Sleepwear USA Title Card
Sleeping in Sonic stuff? Of course!
Here you can see the nice variety of Sonic the Hedgehog sleepwear produced for the USA. Watch out for the spelling though, if you're looking to search or buy, it can be Pajama, or Pyjama or PJs. No matter how you spell it, this page is full of fuzzy, soft or warm things to sleep in with lots of great Sonic designs to choose from. Wherever possible buying locations & prices are included with the entry, so you can hopefully shop for some of these too. Gotta sleep fast...or just fast asleep.
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Catch You Later Let's Roll PJs Set Blue This is a fun pajama set!
It's too bad it's just for kids, because it is nicely decorated. It has a long sleeve soft top with jumping-twist modern Sonic. The slogan at the top above his name is "Catch Ya Later!" Written over his foot at an angle toward the bottom is "Let's Roll!"
The pants are also decorated, which is a nice touch. Too often they are just an afterthought in some coordinating color...but not here. They're bright aqua like the sleeves, but have dark blue cuffs at the bottom. There's a Sonic bust (with one hand too) & his name written below him on the shin of one of the legs. This makes sure the whole set is nicely Sonic. But where can you find this set & how much is it?