog items collection! Wow! There must be hundreds of things in this stash. But why is Sega buying up multiples of Sonic goods? Or did these come from the manufacturers? Assorted drink cans, stickers, buttons, pins, figures, banks, a huge banner of some kind...the list goes on and on!

Look at all the Sonic the Hedgehog Stuff A slightly different view of the collection. You can see the cans better, and also note that they have managed to collect an elusive Pale Sonic. This can be seen at Sonic Plushes of Japan, as well. What is that black strappy thing hanging over the Segasonic Banner? Is that an official framed artwork in the background? What is in that silver-edged box?

It is fitting that an event-type place like Joypolis has all this stuff to show in it's window. It lets the fans know what all is out there...just not where to get it.

Who owns this shelf? It is so cool Even more toys in this great display of Sonic merchandise. What is in the tied up bag to the back? It looks like there are some snow globes, and 2 big banks. There's a can of Sonic pink fuzzy something near the top, and a classic Amy Rose on a box as well.

Unfortunatly, whoever this is didn't do any real close-ups of the Joypolis collection to further show what all is in here. Still, it is impressive!

Sonic the Hedgehog Small Toys Back to the small stuff. You probably recognize the key chain from Sonic Keychains of Japan, but it is standing next to a walking wind up toy Sonic. Fun!
Super Sonic Collection Showcase Photo And one last shot of the Sonic Collection as a surprise. This is probably the best photo they've taken so far of it. Sneaker Toppers, Soccer Sonic, some kind of running Tails on a post, an Amy figure, a whooole lotta mini Sonic somethings, and a note pad or coaster. Can you spot Metal Sonic? He's on the 2nd shelf. Joypolis didn't discriminate when they collected, there's a load of American and Brittish stuff in there too if you look hard enough.
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