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When something or someone is popular enough, people sometimes use it in satire or parody.
Sonic is certainly popular, so sometimes companies or media do a parody of him. This page collects together even more items that are Sonic parodies. What exactly counts as a parody item? Something made by a company (not a fan) that's not officially Sonic, but makes fun of the franchise in some way that's pretty direct or obvious. Vague references in comics or shows don't count. Bootleg items that are trying to pass off as official Sonic stuff don't count. For some good examples (or some good laughs)...see what's here!
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Typographic Sonic Face Shirt This shirt gets clever at dodging copyright. You're allowed to write pretty much whatever you want on a shirt, using any font. So here is the Sega font, but it's formed into a Sonic face. Notice that it spells out pretty much all the zones from Sonic 1 and Sonic 2 to make up the face. The rest is accomplished by font color and 1 single background color. The result is an interesting and quite clever design. This was made by Shirtoid in 2011. Shirt discovered by Taaron
This tee really isn't a parody of Sonic, it just kind of references him as it pokes fun at...whoever wears it! Various really stylized (they're hoping the style doesn't infringe the copyright on the characters) characters run across over the words "My skills are as varied as they are impractical". You can spot Mario in his raccoon power up, Sonic, Link & Megaman. But who is that first guy there? Shirt discovered by Taaron
Impractical Skills Mixed Character Tee
Pig Hog Megas XLR
This is a screenshot from the Cartoon Network show Megas XLR. An episode had a running robot looking thing with red shoes and...the top of Sonic's head! The lower face has been replaced with a pig snout type thing creating a pig-hog parody. Discovered by Piplupfan77
Parody green rabbit hedge-dog What's this parody from? A comic strip or book? It has a green rabbit (likely to be the old 1994 PC game character Jazz Jackrabbit) with a headband complaining about difficulty whie the Sonic parody character looks for his lawyer. Sure, it's blue & spikey, but the face looks like some kind of wierd hedge-dog thing. Discovered by Piplupfan77
Cowboy Blue Hedgehog AmericanDad Jojo Here's a parody puppet from the comedy show American Dad. In the episode "Rapture Delight" this puppet "Jojo" the western cowboy hedgehog...thing appears to help 'explain' (usually the explanations in the show make fun of things instead) the religious concept of 'the rapture'. Clearly, they were messing around with Sonic imagry here, as it's blue & dark blue, and has the single row of Sonic-like spikes. The rest isn't very Sonic-ish but you can still easily recognize the parody. Screen shot by DarkSonicGold12
Green Hill Landscape Shirt This simple shirt is a Green Hill parody. It says "Green Hill Landscaping Supplies" in the fake logo. The tiny print at the bottom warns "Product may Attract
Mickey-Like Sonic Character Tee This tee is definetely a parody...of Mickey Mouse & Sonic the Hedgehog at the same time. It's Sonic, but drawn in the old-fashion 'Mickey' style, with the close together eyes, rounded shoes, big body and long nose/face part. It has faux-wear to look 'vintage' but isn't fooling anyone with this wacky mash-up type character. Still, it's something interesting to see. Photo discovered by: Taaron
Hedgehogs". This is being made by GamerPrint of the UK, costs 18 pounds, & is limited run of 250 w/no reprints. Photo discovered by: TSRings
Eric Parody Tee This is the design from a parody tee. It has some kid/robot thing named Eric dressed up in a Sonic-like costume (but he has antenna) chasing rings. He is from "Wacky Game Jokez 4 Kidz" a youtube channel/videos full of swears (and few? actual game "jokes" it seems?) so it's not linked here. An example video had Erik vs. a "super Mario" dressed character getting into a babyish fight over chess, which later leads to a brawl which Erik loses when he is beaten to death with a bowling pin, all while wearing the Sonic 'suit' seen here. The general plot seems to be "Video Game Videos" kidnaps an evil teen to complete a trio who are supposed to do "video game jokes" but they never manage to, because "Mikey" is un-funnily rotten. Discovered by AlexDyson01, with added info by Hali66
Simpsons Blue Thing Parody Here goes the Simpsons again, with another wierd Sonic parody. The strange blue thing here is clearly supposed to be some kind of Sonic combination character (but what was he combined with) It has a blue pony tail, red & white shoes, & Sonic-like color layout. What's it doing here? If you look in the background it seems Homer is attending "E4" (which is a parody of the real E3 games show) so this wacky background display makes sense. It's def. interesting to see them using Sonic again for their parodies. This is from Season 24 episode "The Food Wife". Screenshot by SonicFan09, episode info by ToadT
Good End Arcade Manga Parody
This is a page from a manga called "Good End". In it, the characters go to somewhere in downtown Tokyo-like area and encounter a place called "Game Town" (obviously supposed to be like a Sega World or Joypolis) but look at the mascot for it. It's clearly a "Sonic Like" guy, but he has small feet and sunglasses. This is interesting to see, and a careful eye to spot.
Gollum Precious Rings Parody Tee Here are 2 parody T-Shirt designs from The Yetee an online shirt seller which seems to specialize in funny or parody type shirts. At left is a Lord of the Rings parody with Gollum dressed up as Sonic to play on the One Ring / Sonic's Gold Rings joke. The shirt title is "My Preciouses". At right is a Sonic the Screwdriver Dr Who Parody Tee
cartoony personification of the Sonic Screwdriver, which is Dr. Who's multi purpose tool from the popular & long running Dr Who show. They obviously personified it into looking as much like Sonic as possible, even using the font for the base, but shifting the whole thing to green tones so it wouldn't get too close.
Mario Gold Ring This isn't exactly a parody, nor is it a cameo.
It's a definition of the 'gold ring' from New Super Mario Brothers 2, which is an item that can appear in a level. When Mario jumps through it, gold coin related things happen. Like enemies give out coins for a certain amount of time. The item isn't trying to "make fun of" Sonic's level-end gold ring, nor is it an actual nod to Sonic's ring/supposed to be related to his in any way. It's just an item that...looks like something from Sonic but isn't. Mario has jumped through rings before, such as red ring to make special red coins
appear, or orange rings to swim through under water, so rings & Mario are not an unheard of combination. His coins have also always been gold, so this looks like it's a continuation on his previous themes, just combining 'going through a big ring' and 'golden coin'. Still, it's interesting to see that it's a ring, and not a portal, a square, or a gold star shape. Screen shot by MrFanOfSonic
Consume Cast GIA GEAR Sega Land Aoi Anime Super strange/interesting/complicated!
This is a semi-parody item...sort of. It's the cast portraits from an Anime. It's actually the most complicated Sonic parody yet produced. It's done in parody to avoid copyright issues so that the show can appear to be an original work, while still riffing on the well known properties that they want to bring up in the minds of fans. So you'll see lots of names (and probably places) that LOOK like things from Sega or Nintendo, as well as lots of thinly veiled gags and nods. The show is called:
Aoi Sekai no Chūshin de
(blue something of something) off of a manga (of course) about the old days of the console wars before the whole Nintendo+Sega = Sonic All Stars Racing Olympic Games Tennis Everywhere. Back when the fans and the companies didn't like eachother. If you know your history, Mario & Sonic weren't always pals, and the fans of the time would rage at eachother, as typical of the early internet days.

But of course by copyright...they can't do this sort of thing so everything's renamed like SEGUA and Ninterudo fighting over the land of Consumme (consumerism/the consumer!). So of course they're going to pick over everyone's most famous characters and change them around to skirt copyright issues safely.

However, they're pretty obvious about a LOT of them. Surprisingly so. Look at Neiru. Elf ears? Long purple hair? Similar do? Simpler dress but...still...gee that's pretty much Nei from Phantasy Star.

Well who's first there?
GIA who has blue hair...white bandanges instead of gloves all over his hands...a kid...and he runs really fast? Well, there's your Sonic! Hopefully he's portrayed well. His name is acually likely to be "GEAR" but the spelling you see is phonetic-ish up there.'s a Sonic.......Gear. Hm.

A careful eye will spot one of the first nods...the Sega Logo Font "S" letter is the background for the top row of people.

Pirika - A yellow kid who shoots electricity! Pika? Chu.
Sariod - MetROID SAmus complete with round shoulder whatsis and yellow hair
Greegee - Actually sorta clever if it's pronounced like WEEGEE to make fun of luigi. Look at their direct copy of a Boo Diddly ghost he's afraid of because Luigi had a ghost house game.
Marcese - Fire mairo (complete with red/white and flames scheme)
Ramses - Why is this female?
Carvai - Someone said she was Kirby
Tejitof - Said he was tetris...makes sense with a staff, as the "long piece" was always the most desired to drop in the game so of course he'd have it. It also sounds vaguely Russian, which Tetris was.

Chronic the Weedhog Lame Tee Rip off the Sonic classic style font? Check. Steal the circle of stars & replace the stars with pot leaves? Check. Draw an ugly diseased & wrinkly looking green character that's unlike Sonic? Check. All these elements align to make...another stupid "Pot Sonic" parody tee! This time it's "Chronic the Weedhog" here to look stupid/mutant and apparently "hog the weed". For added dumb, the company even owns up to the shirt, putting their brand letters (DMX) in the Sega font at the bottom. As usual, this sort of thing is baffeling, the character is crummy, looking like nothing you'd want to be like, and 'hogging' things is bad so...if you liked pot you...wouldn't want this guy around? It's just confusing because it's here to promote drugs while simultaneously making drugs look bad/corney/lame.
Ript Tees Flash Hog Sonic Parody RiptApparel is getting a little strange with their parody tees with this one: "FlashHog". It's surprisingly ripoffish of the Sonic X stock 'hands on hips' Sonic, just they've colored him all red & changed the shoe color. He's supposed to appear spandex/dressed up as DC's The Flash , a fast super hero, complete with his lightening bolt symbol on the chest. However, the odd over-resemblance to recolored art, & the red across the eye bottom gives it a bit of an odd look. Discovered by: Shadowfoxx757 Topatoco Blue Hedgehog Tee
This is one of those types of items that plays around with copyrights. Here, you see a blue hedgehog getting a gold ring. But they are reduced to their most generic form, so it's perfectly legal to do, even though everyone who sees it will know that it is a Sonic reference. Curiously, the hedgehog is shown trying to eat the ring, (but nothing ever referenced what Sonic DID with the rings after he collected them) The 2 graphics show the different cuts you can get the shirt in. Shirt by Topatoco, and sold on the web only. Discovered by: Taaron