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Even more random Sonic the Hedgehog things from Japan. This is a catch-all for items that there arn't quite enough of to have their own dedicated page yet. Watch for things on this page to be moved in the future though, as the collection of stuff builds up. But, you know if it's from Japan, it's got to be an interesting look!
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Tombo  Tubes Look! Tubes!
Well that's great...but what are these things? Tombo is known for making school supplies like pencils, so...these are to be Pencil Tubes! The actual text says "Pencil Caps" in Japanese. You put your sharpened pencil in there before putting it away so nothing can break off the graphite. It's a little...obscure, but technically useful if you didn't have a pencil case or something. With this pack you can see 2 different Sonics, Eggman, Knuckles & Tails, on various pale colors. The art places it around the time of Sonic R. Discovered by FuriousKnuckles 2
Tube info provided by
Dreamcast PreOrder Bonus Items Collect This is the pre-order bonus pack you got if you preordered the Dreamcast in Japan. As you can see here, it came with a fancy bag, the game (center) a tee with simple blue & orange Sonic head/spiral thing & some type of pre-order card or possibly booklet. This is a great haul of collectible items! Photos by SonicTeam
Eggman Mini PVC Figure You may have seen this small, PVC Eggman figure before, or one like it. There's no telling what size this is, or if they made him in more than 1 size. It's a fun little figure, with nice detail & quite on-model. His mouth is even open (you can see his teeth) which is rare. The paint job is also very good, it doesn't seem to suffer any of the paint flaws or overspray that are common to small/inexpensive figures. Was this a UFO prize? Part of some kind of set? Photo discovered by Piplupfan77
JP Gear Sonic Mouse Pad This is an interesting item with some cool trivia too!
This is a die-cut mouse pad made of that squishy foam stuff. It says "JP Gear" and "Welcome to the Next Level". (Was anything else JP Gear? Logo doesn't appear frequently) Sonic is standing off to the side, and naturally for the slogan-era, he's classic. But this particular look/drawing/pose for him was later revealed to be the jumping off point for "SA Style / Modern Sonic" You'll even find an SA1 art with almost that exact pose/look for him...except they switched the mouth out to the "BDG" (Big dumb grin) for the SA version of it. For that reason, this is likely quite a special pad. Photo discovered by Piplupfan77
Race car themed old box Yay boxes!
But...boxes of what? These are 2 mysterious boxed products that its not known what they are. They're both old "Segasonic branding" and have some unusual art. The left box has Tails in a race car while Sonic does something nearby. It appears to be all paperboard and has some tiny text. The right box seems to be plastic, but fit into a paperboard 'sleeve' of some kind. The art there has Sonic with a foot/soccer ball
Sleeve Box Mysterious thing
and Tails looking at him. There's clearly some kind of info on the side of the sleeve, but it's not read-able. What could these boxes be for? Write in if you know the answer for credit. (Boxes may move to appropriate category, depending on info.)
City Card Sonic & Knuckles This was described as a "Card" but what kind of a card is it? It's got Sonic & Knuckles leaping over a cityscape, and is obvoiusly an early item, judging by the "SegaSonic" branding that it has. (This Segasonic branding was dropped soon after S&K) The pink lettering at the top says "Speed & Style. All right!" while the bottom has the 'don't waste your precious time' quote. Do write in if you know what this thing is for! Sonic Beat the Clock Number Card This is a "Sonic's Beat the Clock By The Numbers Game" It's some sort of math puzzle, & the caption says "Let's try it!" , but the instructions are all in Japanese so you can't read them. The only other thing it says is "Can you reach the goal in time".
Since it's in black/white, is it the back of something? A package? Write in if you know what this is for.
Eggman Dangle Item Here's an interesting Eggman figure item.
It's described as being a bell, and it appears to be able to stick to your smooth surfaces with the suction cup. Eggman is likely on a string or wire inside his little bag. If it looks like a UFO-catcher type prize, it is likely true, and is likely to have come from an arcade in Japan. Do you have a photo of this where it's loose or NOT blurry? If so, send it in to add detail to this entry & be credited. Photo by: Nick M
Soccer Football Sonic Dangle This is a Sonic dangle. The 'string' from the suction cup to the figure is likely a bendy, springy wire. If you stick him onto something (Like a car window) he'll probably bounce around on the wire. Here, Sonic is heading a soccer (football) ball while in a running pose. The sculpt on this small item is very good. He seems quite proportionate and the pose is nice and dynamic. With the added appeal of soccer, this is quite a good collectible! It likely could be won at an arcade. Is it related to the Eggman bell above? Photo by: Nick M
Nendoroid Broken Sonic ITEM UNDER SUSPICION
Here's Nendoroid Sonic from Japan Misc. 4....but broken. Is this real or not? There are *Nearly Identical* bootlegs around for Nendoroid. When ordering this online (which you pretty much MUST do if you're not in Japan), be aware of this issue. The packaging for him may look nice...but in reality, it doesn't do it's job. A package has 2 basic jobs: 1 is deliver the item to the consumer in mint condition, 2 is attract the consumer to the item inside the package. It does the second fine, but as you can see here it
fails to protect his nose (it is long, and broken off in each image) and his tail. This happened not once, but twice to a figure from ebay. HOWEVER "someone on YouTube actually ran the box+figure over with a car and it was fully intact"-in the ORIGINAL ONLY Nendoroid packaging. (Apparently the original box is made out of some super material) Don't get duped by a fake:
*Nendoroid figures should be 52 dollars and above (pricey)
*Buying from China and not Japan is a strong signal of a possible fake
*A fake is always flimsier than the real thing
*Buying from Ebay can't be trusted...use hobby stores that you know are reputable & order from Japan
*The box MUST HAVE "licensed by Sega" STICKERS on it. If it is missing stickers, it's not real. That's (so far) the 1 major actual "tell" of the fake vs real Nendoroids

It's def. shipper/buyer beware with Nendoroid. If a fake can be revealed through photos only (as in, some tell-tale detail) it will be noted here. So far, you can't observe figure or package toughness through photos alone. The nose can be re-glued and look all right for display...but it still can't be mint. Photos & info by SonicToast & Eshep

Sonic Stamp Figure & Image Here's a fun, old item! It's a Sonic stamper from the 1990s. It has a mini fully 3D Sonic figure as the 'handle' of the stamp. The self-inking stamp snaps onto it's lid. The image stamps out in blue ink as shown here. It says "Segasonic the Hedgehog", so you can tell about how old it is. Even though it's tiny, the artwork it makes has good detail. Little Sonic with his arms out to the sides is rather cute. There are likely other stamps. Photo discovered by MrCalistine
Merch Magazine 1 Merch Magazine 2
Here are 2 partial shots of what looks like it could be a page from a magazine or possibly a catalog in Japan. You can see various items that are Sonic themed, but you can't really tell what everything is.(notice there's a bit of overlap) What's that yellow thing with the handle on top (Sonic/Amy)? Is it a tote What are the blue squares? The colored tiles are the magnet set from the USA (most likely) The rectangles appear to be phone cases.
The mini characters are keychains & phone charms (look at their 'dangling' poses! See them at JP Keychains 3) What's the pattern on the tie? See the tie at Japan Accessories, it's by Cospa. The mug seems to be an all-blue-hue Green Hill theme? All 4 shirts are seen on JP Clothing, produced by Cospa for TGS 2013. Under the tees you can see what are clearly Dreamcast controllers in pink & black, but why are they here on a page of modern 2013 things? Hopefully individual photos of these things turn up. Info provided by AskLiliumLily
Tube Can and Sharpener Bank Sonic A random selection of stuff...for the random items page.
Here you can see the shaped Sonic bust bank, the pencil sharpener, and what's likely to be one of the 'puzzle cans' that had those sliding pieces that go all around it to form the Sonic 2 title screen image. But then, there's a tube. Is it a Sonic glue stick? Is it a lip balm? A tall stamp? A container for something else?
The answer is unknown and that's all the larger the original photo is. This is another 'hikari site' photo from that Japanese merch-cataloger that no longer has a website so it's being archived here.
Joypolis Tokyo Goods Shelves Shelves of Sonic!
This is a photo taken in Tokyo Joypolis. Of course, you can expect rows of Sonic supplies when you shop here. The problem is...what are the items? Sure, there's the obvious and nice plush variety on the bottom shelf. But what's that in the lower right next to those? Then, there are...folders? that are clearly plastic. One has CG modern Sonic on a level-type background, the other has cute classic & colored silouette figures. Then, there's some round items on cards.
You can't read any of the text on the signs, but the numbers are the price in yen for each thing. Photo discovered by: The Tumblex