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Even more random Sonic the Hedgehog things from Japan. This is a catch-all for items that there arn't quite enough of to have their own dedicated page yet. Watch for things on this page to be moved in the future though, as the collection of stuff builds up. But, you know if it's from Japan, it's got to be an interesting look!
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Birth Date Sonic 2009 flanel This item is described as 'a flanel'.
Yes but a flanel what? Flanel is a type of soft cloth but really what are you going to do with a cloth square? (if it's Sonic, collect it!)
This was produced for Sonic's birthday in 2009, and it also promotes the moblie site for your phone. The text says "Born on June 23, 1991 I'm in the mobile site" It is a prize in a contest held around Sonic's birthday for that year. Photo discovered by Sonikkou no uta
Camoflage Cloth with Sonic Theme Here is some cammo cloth with a Sonic theme. But why?
There's no telling how big this cloth is or what it is for. Is it another random piece of cloth like the one above, or is it a bolt of fabric, meant for projects? Hidden among the splotches is the Sonic logo. Sonic himself stands out against the variety of greens and tan. This is a curious item. Photo discovered by Sonikku.
Eiga Chirashi Card Night of Werehog This is a 2 sided flyer for Night of the Werehog, the CG promo mini movie used to promote Sonic Unleashed. In Japan, it was shown in 9 theaters and had it's own poster. This item is called an Eiga Chirashi , and it's like a smaller version of the poster, but with additional info on the back. They show up in theater lobbies to promote current/future films. It's about the size of an 8.5 x 11 , but since it's only a flyer many are thrown out, making any remaining highly collectible. The text on the front translates to "Sonic & Chip's house of horror". Scans and info provided by Sonikku Night of Werehog Flyer back scan
Line Art Decorated Flat Sonic Cream Cloth Here is another Sonic Cloth. What are these random pieces of cloth for? Sure, they don't really wrinkle up or crease like paper but do you put them on the wall? This cloth is rather stylish and has line-art of Sonic, Tails, Knuckles as well as Cream and Cheese. It was probably made around the time Cream was introduced. It's all monotone blue, using thick bars at the top and bottom to add intrest and hold the logo. Photographed and owned by GreatThings4U discovered by Rae_Logan.
Japan Arcade Party Kit 1999
This item is described as a 'party kit', but really it looks like a party favor selection. It's from 1999, so it would be one of the last old style Sonic things made that aren't "Classic Styled". Each sticker says the same thing on it, but features a different stock art, including the cute but uncommon sitting Tails. There's a baloon with it too, and it has what looks like a logo and also pictures of stars and confetti. This could only be obtained by having a birthday party in an arcade that featured a "Sonic Party Package" so this kit must be quite uncommon. Photo by Scavenger4food
Sonic figural dangler This is a dangler.
They are commonly used to stick to surfaces inside of cars. The wire from the suction cup is memory-wire so as the item it's stuck to moves, the figure on the end sways around and dangles. The Sonic is SA style and fully 3D. You may recognize the figure, as it was also used (on a base) as a keychain. You can also stick these to windows or mirrors in your home. In this example, it is stuck to the inside of a Sonic themed thin case. The case is metal, and the interior may also serve as a mirror. Photo discovered by Sonikkou-No-Uta
Next Level Sonic Metal Thin Case This is the case from the above photo. It has an interesting double-outline Sonic art and the Welcome to the Next Level slogan with Sega copyright. It is made of metal (likely aluminum) and is rather thin. The interior may also serve as a mirror, and it likely has a cosmetic purpose of some kind. Do you have this case? Do you know what it is for? Write in for credit! Photo discovered by Sonikkou-No-Uta
Oil Absorbing Facial Sheets This is a pack of oil absorbing facial sheets. If your face becomes oily, then it will be shiny. To combat this, oil-absorbing sheets can be used. This thin and porus paper when touched to the skin soaks up the skin oil without messing up makeup or the need to wash your face. These are usually kept in a bag or a case and carried around. They can be used by anyone, it is not something reserved for girls.
This is likely a SA1 era item, due to the round awkward-walk Sonic stock art used in both detail and sihlouette. There are also geometric shapes and what looks like a white flower. What exactly does the label say? Photo discovered by Sonikkou-No-Uta
Segaworld Trash Can bins Sonic details This is a photo of the tops of trash cans! But these aren't just any bins, they are trash cans found at Segaworld Japan. The stickers on the top feature Japanese stock art of Sonic, and cute sitting Tails. The text for each one is different, it likely says something about avoiding litter. Photo taken by Kari XIII, in 2009.
Mini Boon
Another item that's so random...
Nobody knows what it is! This thing was described only as a "Mini Boon". Well...what's that? Some flat thing in a package, apparently. (Do write in for credit if you know what this is or where it was sold) In a paper blue Sega branded package, there's what looks like a card or a flat-yet-embossed fancy certificate or something. The silver parts are likely foil, possibly with a holo-sheen or something similar. It's modern, likely after SA 1 because Jumping-Twist stock Sonic only appeared much later. It's nice...but what is it?
Photo discovered by @JapanAnimePosters on Instagram
Blue Cloth with Sonic Quote More cloth! Here's yet another random rectangle of cloth with Sonic pictures on it. It is thought to be from around the time of Sonic 1. It has a black stripe vertically with "Segasonic" on it in red. There are 2 small pixel-type Sonic graphics in the upper corner & arms crossed finger-point Sonic full color art large toward the middle.
What are they doing with all these square & rectangle cloths? Are they some sort of proto-wall scroll? The quote in white there is in English, it's the "Don't just sit there and waste your precious time. Do it when you can. Do it right away. It's the only way to live a life without regrets." quote. Photo discovered by @JapanAnimePosters on Instagram
3 Pamphlets Booklets 1990s Another few items so random that...
Does anyone know what they really are? These are 3 pamphlets or possibly booklets. Are they a note pad? An instructions to something? Each one is a different shape and size. They're all from the early 1990s, but this is all the larger the photo is. You can see the edges so they are thicker than 1 sheet. They're not very large.
The first has a large square with "Sonic the Hedgehog" written in it, and the Sonic 1 winged ring. The 2nd is colorful, and has the 'very Japanese style" cutie art of finger waving Sonic off-kilter in the middle. The third is horizontal, Sonic 2 themed, and, for some reason it's pink. This photo is from a now-defunct collection site but the photo never had a caption, you were just supposed to know what they are. Of course, anyone can write in to clear up the mystery for credit. Photo by Hikari/SITE
Sonic Golf Ball Set Promotional Box More Sonic golf balls!
Sonic & Amy themed balls have appeared before, but here comes a set of them in this special display box. Each ball also gets its own little Sonic branded box. These are modern styled, but the release date isn't clear. What is clear though, is that these were a promotional give-away-only item. You could likely only get them at one specific event. That would mean that the set is probably pretty rare. The balls themselves have a Sonic image stamped onto each one. With nice packaging & cool detail, this is a nice little set to see.
Fuji Theme Hand Fans Sonic Be a Sonic fan...with a fan!
A real hand-fan, that is. These are Fuji Themed Fans which seem to be released for an occaision. You can choose the modern fan (Top) which features cherry blossoms (sakura petals), and a path of rings that leads toward Mt Fuji in the background or the classic fan which has 'looking out' classic Sonic and a row of Torii Gates (with rings added in their tops) that leads toward Mt Fuji.

The red square made to look like a chop-mark has Japanese letters in it, as does that gray vertical strip that's on both. These probably explain what the fans are for, but you can't read it.

Entry will be updated if more fans info is presented. These are a 2023 Japan only item.