Parody Sonic Items Title Card
When something or someone is popular enough, people sometimes use it in satire or parody.
Sonic is certainly popular, so sometimes companies or media do a parody of him. This page collects together even more items that are Sonic parodies. What exactly counts as a parody item? Something made by a company (not a fan) that's not officially Sonic, but makes fun of the franchise in some way that's pretty direct or obvious. Vague references in comics or shows don't count. Bootleg items that are trying to pass off as official Sonic stuff don't count. For some good examples (or some good laughs)...see what's here!
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Cash for Gold Parody Tee This is a Sonic parody tee, made by TeeFury. It has Sonic in a 'cash for gold' store, trying to exchange his rings for money. You can see various other gold items people pawned under the counter, and he's got at least 3 boxes of rings. The models are there to show they made a male & female version of the shirt. Discovered by: Taaron
Hedgehog Shoe Boots Animal This is more of a publicity stunt than it is a parody. In order to hopefully create some kind of 'viral photo' to help hype Sonic Colors, someone has made little boots for a real hedgehog to wear...& then convinced it to wear them for the photo! (don't they have little fingers or something? Did it walk around?) The boots are made to look like Sonic's shoes, so it makes for an eye catching photo. (Does it inspire you to play Sonic Colors, though?) The Sonic Zone discovered this photo.
Kid Launcher Eggman Parody Here's a Sonic parody inside some sort of flash game. The game is Kid Launcher, and the parody shows up in the form of a bear riding in Eggman's Egg-o-matic with checker-wrecker extension. The objective here is to get the kid (Chubbs) away from the bear by catapulting him. The bear chases him in various ways, such as inside cars, on an office chair with wheels...and in the Egg O Matic. Screen cap by: Abared12, info provided by TrogdorBad
Action Replay Device Guy Mascot The parody here is a little harder to spot, so the guy in the bottom right corner has been enlarged for this photo. The pic is of a "Pro Action Replay" which is a cheat device (much like an old 'game genie') for older systems. You can see their odd mascot guy is sort of trying to be a Sonic knock-off with his red stripe shoes, big socks, waving 1 finger glove, and even the pose is supposed to copy the classic stock art. It's odd to see him copied in this way. (It's also odd where a box can (somewhat?) truthfully claim "Become Invincible!!!" as one of the things you'll get when you buy it. Discovered by Taaron.
Jordan Sonic Shoe Non-Parody NOT A PARODY:
This shoe is a real 100% authentic Nike. It wasn't made as a parody of Sonic's shoe, nor was it altered by a fan (as other fan-shoes seen on the fan-pages) to look like his shoe. However...these 2005 issue 10th Anniversary Jordans are quite strikingly Sonic-like. Did the designer have a secret desire to create something Sonic-ish for people to wear? Only they know for sure, with the all-red color, white edge, and big white stripe. The sock in the top only adds to the look. If it wasn't for that black strip on the toe...they'd quite nearly be a match. This is a very interesting shoe, tribute or not. Photographed & owned by IndigoSonic92
Fronteirville Hedgehog Blue Fronteirville is a game by the same makers of Farmville. Both of them are played on Facebook. However, in Fronteirville a rare creature may appear in your area: The Blue Hedgehog. It isn't very big, & isn't Sonic like in any way except that it's blue. It's clearly a nod for Sonic, though it isn't truly a parody. (It doesn't make fun of him in any way, it simply appears) The text is a notifier on when it will become hungry. You can also 'harvest' it for coins. Screen shot & owned by RaeLogan
This is a parody video of a section of Robot Chicken. It's a show that uses action figures & stop-motion to parody almost anything you can think of, from pop culture, to fairy tales. In this parody, they use a Toy Island Sonic figure (it's modified, though) and a stage they built for 'green hill'. They say it's "Act 6" just to be absurd. The 'police' clearly don't like Sonic though, as they lay down a spike strip and kill him. Discovered by PiplupFan77 / SonicToast
MAD Cartoon Network Amy Parody On the Cartoon Network show MAD, this sort of cameo/parody type image of Amy Rose appeared. It looks sort of like a strange fan-art more than an actual appearance of Amy. You can see other video game characters in the background, like Samus, Zelda and that birdo thing that spits eggs from Super Mario 2, only it's purple instead of pink. This parody is: 'Video Game's Next Top Princess' (Parodying the show 'America's Next Top Model', down to the
host being like Tyra Banks), where Samus Aran from 'Metroid', Zelda
from 'Legend of Zelda' and Peach from 'Super Mario Bros.' all compete
as the finalists on the show. Amy Rose isn't mentioned along with other characters besides that one image that flashed on the screen for about 1 second. Additional info provided by BeatleBoy62, Screen shot by DarkSonicGold12
DaVinci Metal Sonic tee design This t-shirt design parody shows a Metal Sonic version, as if DaVinci might have invented him. Somewhat steam-punk, somewhat renaisannce, it's interesting to see...and clear who it's supposed to be a parody of. You can see what's likely an early steam-device (the bowl) next to him, as well as some scattered plans. Shirt design created by Vintz, photo discovered by Taaron
Fox statue parody rings image What is this parody image for? Is it a t-shirt design, or was it meant to appear on something else? Here, you can see 2 statue/figural ceramic animals, a hedgehog & a fox. They're both realistically styled, but the fox has been made to have 2 tails. The rings appear to be gold colored hoops of some kind. Somone has written "Leave some for me!" for the hedgehog to say. It's obvious this is some sort of Sonic parody, but it's not clear what it was for. Discovered by MasterSpeedHero
This is a MAD (as in Mad Magazine) animated Sonic parody found on Cartoon Network. It's a funny fake ad for Sonic's speed shoes. Wacky kids get the shoes, and use them to not much good effect, while the announcer doesn't seem to mind. The logo at the end is surprisingly well done/ appropriately 'Sonic style' looking. It's funny without making fun of Sonic or bashing anything. Video posted by DarkSonicGold12
Parody Bones Skulls Gamer Tee Here's an interesting parody shirt. It has skulls/bones for Cloud Strife, Sonic & Mario. Each one retains some distinguishing feature (Cloud's hair, Mario's hat, Sonic's spikes) so you can tell who it is. A sword appears at the top, and a ribbon & roses wind around the scene almost like a tattoo graphic. The ribbon says "Can these bones live again?" Which is apparently some sort of paraphrase from a holy book.
But why? None of the characters are considered dead--possibly it's just a novel presentation.
8-Bit Olympics Shirt Is this a parody or a knock-off? It's another 'thin line' item where it's hard to tell. Simplified Sonic & Mario drawings show them beating eachother up at olympic events. Stepped on at hurdles, hit with hammer-throw, shot with archery, and drowned at rowing. The problem is, that Sonic was only 8-bit on the GameGear, & the whole Sonic vs Mario rivalry is over. Shirt discovered by Taaron
Emerald Hill Zone Track Team Tee
This parody tee design goes for the 'fake sports team' angle with their logo for the "Emerald Hill Zone Track Team". With yellow circles, and a vaguely facet-like design for the background, they don't even use any Sonic styled fonts. The shirt is a bit of a tribute/parody cross. Only another Sonic fan would be able to recognize it and get the reference. Shirt discovered by Taaron
Colorful Animal Friends Tee Graphic There's nothing that says you can't take realistic Earth-style animal art and color it in with Sonic colors to make a parody tee! Here a blue hedgehog, orange fox and red echidna are gathered for the design. The fox does have two tails though, so it's appropriate. This was made at Shirtoid in 2011. Shirt discovered by Taaron
Robotnick Hedgehog Parody Design There's lots of things to spot in this sort of satire type t-shirt design. It has a Robotnick like guy using a foot bath that's powered by ordinary-blue-hedgehog running on a wheel- note the rings in the cage too. The clock has tail shaped hands, and the portrait is of the egg-o-matic. While it makes a somewhat amusing 1 panel comic type art, is it really a super shirt design? Shirt discovered by Taaron
Roflings Blue Pets icons This is an example of a parody that's treading on ripoff/bootleg ground. They're all from a virtual pet online game "Marapets" and you can see here a potion jar, hedgehog toy, hedgehog doll, portrait/icon, and then the actual pet.
The toy, doll & pet are pretty much "supposed to be Sonic" which kind of over-steps the parody line because the game maker couldn't come up with an interesting character/pet without ripping off Sonic and creating a look-alike to hope to attract fans. At one point it was re-deisgned, apparently to get it less copyright infringing. The marapet game where this appears you run really fast, eat meat and collect 'cash' it's even pretty much knocking off his games too. Discovered by SuperSonicRosstifer