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Even more random Sonic the Hedgehog things from Japan. This is a catch-all for items that there arn't quite enough of to have their own dedicated page yet. Watch for things on this page to be moved in the future though, as the collection of stuff builds up. But, you know if it's from Japan, it's got to be an interesting look!
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Sonic Vs. Metal Sonic Sewing Kit Box What awesome item might this be?
It's Sonic vs. Metal Sonic with a cool logo and design on a slick black box. A SEWING box, that is. Wait, a Sewing Box? This has to be one of the more unique and unsuspecting Sonic items.

No one would ever likely think of Sonic, when they need thread, needles, scissors and thimbles! But that's likely whats' inside this handy kit. This was likely released around the time of Sonic CD, as Metal Sonic was popular then. Notice his more 'action' oriented pose, it is rather unusual. This awesome box is uncommon. (obviously!)

Sonic Stamp and Jumping Figure Here are 2 unknown figures. The first, fat one looks like it could be a Sonic stamp of some kind, but it is not from the set on Page sure is chubby, though. The second figure is cooler, and has an interesting pose. This looks like a PVC or possibly hard plastic figure. Unfortunatly, it has a chip out of the forehead paint, and a scuff on the top...Because there should be a soccer ball there. If you look at the 'dangler' lower on this page, this is the same figure, but broken.
Japanese Sonic Sewing Kits What's more remarkable than the fact that there's a Sonic the hedgehog themed Sewing Kit Box? The fact that there's several. Just look at all these interesting sewing boxes! The center one is the close up one at the top, but the others are likely from close-by eras. That Sonic & Kuncles one may be one of the last few items with the "Segasonic" branding. The last photo shows what's inside the least 2 themed items, and several generic ones. Just what all was included in these? Photos by SonicTeam
Sonic Icon of Painted Metal Tokyo This is a metal icon of some kind, found in Tokyo. Obviously done around the Sonic Adventure era (green eyes) it is not that large. It looks like it has a base of some sort, but what is this for? Is it some kind of painted metal sculpture?
Segasonic Green Plastic Box Here's a nice plastic box.
The shape is a rather innovative style, though not all that practical as it will not stack or stand well. But it looks neat! It's anyone's guess as to what could of been inside. T-shirts to food or even neck-ties. It's obviously pretty old, with the "Segasonic" word and old-school chubby cross-eyed Sonic. He looks like he might be getting ready to fight something. There's a sunburst in the corner, but it's all in Japanese so it doesn't really offer a hint. Photo discovered by: Rae_Logan
What a curious little item this is. It's another odd "Chibi" sort-of styled Sonic...something. It likely "does" something, although it is difficult to determine exactly what it is for, with just these photos.
As you can see, it doesn't sit directly on the ground, meaning there's something underneath it. Could it be some kind of stamp? The general legs-less-ness may remind you of an old Sonic keychain, but this is a Sonic Adventure era item. All strange and stubby like this it is rather odd, but could it be charming?
Color Sonic Stickers SUSPICIOUS ITEM:
Here are two large stickers, which may of been used to promote Sonic 1. It's the classic stock art stance, but why is one of them red? It seems rather strange, as they have swapped the color of his body with the color of his shoes, like a semi-opposite Sonic. Are both of these stickers official? And if so, why the swap? Photo by Nick M.
This is a Sonic Riders promotional leaflet. It's sort of like a mini-booklet given away to promote the game, likely in game shops before the game was on sale. You can see the Babylon Rogues, several screenshots and descriptions.
What exactly does it say? You can't read it because it's all in Japanese. Still, giving away a booklet is a good idea to get information out on an upcoming game. It also makes for an interesting collectible. Photo by: Nick M.
Japanese Sonic Money-box bank
This is a plastic Sonic the hedgehog "money box". A money box is like a bank (piggy bank) and likely has a slot in the top of the head for your coins. This is clearly quite 'classic Sonic' in style. Chubby round-body Sonic is sitting on a small pile of bricks (the texture is hard to see). With large pupils, a very round head, and tiny ears the design is very old-school. Interestingly, he has his hands clasped together, which is rather unusual. This likely helps to make the bank easy to form, as it is essentially a shaped jar. Photo by Rhia. Tall Sonic Coin Bank Here's another bank, but this one is quite tall. This Sonic has rather long legs, and crossed arms. This bank came in a box when it was new. There may have also been a bootleg of this bank produced around 2000. Photographed and owned by: Ashclaw

Japan Version Sonic 10th Anniversary Bonus Pack This is the Japan version of the 10th Anniversary Bonus Pack. You'll easily recognize it, because it looks nearly identical to the one released in the USA. (note small Japanese writing at the bottom under the logo) It contains the exact same items the USA got: music disk, booklet of info, golden color coin, fold out interior case thing. It DOES NOT contain a copy of SA2 Battle as some things imply. This is only the bonus goods. You may be able to buy it at in 2011, if any remain. It will cost about 50.00 though, as it is old. (Initially, it was free with purchase, for 2 days only--they have apparently obtained old unused stock) Photo discovered by: Mark
10th Anniversary Interior Page 10th Anniversary Gift Pack CD & Coin
10th Anniversary Emboss White Book The blue case for the set (That's inside that colorful cover seen above) is made out of foamcore & uses shiny gold ink for the Anniversary logo. The interior of the case has areas for the coin, book & CD
The all white book cover is very classy with it's embossed Anniversary logo. The interior of the book has the same info as the English version, & is written in both Japanese and English. The main difference between versions seems to be the outer sleeve thing. Photos in group by: PiplupFan77
10th Anniversary Box & Sleeve Back