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When something or someone is popular enough, people sometimes use it in satire or parody.
Sonic is certainly popular, so sometimes companies or media do a parody of him. This page collects together even more items that are Sonic parodies. What exactly counts as a parody item? Something made by a company (not a fan) that's not officially Sonic, but makes fun of the franchise in some way that's pretty direct or obvious. Vague references in comics or shows don't count. Bootleg items that are trying to pass off as official Sonic stuff don't count. For some good examples (or some good laughs)...see what's here!
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Mario Sonic Dressup Tee This TeeFury shirt has some new costumes for Mario & Luigi. Instead of a tanooki suit, they're dressed as Sonic & Tails, while avoiding a mecha-koopa, mecha pirahna plant & Robotnick in a modified egg-o-matic so that it looks like Bowser's famous clown...thing. The "?" blocks are upside down in the background too. An amusing mix-up parody tee, sold for 1 day. Discovered by Shadowfoxx757
This time its, with another Sonic parody shirt. This time, they mix in Pokemon for some reason. It has a pikachu driving a pokeball shaped "Eggman" robot to confront Sonic. The background is screentone dots, but the 'shadows' of Green Hill palm trees & sunflowers are cut out. The "Sonic" here is clearly confused by "Dr. Pikabotnik" (the title of the shirt) as there's a "!?" over his head. The pikachu-creature (notice how the tail tip is purposely miscolored to red) probably drives it with electricity (seen between the 2 antenna on the head) It's a strange & curious art for a shirt. Ript operates much like TeeFury , selling just 1 design for only 24 hours, and then it's gone for good from the site. Discovered by: Shadowfoxx757
Dr Pikabotnik Parody Ript Apparel Shirt
Son of Aurelius Band Zombie Shirt
This is technically a parody tee, but it comes close to being very bootleg-like. It's a shirt for the band  Son of Aurelius, however, for their mascot/tour they've just redrawn all the Sonic characters as zombies with pink worms instead of brains. By removing the space they can get "Sonof" which makes it look more like "Sonic". As the zombies make rude gestures, the back has some kind of mutant modern Eggman with withered trees and rings flying all over the place. It's a very strange shirt.
Tee Turtle Parody Treadmill Design This is a shirt design from "Tee Turtle" a parody shirt maker on the internet. It has a little cartoony 'regular Earth type' hedgehog wearing a little sweatband and red shoes while running on a treadmill. The design is called "Motivation" because it has tied a gold ring on a string to the front of the machine, so it'll have something to run after. The design is mostly blue, on a blue shirt. This is $20 , in adult sizes at the TeeTurtle site. Discovered by Shadowfoxx757
Regular Show Oooh Parody Tee This is a TeeFury tee that parodies 2 things at once by sort of combining them. They use the Sonic 2 winged ring but then place "The Regular Show" characters Rigby & Mordecai instead of Sonic & Tails. They've re-drawn them to be sort of Sonic-like, with Rigby's tail up & Mordecai doing thumbs up/Sonic type eyes. The ribbon just says "Ooooh" so they didn't write out the name of either thing they're parodying. An interesting shirt for fans of both properties.
Ukio-e Heroes Swift Kill Print This creative parody is by Ukiyo-e Heroes. Ukiyo-e is an art style invented in ancient Japan. They used it in ink drawings & made prints with wood blocks. The modern site "Ukiyo-e Heroes" takes the style, but draws modern video games with it & sells the result. Here's their version for Sonic, called "Swift Kill". A hedgehog & fox with katanas run on a path through a bamboo forest. You can see where one of them has chopped a Samurai Armor open, releasing a magic cloud and bunny that had been powering it. (Like a badnik) Notice the necklace on the hedgehog, it's gold coins with a hole in the center (some ancient coins had a hole in them) this makes them more like rings he's collected. They're also shown wearing the old-fashion wood-block sandals of the era. The signature is like a chop mark (Red, square) & it is likely titled in those vertically written calligraphy tags at top & side. You can buy each thing from for only 1 month as a wood block or canvas. Discovered by SonicToast
Hedge or Tails coin parody shirt design
This is a design made for RedBubble (A parody & funny tees type site) by GordonBDesigns. It could be placed on a shirt of any color for about 25.56 in winter 2013. It's called "Hedge or Tails" to sound like "Heads or Tails" with a picture of a coin. The coin has the wings from the title screens of the Genesis games, along with the ribbon & same font. The coin itself is split in two (to show both halves at once) connected by stars. It has (quite clearly) modern Sonic & most of the back half of modern Tails. It's a pretty clever design, that's not overly obtuse nor obvious. Discovered by Shadowfoxx757
Hedgehog Hunters SSSSS Sticker Now HERE'S a funny in-joke semi-parody tee or sticker design. It's made by the parody company/site Redbubble...but it doesn't actually parody anything. Actually, how they got away with the design is unknown. It uses the actual Sonic logo & winged ring, but scribbled out. Then it uses Scratch, Grounder & Coconuts from the AoStH (Weekday Sonic) show. So nobody's making fun of anything here, and the likenesses aren't altered for parody purposes either.
The in joke is from the show directly "SSS SS Squad" which...since it's a poor acronym was actually made up by Scratch & Grounder, to help illustrate that everything they did wasn't the best.. It's the "Super Sonic Search Smash Squad". The design itself is called "Hedgehog Hunters". You'd really have to be in on Sonic history to recognize what's going on here, but that seems to help the fun.
Photo discovered by Shadowfoxx757
Paper Sonic Parody Sticker or Tee Here are 2 more designs from RedBubble. Their designs can always be put on a tee or a sticker for you to buy. The left has "Paper Sonic" a parody of Paper Mario. The logo font is in a cut out style & crinkly, while the characters are simplified to make it more like the Mario art. The right is "Air Tails Helicopter Tours" with a stylized winged ring & a somewhat poor likeness /sihlouette of Air Tails Helicopter Tours Parody Tee
Tails in the middle. They didn't rip off stock art or trace it (it looks lke the eye-whites were merely removed from the paper Sonic one) as they were going for an original design. Faux-wear / weathering is also applied here. Both discovered by Shadowfoxx757
Shirt Punch Daily Super Friends Smash Bros Shirt Punch Daily is another wacky parody tee type site. Here, they've done a Super Friends (corney style 1970s super hero show) + Super Smash Brothers mash up of characters. In this case, they've dressed the Smash characters as various people from the show. Superman = Mario, Luigi seems to be Green Lantern, Ice Climbers = Xan Jayna twins,Diddy Kong is supposed to be Bleep, the monkey sidekick of the super friends. Many believe he was a rip-off of Blip from Space Ghost (1966). Donkey Kong is Apache Chief, Fox McCloud is Batman, Ness is Robin, Kirby is Martian Manhunter, Olimar is Aquaman. But, interestingly, they choose Sonic to be the star at the front of the design. He's quite appropriate as The Flash. A fun shirt for fans of either franchise. Discovered & info by SonicToast
Console Wars Sonic Mario Parody Here's another Shirt Punch Daily tee, this time for the 'console wars'. Back in the Genesis/Nintendo days fanboyism was more rampant than today, so the console wars were kind of a big deal. This shirt aims for those retro feelings with its slogan "Celebrated Veteran of the Console Wars". It uses the Sonic 1 logo/title screen format, even though it includes Mario. Both Sonic & Mario are represented by parody skulls. Mario's hat has a skull/mushroom & mustache. Look at the cross-eyed motobug angels with little wings, (they have koopa shells/koopa paratroopa type) they're rather cute! Discovered & owned by SonicToast
Sonic Restaurant Parody Tee
This is a parody tee from a company that got threatened to stop selling it via lawsuit. (Gee...I wonder why.) It directly rips off the "Sonic" drive through restaurant chain logo, then applies Sonic the Hedgehog to it. Sonic is shown wearing the white cap that the food servers do, and holding a ring up like it is a fast food onion ring. The slogan at the bottom says "Real Fast Food". By combining 2 things with the same name it does make for a parody, but taking the logo directly wasn't the best idea to try and make money off of. Photo & owned by:
Qwertee Tails Airforce Tee This is a sort-of-not parody tee from Qwertee. (named after a row of keyboard keys) It's another one of those "we print slightly copyright infringing designs" online shirt companies. This one, however, takes votes on its designs & then prints the most popular ones onto lots of tees for 1 day. You can see though, they've already made 2 example shirts here. The design is a cute Tails art, where he has a scarf & is in the winged ring that says "Mobius Air Force" along the bottom. Discovered by ShadowFoxx757
Teen Titans Go Robin Sonic Hair Here is a screen from the show Teen Titans Go. In this episode Starfire becomes a villain & wrecks Robin's hair gel. The episode is 15a "Starfire the Terrible". Since he can't style his hair properly any more, the situation is used to create a parody. He tries fixing his hair, but it becomes styled like Bart Simpson, Goku...and then Sonic! (as seen here) It's clearly meant to be recognizable as each of the characters' iconic hair styles. Screen by Salem the Engineer
Steven Universe Gotta Go Fast This is a screen shot from the Cartoon Network show Steven Universe. On a sill you can see some parody/combination characters. Something that looks like a Pikachu / Moogle is there, but so is that "circle thing" from the internet-famous "art" of Sonic where a baby with crayons tried to draw Sonic but it was sort of a wierd face circle with legs & scribbles & then wrote "Gotta go fast" onto it with a black crayon. Somehow, someone posted it to the internet and the "Gotta Go Fast" Sonic meme was born. So is this some kind of parody of a parody? Either way it's an interesting find inside the show. Discovered by Taaron
Steven Universe is at it again. They're watching the continuity in the show (I guess) because that "Gotta go fast" circle thing Sonic "art" that was a toy on the shelf (above) gets onto the floor in a different scene. The pikachu-like thing is down there too, but in this scene it looks like the character is being threatened by someone with a knife at night.
Gargamel Art Group Japan Vinyl Parody What is this confusing thing? It was labeled "Sonic The Hedgehog Gargamel Kaiju Monster Figure" which is obviously spamming in popular words to get people to look at it. At a casual glance, it appears to have nothing Sonic like about it, but if you look at the thing's "Hair" or whatever that is on the back of the head, the configuration of it is clearly exactly Sonic's spikes. The eyes are like a narrowed/sqished down version of Knuckles' eyes, & the ears are clearly Sonic-like too. Why the thing is in some karate suit & has silver hands is a mystery.
This was made by the "Gargamel" group, a set of artists who work in the "bootleg" style, making old-school looking vinyl figures to be similar to very old Japanese toy figures from the 60s & 70s. This is more of a pop-art type thing than a knockoff. Photo discovered by Turbo The Hedgehog , info researched by Taaron