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This page has even more modern era Sonic music to see. With every game seemingly getting at least 1 sound track CD, there are plenty of things to collect and hear.

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Sonic Dance Power CDs
Crush 40 Sonic Boom 2012 Give-away disk
This is a promotional item / give away type CD. It was given away at Sonic Boom 2012 convention, at the merchandise area. If you bought anything at all, you got this CD for free. It comes in a cardstock sleeve (seen here) with picture & logo on the front & the lyrics on the back. The CD itself is simple, just black with the logo and track titles. The 3 tracks on the disk are their songs Sonic Youth, One of Those Days, and Rise Again. Since this was a promo at only one event, it is uncommon & good to collect. Photo & owned by Piplupfan77
Here's a soundtrack for Sonic World Adventure (so you know it's not from the USA, where it was Sonic Unleashed) It's titled the same thing as the one above "Planetary Pieces" but the cover here is split between night & day, with regular & werehog. The 'spine' portion looks thick, it could be a multi-disk container. Why is this one different from the one seen above on this page?
Planetary Pieces World Adventure CD Cover
Sonic the Hedgehog Vocal Trax Several Wills
This CD has only the Vocal Tracks from Sonic the Hedgehog 2006. It is called "Sonic the Hedgehog Vocal Trax Several Wills". The CD cover is nice & different, slightly grunge with paint spatter, abstractions of Soleanna, as well as Sonic Shadow & Silver.
  • "His World" by Ali Tabatabaee & Matty Lewis from Zebrahead
  • "Dreams Of An Absolution" by Lee Brotherton (Remix Factory)
  • "All Hail Shadow" (Remix) by Crush 40
  • "My Destiny" by Donna De Lory
  • "His World" by Zebrahead
  • "Dreams Of An Absolution" LB vs. JS Remix by Lee Brotherton & Jun Senoue
  • "His World" by Crush 40
  • Sonic FreeRiders Break Free OST CD cover Free Riders also got a CD sound track release, this is called "Break Free". The cover is nice, with Sonic in the foreground and Jet as a blue-tones wash in the background. It likely contains all the songs from the game itself. Cover & track list discovered by Piplupfan77 1 . Free - Main Theme of Sonic Free Riders
    2 . Start-Up Your EX Gear! (Free Riders Version)
    3 . Theme of Dolphin Resort
    4 . Theme of Rocky Ridge
    5 . Theme of Frozen Forest
    6 . Theme of Metropolis Speedway
    7 . Theme of Magma Rift
    8 . Theme of Forgotten Tomb
    9 . Theme of Final Factory
    10 . Theme of Metal City
    11 . Get Ready for the Big Event
    12 . Free (Crush 40 Version
    Sonic X Japanese Show Soundtrack This is the soundtrac CD case for Sonic X the TV show. It has thumbs-up Sonic in the middle, and he's surrounded by characters from the show, vertically down the edges. The show title is in Japanese, & this was only released in Japan. It's sure to have the title & closing music as tracks, but what other songs could be on here? Write in if you know for sure! Photo discovered by:
    Sonic Rush Adventure Soundtrack A portable game having its soundtrack released as a CD? Why not...when it's as good as Sonic Rush Adventure! This is the CD case for its soundtrack, which goes with a more 'art-y' feel, rather than just taking a screenshot. This is uncommon, and was released only in Japan. Photo discovered by
    History of the First Stage: Blue The normal version of this is the "White Version" this one here is the "Blue Version". It is a bonus item that you could only get in Japan. It is obtained by buying (I guess the regular version? Preorder bonus?) of Sonic Generations. The CD has 11 of the songs from the game on it, and some cool art for the front & back. Photo & owned by:
    Work It Out Disk Sonic R Photo This is "Work it Out" an EP from Richard Jacques that was produced in NY but could be imported by other countries. There was some legal debate over using TJ Davis' vocals for the EP so TJ's vocals were replaced with Dee Dee Brave's. The EP has 4 tracks, the most interesting mix being the one by Hex Hector, who did some stuff a few years back that won himself a Grammy for best remixer of 2001. The 4 tracks are Eric Kupper Classic, Eric Kupper Dub, Hex Hector Dub, Ground Control Dub. Photos and info provided by The Iron Hedgehog. Work It Out Sonic R Remix Case
    True Blue Best of Sonic Music CD Cover This CD is called "True Blue the best of Sonic the Hedgehog". It seems to focus on more modern music (ie, no green hill etc) and even contains 4 bonus tracks which are re-mixes and other versions of the music . With loads of great tracks that have real variety, plus the remixes, you're really getting a cool CD if you can track this one down. Sold in the USA, owned & photographed by Kirchu True Blue Album CD Case Back
    1. Live & Learn
    2. It Doesn't Matter (SA2B version)
    3. Escape from the City
    4. His World
    5. Super Sonic Racing
    6. Sonic You Can Do Anything
    7. Sonic Boom (Sonic CD)
    8. Sonic Speed Riders
    9. Race To Win
    10. Sonic X Theme Song
    11. Right There, Right On
    12. Sonic Heroes
    13. What I'm Made Of
    14. Seven Rings in Hand
    15. His World (Zebrahead)
    16. It Doesn't matter (SAL)
    17. Open Your Heart
    18. A New Venture (Surfin SRA remix)
    19. Angel Island (SSBB Mix)
    20. Seven Rings in Hand (Crush 40)
    21. Open Your Heart (Crush 40 vs. Bently Jones)
    True Blue CD Interior Photo Here's the interior of the True Blue CD. The inside cover has a similar collage theme going on, this time with a dark filter over most of it, except a small shape in one corner. The CD itself has a matte white background with GC running Sonic & an after-image like effect. Photo by:
    Passion & Pride Adventure Era Disk This album is Passion & Pride. It released in September of 2014. The subtitle is "Anthems with attitude from the Sonic Adventure Era". This is the first time the UK slogan "with attitude" has been used on anything since before the SA era, so it's odd to have it pop up now, on an international item. The cover art is also very "SA" looking, with the BDG (Big Dumb Grin/bent teeth) Also look at his headphones. He may be able to hear them, but certainly, they are not on his ears. Try to order it on Amazon, or ask for it in music stores if there are any left.

    Disc 2
    1.It Doesn’t Matter (Instrumental)
    2.Believe In Myself (Instrumental)
    3.Unknown from M.E. (Instrumental)
    4.My Sweet Passion (Instrumental)
    5.Lazy Days -Livin’ in Paradise- (Instrumental)
    Taken from “SONIC ADVENTURE”(1998) 6.It Doesn’t Matter (Instrumental)
    7.Believe In Myself (Instrumental)
    8.Unknown from M.E. (Instrumental)
    9.Throw It All Away (Instrumental)
    10.E.G.G.M.A.N. (Instrumental)
    11.Fly In The Freedom (Instrumental)
    Taken from “SONIC ADVENTURE 2”(2001) 12.[Bonus Track] It Doesn’t Matter -RMX 2.014k- (Instrumental)
    Disc 1
    1.It Doesn’t Matter
    2.Believe In Myself
    3.Unknown from M.E.
    4.My Sweet Passion
    5.Lazy Days -Livin’ in Paradise-
    6.Theme of “Dr. Eggman”
    7.Theme of “E-102?”
    Taken from “SONIC ADVENTURE”(1998) 8.It Doesn’t Matter
    9.Believe In Myself
    10.Unknown from M.E.
    11.Throw It All Away
    13.Fly In The Freedom
    Taken from “SONIC ADVENTURE 2”(2001) 14.[Bonus Track] It Doesn’t Matter -RMX 2.014k-
    Passion & Pride Instrumental Songs Here is another version of "Passion & Pride", it is described as "Instrumental Only" songs from the Sonic Adventure era. However, the first Passion & Pride CD, that you can see right above, also had instrumental only songs on it as well. Are these new / a different selection only, or are some duplicates? The album cover is pretty creative, it's a black/white/gray version of the original, but with scattered stars instead of a ring of stars. This may be in the Sonic Gear Music Store.
    Sonic Mania LP Record It's time for some retro technology for the 'retro style' of Sonic Mania. For it's release, this special "LP Record" was produced. You will need a big, specific record player with a needle to use it. It is likely made of vinyl. Because record pressing technology has advanced since the days where records were actually needed, they were able to make the object of media itself more fun by adding spinny, splashy drops of Mania themed color all over. (All records used to just be a big flat black thing) It comes in this cool tough card-paper sleeve with jumping pointing Sonic on it. Because records themselves aren't that common, this is likely to become a collectible / go up in price later on.
    Sonic Forces Soundtrack Hero Will Rise 3 CD Set Sonic Forces soundtrack comes to CD!
    Well, really, a 3 CD special set, because it had so much music in the game. The set is called "Sonic Forces: A Hero Will Rise". This is one of those thick plastic CD case things that holds all 3 with the 'page' piece in the middle. The cover is rather apocalyptic looking, with fire and destruction in the background. The hero cast is charging forward in the foreground, including Generic the OC. Eggman, Metal Sonic & Infinite are lurking behind the Forces logo in the middle.
    A 3 CD set like this is great, because it lets you collect all the music at once instead of having to hunt things down. This became available in the summer of 2018.
    Vinyl Cutz Sonic Forces Soundtrack A fairly plain CD cover makes for a nice contrast with this one.
    This is "The Vinyl Cutz", the Sonic Forces original soundtrack. It's got a plain blue cover, with a 'punch thru' looking star with Sonic in it (same as the image above's CG). The font they choose here is a bit odd, it features the letter "N" always being backward. Is there a reason for this? This one probably isn't a special set like the one above it.