Sonic Sleep Wear Title
Time for bed? Time for Sonic.
This page has all sorts of Sonic themed sleep wear for the USA. Most of it is modern. You'll find soft pants, sleep sets, and pajamas here. There is a good range of sizes with some things for adults and other stuff in little kids sizes. Wal Mart seems to be pretty big on having Sonic sleep stuff for sale.
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Sonic Knuckles Shadow PJ Set Kids This is a fun pajama set...if you're really litte. Sadly, this Sonic Knuckles Sahdow PJ set only comes in small kids sizes. It looks nice though, with blue fade for the shirt, cool poses for everyone & speed-lines for Knuckles' fist. The shorts have the modern logo on the waist band & added Sonic with (fireball? comet? what is that?) graphic beside him. Having a Sonic element on the matching shorts is always a good idea. Where is this set sold?
Little Kids Sonic Pajama Set Another set of "Summer PJs" this time with a white tank & light blue shorts. The shirt has a couple poses for Sonic, logos & scattered quares. Not exactly sure the comfort factor of sleeping in what is essentially a tank top. The shorts here are just plain, which is unfortunate. This is in little kid sizes only at Walmart in summer 2013. You can see the price here at 8.48. Photo by CrystalSonicFan
Blue PJs Shorts & Top Kids Set Here's a simple set of PJs in little kids sizes. You can sort of tell by the proportions of the tee that it's not all that large. These are a soft cotton type Pajama set with modern Sonic. He's also an outline in the blue to navy fade background. The shorts have an all-over pattern of smaller versions of the shirt's pose for modern stock Sonic. This is likely to be a Wal Mart item in summer 2013
Little Planet Sonic CD Pajama Set Inspect this PJ set carefully, super fans!
There's something super strange going on here. Yeah you've got modern Sonic & Shadow from Sonic X...but look at the background. A planet and...CLEARLY the special stage "Break UFOs" from...Sonic CD! That's unmistakably a UFO behind Shadow. You can also see the odd crystal landscape in the horizon/background) as well as the "water" that was beside the path you could run on. The streaky sky is faded on purpose (was psychadellic type in the game) The pants have the elements of the design scattered all around (A ufo, the planet, etc)
What's going on here? This is the first time anything Sonic CD *specifically* has been put on clothing. But then why use it wrong? It's not even modern PLUS Shadow? Will we see more from Sonic CD? This is just the "Sonic" brand tag that doesn't say what co. did it. Should be 11.97 at Wal Mart, kids sizes only...running mostly to the small. XL or XXL may fit teens if you can find it. A very interesting set. Discovered by Dustin Lee Autry
Kigurumi Style Adult Sonic Costume PJs
Well well, what is this? It seems to be an attempt at Kigurumi style PJs. Kigurumi is sort of like an animal 'costume' that's a footed pajama. Usually it has a floppy hood with animal features & sometimes a tail. In this case, it's trying to be Sonic like, but where are the spikes? Certainly those wouldn't be comfortable to sleep they seem to have been left off. The footy part is styled like his shoe (did they forget the sock?) The front zips up so you can climb in. The chest (upper part) has the Sonic logo, meaning the belly dot is a bit lower. It has no gloves, but the sleeve does have a white cuff. This is adult size only, at Spencers Gifts in 2012. It should be about 24.99. It is sometimes on sale for about 10 dollars. Small sizes sell out first. It looks goofy here, but you could probably work on it to use it as the start of a costume. This is a rather strange item.
Blue All-Over Design Sonic Pajama Winter Set Keep warm in this soft, blue Sonic pajama set. These are long pants long sleeve pjs with a button front for the shirt part. they have an all-over print of modern Sonics on a various shades of blue background. The large Sonic graphic (with modern logo) is kept all to one side. Where are these sold? How much does it cost? Write in if you know for credit! Sonic Classic Men's Lounge Pants These are a soft pants being sold by Spencers, & they're calling it "Lounge Pants", however they could just be PJ's for anyone. Since it's a men's size, it should fit everyone. The top has black elastic waistband with Sonic written on it, while their design is black zig-zag stripes and either running or spinning classic Sonic scattered all over. The design isn't terribly fresh or exciting, but it's good to see something that can fit anyone. This is 19.99 at Spencers gifts in 2012 (likey, fall) It should also be on their website for the season/until it sells out. Discovered by SonicBoy19
Sonic Blast Kids Shorts Shirt Sleep Set This is called a 'sleep set' but you could probably wear it as normal clothes. This is likely in kids/boys sizes, though. It says "Sonic Blast" with neo-classic Sonic jumping off of a star bumper. The shirt is blue with a black collar & the shorts are all black with a blue border. The shorts don't appear to have a Sonic element to them. Where can you find this set? Likely to be a 2013 item.
Classic Words Mens PJ Sonic Shorts
Here's a fun pair of classic styled men's pajama shorts. They're all black, but one leg has words, and the other has a nice large classic Sonic stock art. The words say "Super Sonic, Speed Demon & eat my dust" in various sizes & fills. These are in mens' sizes so they're likely to fit anyone! These can be bought in K-mart in the USA for about $11.99 in fall 2011. Photo & owned by FreeRiderFox
Classic Style Sleep Shorts Mens Kmart Here is a pair of sleep shorts for anybody to wear. They're from K-mart and come in adult sizes so they'll fit anyone. They are likely to be found in the mens' section. They're somewhat plain, with all gray & red draw strings. There's a lettermans' style "S" on one leg, with classic style Sonic standing in front of it. A great item for if the kids sizes PJs won't work for you. These are comfortable to wear, and a good buy at 11.99. Made by BioWorld. Photo & owned by Brindzo
Dark Blue Summer Pajama Sonic Set Here are 2 fun pajama sets for the summer! These cool sets have a pair of shorts & short sleeve shirt. The left has a dark blue theme, with line art on black background & crouching Sonic. The shorts use a scattering of both the 'shirt Sonics' for its design, along with line art. To the right is a lightening themed set
Lightening Theme Sonic Summer PJs
where the shirt has Sonic 'surfing position' (though he's not on anything) in front of a big flash of lightening. The shorts show a different pose on a lightening cloud, & use the logo on the waistband. Where can you buy these?
Same Design All-Over Blue Sonic PJ Set This is a Sonic pajama set, with dark blue varying background. It has a button front long sleeve top, with long pants. You can see the logo there in the back of the shirt and pants. See the big SA1 pose Sonic that takes up half the shirt? That's the only art used for the whole set, so those repeating Soncis you see everywhere, are just more of that same one. It's a little odd to use only 1 pose for a scattered pattern like this. Still, the 1 large design helps break it up a bit on the top. This is like a teens item, but where do you find it and how much is it?
Notice how the pattern for the pants is shared with the shorts above. The same company must be doing all of these.
Red Pants 2 Piece Boys Pajama Set The same top with 2 different sets of PJs?
What's going on here? The first set has a red theme, with red background pants that have Sonic kicking through starburst shapes, as well as some logos. The right side set has 3 pieces, a pants, a shorts with Sonic graphic on one leg, and the same shirt as the first set. It's likely the same company in the case of all 3 of these PJ sets but who's making them, and where are they available? The red set is confirmed at WalMart, so the other could be as well. The sets keep on popping up on ebay at high prices, but they've got to be in stores somewhere. Found in winter 2012. The red set is 12.99 at WalMart. Info added by SonicExia
Red top 3 Piece Boys Pajama Set
Shorts & Shortsleeve Pajama Sonic Set Cool pajamas! This is a 2 piece set for summer, with short sleeve shirt & shorts. The shirt looks great with BIG all-over Sonic design, while the shorts use the full image as an accent & feature the logo on the waist-band. Where are these? What about the pants below? Shadow Knuckles Sonic Pajama Pants Check out these awesome PJ pants! Each leg has a different design. 1 leg has scattered Sonic & shadow art, with lines & logos. The other leg has great big portraits of Sonic Shadow & Knuckles with squares & red background. Very active without being busy. Big art with good & different poses makes it look fresh. Certainly nothing else in the clothing collection looks like these! In the Gear Store for as long as they last...
3 Piece Sonic Pajama Shirt Shorts Pants Set
What a great set! This is a fantastic 3 piece Sonic Pajama Set. It includes a short sleeve top with 'thumbs up' newer style Sonic art very large in a circle shape. This large size design trims off the edges and seems dynamic. The shorts have the same art, but smaller & only on one leg. Then, you have a rather busy pair of pants with various Sonic, and logos scattered all over as a pattern. The set is great for warm & cool weather sleeping. However: many questions remain...
What sizes is it available in? How much does it cost? What stores can you find it in? What is the material like for it? Why did they make this in a 2pc AND a 3pc set? Cool & unusual, it's bound to be in-demand. Discovered by A Cat.