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When something or someone is popular enough, people sometimes use it in satire or parody.
Sonic is certainly popular, so sometimes companies or media do a parody of him. This page collects together items that are Sonic parodies. What exactly counts as a parody item? Something made by a company (not a fan) that's not officially Sonic, but makes fun of the franchise in some way that's pretty direct or obvious. Vague references in comics or shows don't count. Bootleg items that are trying to pass off as official Sonic stuff don't count. For some good examples...see what's here!
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It's-a me! A Parody!
This ISNT actually a bootleg item. It is a parody item. It was released on a line of parody PVCs that combined popular characters 2-in-1 as "Collectible Aliens". But, what is the name of this line? If you know, write in! He is billed as a "Hedgehog Plumber Hero". Info by Sonikku.
It is a combination of a regular hedgehog, Sonic's color and Luigi from Super Mario! The unmistakable green over-alls and plumbers' hat have been added to this odd little cartoony blue hedgehog. It's a small PVC, and it isn't common...probably because no one needs some nonsense item? No one could ever think it's the real thing, but it sure is odd to look at. It is named Cynic. (name info provided by SonicHOG) Discovered by FireDragon973
Blue Hedgehog Shirt This shirt is either cute or sad!
The shirt itself is called "The original blue hedgehog" and features an adorable Earth-style hedgehog family. One of the little ones has gotten into a can of blue paint, so it's on the tiny hands, feet and back. The mother hedgehog and her 3 small children look rather worried about the situation, while the blue one looks a little guilty for getting into a mess. It sort of forms an inside-joke shirt to wear, as you'd have to know who Sonic is to be able to catch the humor in the design. Photo discovered by Juni
Being such a popular character in the public eye, satire magazines were bound to get on-board. CRACKED Magazine (like a Mad Magazine) did a feature where they made fun of Sonic! There are several joke images and fake 'hints'. The cover has Lara Croft (Tomb Raider) in a cave discovering some 'famous fossils' of which there is a Sonic looking one, and a Mario...though neither is very accurate.

All Mad/Cracked photos/interior shots contributed by mAtt Pieper

Fighter Beat Joke Magazine cover The back cover is modeled off "Tiger Beat" but changed to "Fighter Beat", complete with 1980's look title. It's full of wacky phony headlines and article teasers for a variety of video game characters.
"The Dirt on Sonic! He's a hog for love!" it says bside a large accurate looking Sonic head. The "Dear Goro" section looks like a 'dear abbey' but poor Goro is multi-tasking it with his 4 arms. It also promises the scoop on Chun Li + Raiden's love affair (it's shocking) and reveales a nasty truth about Star Fox (Fox McCloud) You can also win a trip to be knocked out by your favorite fighting game character.
How to get to star post fake instructions The wacky 'fake hints' section here has a picture of confused Sonic as he tries to follow their crazy directions all over the 'screen' to get to a star post.

"To reach a star post put a ring monitor early in the act, go to the upper areas, jump to the right, bear to the left, jump three and a half times for absolutely no reason, press the A button and sing the national anthem backwards."

How can the fake Sonic game get really hazardous once you're invincible? Cracked would probably write a way. Here, Sonic slips past several zany hazards.

"You'll need to find the hidden invulnerability screen. To find it, you must get past the rotating spikes of utter doom, the swinging blade of complete death, the pile-driving spike of total pain and the really, really dangerous shopping cart of powerful explosives. Invulnerabilitiy will be yours, but then the game gets really hazardous"

Sonic game phony hazards
Sonic can't escape joke picture When Sonic reaches a spot out of which it appears there is no escape, press the A button 3 times, press the C button 5 times, press down, L, R, Up and pull out the controller cord and run away.
Cracked magazine Beat Badguy
This last one didn't get the description in it, but it apparently tells you how to beat Sonic 2's boss by kicking it somewhere you really shouldn't, and also dropping a fat woman on it? The rendition of the boss is especially funny.
Sonic in the Sims Parody Image "The once realistic Sims are "Busting Out" into situations that are so fake and rediculous. It's only a matter of time before we see The Sims team up with Sonic the Hedgehog to fight the giant fire-breathing turtles"
Yellow Big Cat Skateboard Birdhouse Parody
This is an interesting parody item for several reasons. First, because it uses Big the Cat, who is seldom seen. Next, because it is quite nearly a bootleg but not quite into that catagory. As you can see here they took a Big the Cat art, changed the color and altered a few details before adding it to the bottom (or top?) of a skateboard. (Fangs, eye color patch shape, mole on head) The rest (gun, grenade, bullet-belt) are all accessories.
It is still clearly Big, just altered. The artist makes many similar things in the style of Seuss and Looney Tunes by altering artwork but retaining all of the style. It is an interesting piece to see. Discovered by Mushroom64
Simon Cowell American Idol Parody
Can you grab all the magic rings, avoid prank calls to the 800 number, & finish in time to crush the dreams of hopeful American Idol Contestants? As grumpy but speedy SIMON the hedgehog, you'll finally get to try!" This parody img. appeared in Nic Mag with a blended caricature of Sonic/Simon Cowell. Photo by Silverdelivers.
Bare Bone Sonic Skeleton Tee Here's a pair of parody shirts (one women's style) This shirt features an artist's guess at what a Sonic skeleton might look like. To keep it recognizable, they've kept the red shoes and the gloves on it, and posed it like a stock art. It's a strange piece, maybe better for non-fans than fans, but it is still quite interesting to see. The shirt should be available from , in 2010. It's possibly they also had the designer on hand to make it, as it's not official. Discovered by SegaNerds and also seen at SonicStadium.
This is a video clip from the game Asterix & Obelix XXL 2: Mission Las Vegum. Asterix & Obelix are popular comic characters from Europe.. A messenger appears who is wearing a Sonic-like outfit complete with metallic spikes knight helmet, red boots and blue tunic type clothes. He is shown carrying 2 gold rings. The character is actually an old human man, just dressed up in a Sonic like fashion. Later, your characters have to fight several of him in a 3D level. Video discovered by ToadTitan
This is an ad for "Ty the Tasmanian Tiger" (a character based on an extinct animal) He's another of the copycat 'wacky animal mascot types' much like Crash Bandicoot. In this ad, he proves how heroic he is by beating up people who do good deeds & putting them in the hospital. (! yes, it makes no sense) The ad is trying to make a point that Ty is better than Sonic, Spyro the Dragon & Crash bandicoot by having him walk past what are clearly meant to be those characters, all bandaged up with boomerangs sticking out of the wounds because he is so superior that he beat them all up. It should be noted that while all 3 characters endure to this day, no one's much heard from Ty. Video dsc. by:
Banjo Tooie Sonic Bumper Car In the game Banjo Tooie, you can find a driving mini game of bumper-cars. Banjo's car is meant to look like a Sonic head parody, with long nose, green eyes and the SA1 style 'big dumb grin'. Fact by Shade1602
With this screen shot here of the car (face on) you can see that while it's sort of abstracted, it's still rather Sonic-ish. And that the car is crosseyed. Screen shot by: Berzerker.
This is an episode of the web show "Smosh". In it, they contemplate what would happen if video games were more 'realistic'. Caution: contains swears!
Sonic...sort of appears (as probably a carpet of some kind) because thugs decide to beat him to death to get out gold rings. Though, none appear. Video discovered by
Cronic the Hemp Hog Pot Tee Oh no, head for the hills its "Cronic the Hemp Hog"! This lame parody features an ugly green character with pot leaves for spikes who is smoking a joint. And making it look TERRIBLE in the process. Is this shirt supposed to make you want pot, or avoid it? It's so corney who can tell! The character looks lazy, boring, fat and ugly. It also seems to be afflicted with crotch-itch disease of some sort. No one would want to do drugs if they had to be like this lame thing. The tag line says "Highly Intense" , probably to clarify because it looks 'highly dull' instead. Sometimes parodies can be really wierd, but at least this one should discourage anyone from going on drugs. Discovered by: Calistine