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Even more random Sonic the Hedgehog things from Japan. This is a catch-all for items that there arn't quite enough of to have their own dedicated page yet. Watch for things on this page to be moved in the future though, as the collection of stuff builds up. But, you know if it's from Japan, it's got to be an interesting look!
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10th Anniversary Metal Sonic Lighter This is the 10th Anniversary themed Sonic lighter. It's all metal (likely brushed steel or aluminum) with a flip top lid. As seen here, it comes in a metal tin with cut foam insert. The 10th logo is engraved onto one side. Photo by SonicTeam
Sonic Visa Card Creditcard A Sonic card??
It sure looks like it! This appears to be an actual Visa card (complete with that hologram bird thingy) with a Sonic Adventure 1 theme to it. You can see a logo in the upper left, and the word "international" on the right. It appears to have been issued inside that tin thing. What's going on with this? Is it a themed pre-pay card like the old phone cards? It's highly unusual. Photo by SonicTeam
Sonic the Hedgehog Square Cloth Behold....a square of cloth with Sonic on it! Just what we needed.
Amazing Badnick Robot Figures (D00d) Here are 5 boxes of...things. What are these? Bendys? PVC Mini-figures? Whatever they are, we have some rare gems in here! All sorts of great game robots or badniks! Chop-Chop the fish, Crabmeat the Crab, that flying thing that was purple, Roller, Caterkiller, the Pig who did bombs in Sonic 1. Even Eggman/Robotnik and...Metal Sonic!

What a set! The Sonic and Tails sculpts aren't that great, but the robots are spot on! I mean, this has to be the ONLY Bombin' Pig action figure you'll see today.

NOTE: These were also available in the UK in 1994-95

PVC Chaos Some little PVCs would not be all that remarkable...except that there are 3 unique Chao in here. A normal Chao, a Nights-type flying Chao and a little Sonic Running Chao with bunny ears! Everyone would LOVE these, why don't they release them? Are they toys, display figures or something else? This photo is very small & old, it's too bad there's not a better one to see the fun different chaos closer-up.
Boom Fire Ice Bonus Items Here are some bonus items for the release of Sonic Boom Fire & Ice, but only in Japan. But...why aren't these on the "Boom Gear" page?
Because they've got nothing at all to do with Boom. They're all normal classic style items. There are acrylic mini Sonic arts which snap into a stand up base (see the little pegs on the bottoms), another crystal cube & a 25th Anniversary mug.
Why release classic stuff with a Boom game? It's the only new game coming out during this, the 25th Anniversary year. The stuff is actually really super! The mug has great design, the crystal cube is 3D and the acrylic pieces bring cute & fresh new art! As a bonus-item-only all the items are likely to be rare, & the good design will ensure it's all desireable.
Sonic & Amy Theme Golf Balls While the USA still seems to have more Sonic sporting goods, Japan gets these fun golf balls! These are clearly SA1 era, and use the familiar stock art for Sonic & Amy here. Even the boxes are cool, with each side decorated with character art & logos. Each ball has a Sonic or Amy portrait and the words "Super Sonic". Great for collectors & golf fans too. Photos by SonicTeam
Sonic small figural lock All of these little locks are rare and old. All lock photos discovered by Calistine
Amy Rose Classic Old Lock Chibi Eggman Rare Lock
Remember the set of tiny locks seen way back on Japan Random 1? These may or may not be an actual lock from that collection. Yes, it's still a padlock, but it is figural instead of a flat enamel (as those appeared to be) Little Amy looks classic and cute here in her Sonic CD outfit. Chibi-style Eggman is (surprisingly) giving a thumbs-up with 1 hand behind his back. Little Sonic has a super round head, & mini Tails looks excited while also doing the thumbs up. Look how well they sculpted his tails. The keyhole is in the character's shoe, though the key is missing for all. This is a very fun & cute collection of small locks. Mini Happy Tails Lock
TGS 2016 Square Sticker This item was labeled 'a sticker', but what's it for? How big is it?
It was likely a booth prize of some sort, as it is from the Tokyo Game Show in 2016. What's interesting about it, is that if it's from 2016, why is it really-really trying to be classic looking & not Mania-like? It has 'getting ready to run' Sonic standing before a wooden loop that goes into a bridge over water in the background.
What's that red square there? It's meant to look like a stamp, and certainly has words but they're all those kanji type characters so you can't read it. Do write in if you know what this says for credit. Photo discovered by @JapanAnimePosters on Instagram
Sega Freaks Cards Set This is called the "Sega Freaks Cards Set"...but other than 'cards' what exactly is it? The art here is nice and varied, some of it appears to be from the "Sonic Screen Saver" that was sold in Japan for a while. The backs of the cards all also have a smaller picture of something (not the same as what's on the front) as well as a larger word, & a bunch of text.
However, the text is all in Japanese, and this is all the larger the photo is, so there's no real chance to ever read it. Do write in if you know the deal with these curious cards! Is this all of them? What are they for? Where/how were they released? They've got to be pretty uncommon because this is the first they've been seen (in 2016) yet are quite likely from the mid 1990s or so. Photo discovered by @JapanAnimePosters on Instagram