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When something or someone is popular enough, people sometimes use it in satire or parody.
Sonic is certainly popular, so sometimes companies or media do a parody of him. This page collects together even more items that are Sonic parodies. What exactly counts as a parody item? Something made by a company (not a fan) that's not officially Sonic, but makes fun of the franchise in some way that's pretty direct or obvious. Vague references in comics or shows don't count. Bootleg items that are trying to pass off as official Sonic stuff don't count. For some good examples (or some good laughs)...see what's here!
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Game Dev Tycoon Screen Shot In the game "Game Dev Tycoon" you play the part of a game designer.'s a game about designing games. Meta? Maybe. This screen shot is of a 'white board' in the game, with 'ideas' written around the edges. You can see here "Cool * Edgy" and then "Hedgehog" under that, but crossed out. Obviously they are meaning to parody Sonic here without using an actual picture of him. Screen shot by: Mineupfast
Cupcake Cult Zombie Parody Tee
This shirt is called "Cupcake Cult" and features some kind of zombie like Sonic character. He's holding a Mario parody head, an organ of some kind & instead of an eye/pupil he has an inverted cross. What's the point of all this? Is Cupcake Cult a band? If so, what do zombies, anti-Mario sentiment or Sonic have to do with any of it? It's just wierd. The tee is also 26.99 euros, so that's rather expensive. It is sold by AttitudeHolland for...whatever this is. Photo discovered by:
Pocket God Sonic Meteor Virtual Item
This is sort of a cross between a parody and a virtual item. The mini-game "Pocket God" for the iphone has a buy-able special pack of add-ons and in the Retro Gamer Skin Pack you can find a specific meteor...they call it 'the blue ball', but with spikes around the edge it's clearly meant to be spinning Sonic. In the game, you torment little tribe people of some kind by touching the screen to cause disaster. With this skin pack you can send down a meteor that's sort of a Sonic parody. Screen cap by Taaron.
Mad Magazine 50 Worst about Video Games MAD Magazine also had a Sonic (mildly) feature. Though not as large as Cracked's, it's still enough to make the list. The cover shows "50 Worst things about video games" and has several famous characters. Sonic makes faces, Master Chief holds his helmet in dismay, Chun Li is worried about something, Splinter Cell guy is bored, Mario holds his nose, Crash Bandicoot looks like he ate something sour and Lara Croft appears to just be standing there. Inside the magazine, there's a type of 'countdown' article for the 50 things. Did Sonic appear in the count down?
This is part of an episode of the show HiHi Puffy Ami Yumi. It's the slightly animated tale of some Japanese pop stars done as wacky cartoon characters.
In this piece of an episode, you can see a Sonic like character (right at the start, shooting a gorrilla thing with a gun) and later on, see a parody of a Sonic game as one character imagines herself as Sonic running through loops (but hopping on the small animals instead of robots!) on her way to rescue the other from a bigfoot. Gamers are not portrayed in the best light here for comedic effect. (smelly /obsessive/ out of control, etc) but that they thought to use Sonic here, is interesting. Video discovered by Miles Prower 22
Mushroom Madness Hedgehog Screencap This is a screenshot from a 'tower defense' style game "Mushroom Madness". You have to defend your mushrooms from various foes that would eat or destroy them, by using different weapons. Here, tommyguns are shown. One of the enemies in the game is a hedgehog. (inset close-up) To spice up their game with a parody, they've made the quills blue on purpose, as well as given them big eyes and a black nose. (they're almost cute, for an enemy monster) Screencap by Connernator
Hog in Clogs Seuss Parody Shirt This is a tee. The gimmick of the site is they sell 1 tee for 10 dollars, and only for a 24 hour period. After that, it's sold out & never available. So they're all technically 'limited edition'. TeeFury specializes in funny, cool & parody shirts. This one is a Sonic plus Dr. Seuss / Cat in the Hat parody tee "The Hog in the Clogs". (Note: he is not actually in clogs) It ueses the Dr. Seuss art style to draw a Sonic-like Character, plus the little 'Tails' in the logo for "Beginner Games". The author is "Dr.Robotwik" to further the parody. A funny shirt that had a good effort to really complete the parody style. Discovered by AskLiliumLily
Steven Universe Sandtraps Eggman In the show Steven Universe, a character plays a video game that's a parody of Final Fantasy. However "Professor Sandtraps" is clearly an Eggman parody. The robot looks like a Miazaki movie parody item as well. In the top panel he says "It's dangerous to go alone, take this" & the bottom he says "I am the greatest golfer!" Both of which are parody phrases /internet meme
Screenshots by Crystal Sonic Fan
Ganja Game Stonehog
Uh oh, more pot-parodies! In this drug farming game, your objective is to grow pot plants as the game rips off other (probably better) game premesis. You get nasty stoner looking versions of well known characters such as "Stonehog" here who is clearly an ugly, sickly Sonic parody or Toke` Mon, which is some kind of balding diseased Pikachu. These pot related characters are always so confusing. They look ugly, sick, or bad...making it look like drugs are bad or pot is bad, but then....they were created to promote pot? It seems counter-productive to whatever their wierd goal may be. Is it secretly trying to discourage people? That would be nice, because drugs aren't cool....and neither are these characters! Discovered by Crystal Sonic Fan
Wibbly Go Fast
A squeezy ball!
But...this has to be a parody of some sort. Sonic? Not so much...but it seems like it's knocking off that poor 'fan art' where "Gotta Go Fast" is written under a scribbly drawing. It even has the wiggly eye edges. This type of ball is made of soft rubber with a powdery-feeling surface. The 'prickles' on the back there are actually super flexible & wierd feeling on purpose. With black nose, blue body, belly dot & red 'shoes/feet' this is most likely a silly parody item.
Drinky Sonic Creature Hyperdimension Neptunia The published work Hyperdimension Neptunia (a manga) has this page where some distinctly "Sonic-like" alien creatures are clearly some sort of parody. The male is drinking too much at the bar, but is surprised when the girl character appears and wants to sit next to him, complete with a 'wild take' there in the middle. Why they chose to put Sonic like characters in here is unknown. The manga is known for comedy scenes & many parody items though. This one is from Chapter 4 of HDN Megami Tsuushin. Scan discovered by Speendlex Game Over Dead Character Stickers What happens when it's "Game Over"? These "Game Over" stickers feature 'dead' versions of popular characters as a parody. You can see mangey looking Sonic with a halo & no eye, Mario (retaining mustache?) Donkey-Kong skull, dead Link & more. Why is Sonic the only one with a halo? Photo discovered by Taaron
FOFA Fake Beer Bad Embroidery Parody Here, some lame company is trying to parody Sega with it's line of FOFA merchandise. What does it mean?
Who knows...but it steals the Sega font to write the logo & they've even got their own parody/fake Sonic who is drunk & laying around while holding a beer.
What's curious is all the trouble they went to in making at least 3 things with this lame theme. There's a tee & 2 hats: one black and the other white. The hats have the FOFA embroidered on the back, while the front has a tiny, cheaply done little version of the 'laying down beer' Sonic. Because it's cheap & tiny, it's hard to see what's going on with the cap's graphic. Why go to all this trouble for a parody? Photo discovered by @JapanAnimePosters on Instagram
Crying the band Totoro Sonic Tee For whatever reason bands love to "parody" things as close as possible as they can get to infringing copyrights.
The band "Crying" falls into this category with it's double ripoff kooky combo tee. It's a greenish blue and features part of Sonics face on the body of a large Totoro line art. It's even odder because the Sonic face is colored in, but the Totoro is all just single line art. Both are direct ripoffs from the source material (Ghibli's line art, it even leaves the smaller creature on its head) & Sonic probably from an SA1 stock. This thing was seen at Hot Topic, so it's not just some strange private-run of tees.
Again, it isn't a bootleg because it's not trying to convince anyone that it IS Sonic or an actual Totoro, it's just messing with their likenesses to create something...really strange. Photo by Victoria Vaporeon
Joke Anti-Costume Sonic Halloween Here's an anti-costume for Halloween!
Dress up as nothing in particular when you buy a random blue shirt in this phony package. This is a combination hoax & parody item. It was created to make fun of the (sometimes) poorly done Sonic Halloween costumes. It's thought that Sega itself created the parody package seen here. On a rack in a Halloween shop is this 'costume package' labeled "Blue Speed Mouse", but then also in Spanish "Raton Azul de la Velocidad" (Mouse/rat blue of the velocity) The photo shows a random guy just standing there in a blue shirt with one of the plastic Sonic masks Toys R Us used to have. The red sunburst shape there says "Includes: Blue Shirt", it's just a regular tee "one size fits most" and doesn't even have a mask. Having a silly parody product like this gathered attention. Photo discovered by Taaron
Dragon City Game Parody Dragon City? More likeParody City!
This game is relying on some parody for its concept. Are they capitalizing on familiar characters but "dragon-ized"?
Yes...but they're not trying to convince you the dragons ARE the other characters, so it isn't directly a bootleg. Of course, with Sonic's popularity, there had to be a 'Sonic Dragon'. It's "Bluebolt" here complete with round icon & single giant eye, & with red feet. But who else can you spot? Well there's a "Fire Mario" centaur looking thing complete with his hat, overalls & gloves. The Yoshi dragon is possibly the worst since it's upright and almost literally just a Yoshi with horns, they even made it green. Last is a sort of sphynx-like or lamasu-like human-headed knight/dragon combination who is probably like the old NES Ghouls' n Ghosts knight guy protagonist (its the oddest of the bunch but also the most difficult to pin down) Game discovered by & screenshots captured by Crystal SonicFan
A Parody Meme?
Internet memes! Silly photos/screen captures/incidents/art with words written on them that become popular for breif periods of time. Back when the first cat "has'ed a cheezburger", all the way up until now, only an internet historian would know them all. However, Sonic has been the subject of a few with "Gota go fast" (crayon art) and "Sanic" (bad spelling) But, for the first time a meme became a game with "Do U Know De Wey" starring Nukelz a small, wiggly art of Knuckles that makes clicking noises and has an accent that is supposedly "from Uganda". Did some kid from that country draw him like first? Why choose that country? The world will likely never know but you can see the fan game / parody / wierd art thingy at Steam Game Know The Way.
Discovered by PrincessPandaLover