Sleepwear USA Title Card
Sleeping in Sonic stuff? Of course!
Here you can see the nice variety of Sonic the Hedgehog sleepwear produced for the USA. Watch out for the spelling though, if you're looking to search or buy, it can be Pajama, or Pyjama or PJs. No matter how you spell it, this page is full of fuzzy, soft or warm things to sleep in with lots of great Sonic designs to choose from. Wherever possible buying locations & prices are included with the entry, so you can hopefully shop for some of these too. Gotta sleep fast...or just fast asleep.
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Catch You Later Let's Roll PJs Set Blue This is a fun pajama set!
It's too bad it's just for kids, because it is nicely decorated. It has a long sleeve soft top with jumping-twist modern Sonic. The slogan at the top above his name is "Catch Ya Later!" Written over his foot at an angle toward the bottom is "Let's Roll!"
The pants are also decorated, which is a nice touch. Too often they are just an afterthought in some coordinating color...but not here. They're bright aqua like the sleeves, but have dark blue cuffs at the bottom. There's a Sonic bust (with one hand too) & his name written below him on the shin of one of the legs. This makes sure the whole set is nicely Sonic. But where can you find this set & how much is it?
Target Modern 3 Piece Kids Pajama Set Another Sonic sighting at Target!
2019 brings this 3 piece PJ set to the boys section of the store. It consists of a soft fabric black shirt with red cuffed short sleeves. This has a big modern 'jumping twist' Sonic on the front. It also has a pair of blue soft fabric shorts that have the modern logo in white on a big black tag at the waist band. The long pants are soft fabric too, with matching red cuffs. Scattered all over these are various stock art action poses for modern Sonic.
What's too bad about the set is that it's quite small.
It's for little kids only, probably if you are under 12, and generally even younger to fit into it. It's too bad because it's a comfy fabric set that any fan would want to wear to bed. The color paper tag doesn't list a maker & that white tag you see there is Targets', which says the size and the price at 14.99 for the set.
This is ALSO on but for 25 dollars instead, so if you see it in Target, just get it there.
Men's Pajama Sonic Set Gray Black
Finally, an adults Sonic Pajama Set!
This is new for 2019, in mens adult size only, which means it'll fit anyone. That's great news for Sonic sleepwear because traditionally, everything was either kids or little kids. This has a light gray top with jumping twist modern Sonic stock art. The background here is a rectangle made of tiny round black paint spatters. Sonic is in 3 colors only: blue, red and white. (So, that makes his eyes white too, which looks a little odd because the shoes did get their color) His name is spelled out in Japanese at the top, then again at the bottom with 'the hedgehog' added.
Sadly, the pants, which are black, appear to be plain / generic without any Sonic fun stuff on them. It looks like elastic waist with draw-string top. You can see the branding in the back of the shirt collar. This set is 30 dollars on Amazon in summer 2019.
Cotton 3 Piece Long Sleeve Sonic PJ Set Here's a warm 3 piece PJ set for winter.
This comes with a long sleeve pajama top, long pants and a pair of blue shorts for when it's not as chilly. The top has modern running forward Sonic on a light/dark blue wide stripe background. It has red collar and cuffs, with blue sleeves. The pants are a lighter blue, with scattered modern Sonic poses in a pattern that's not too busy. It has red ankle cuffs. The shorts appear to be plain, without any Sonic design on them. The material here is supposed to be mostly cotton.
With a really large Sonic on the top, and cool pattern for the pants, this is a nice set. It's likely to be 'big kids' size so it may fit some...but not all. This is a fall 2019 item, and should be about 25 dollars when you find it. It may be either Target or Amazon item.
Flanel PJs Set Wal Mart Sonic Blue Keep cozy all winter in the flanel Sonic Pajama Set at Wal Mart.
This set has a long sleeve pjs top and long pants. It's made of a fuzzy soft blue material that feels like flanel. There are gold rings scattered all over the fabric, as well as different poses for Sonic, Tails and Knuckles. They are all modern, and the design isn't too busy. It's in the kids area, but it could fit others if you got a large or XL. It should be about 15.00 for the set when you find it in fall 2019 at Walmart.
Let's Do This Modern Sonic 2 Pc PJ Set
A lighter, summer PJ set with a slogan.
This is a 2 piece set, with white/blue accent tee top, and all blue solid color shorts. It appears in fall 2019, and is all made of cotton. It has a slogan too, with "Let's Do This" written about in the armpit area. The shirt has a large modern Sonic where he's walking away, but pointing to one side & a few tiny rings partially hidden behind him. The pose is stock art to be sure's kind of awkward? His left hand is...what? He also has the SA1 "BDG" (Big Dumb Grin) kind of thing going on as's an ok piece, but it's kind of klunky with the odd pose. The modern logo is over one shoe.
What's nice about this set, is that the shorts have a Sonic grahic too, they're not just generic and boring. One leg has 'thumbs up' Sonic, with a full color logo. It's a nice touch. You can see the logo-only tag in the shirt collar there. But where can you buy the set?
A variant appears!
Variants on tees are fairly common, but on pjs sets it's less so. However, the set at the top of this page (with pants) must have done very well, because here it is released again 1 year later in 2019, as shorts and a short sleeve top. It still has the same designs and slogans "Catch ya later" and "Let's Roll", and the same colors, the only difference is the light blue pants are now light blue shorts.
Again, it's nice to see the shorts with a Sonic element.
Having Sonic on both items ties the set together, and helps it feel not generic. You could also likely mix n' match PJ sets for more fun. These all seem to be by the same company.
Walmart 2019 PJ Set Slide Sonic Even more pajamas for winter 2019!
Some company is really going wild with designs. This PJ pack was found in Walmart...but someone had just tossed it into the Xmas aisle so if you know how much it costs, you can write in for credit. The photo on the band there shows the whole design, which is sliding pose Modern Sonic on a 'speed boost area' type background, and with his name in itallics. It comes with blue pjs pants, but it's impossible to tell if there's a Sonic design on those as well. The size says '6-7', so it's likely for kids...but how big is the largest size?
Hopefully it fits more than just little kids because the fully shaded & large Sonic design is cool and fresh looking. Photo by Taaron
Sonic Face Hood Onesie Style PJs Target Wacky-onesie?
Here's a silly pajama with a hood. This all-in-one pj is like a costume as it has a hood to put partially over your face/head with Sonic's face on there like some of those hats. The zipper in the front is how you climb in, and it has long sleeves & long pants. They made the cuffs red (no attached 'feeties') for the legs, but too bad the sleeve cuffs aren't white to represent the gloves.
Look at the image of the back...the hood has a little ruffle of tiny stuffed spikes only on one side. This looks a little strange...but it was probably meant to sleep in/couldn't have big spikes or it would interfere. Still, sleeping in a hood might not be comfortable either way. This is at Target in winter 2019. Maybe it could also be used at Halloween? Either way, this is a funny item. Photos by KennyTheHedgehog
Kohls Always Running Sonic 4 Pc PJ Set Wow, a 4 Piece Mix n Match PJ Sonic Set!
Kohls exclusive has this set of 2 tops and 2 pants for your mixing and matching bed time fun. Each top is long sleeve, one has blue collar/cuffs the other has red. The gray fabric here has various poses for modern Sonic, plus little squares and red-star-rings from the game scattered all over. The blue top has dark blue sleeves, light blue torso & running modern Sonic as a large graphic. They've added color stripes to his 'path', and a slogan in white font "Always Running". (Does that make sense on sleepwear? Who knows, but here it is) The gray fabric is used for the pants so 1 set is Sonic themed...but what about the blue pants with red cuffs? Is there anything Sonic on there? It should be hoped for so the whole thing matches. Unfortunately...
This seems to only be in kids sizes (too bad, its fun) and should be about 25 dollars in 2019 at Kohls stores.
Komar Kids Sonic Rings PJ Set Boys In 2020, a new company gets a Sonic license, and uses it to make this PJ set.
It's "Komar Kids", and this pajama short sleeve top and pants set appears in Target stores in winter 2020. It's actually a 3 piece set, there is a pair of generic yellow shorts clipped behind the top that you see here. There's nothing Sonic about them, though. The set features an all-over print of modern Sonic faces, starburst shapes and gold rings. The front of the top has running forward modern Sonic as a nice large design. The cuffs are all yellow & the background is a pale blue.
This is made of a nice-feeling soft fabric. What's too bad though, is that it's little kids only. The largest size would probably be only for 10 year olds or chances are you can't fit into this. The ring shaped tag says Komar Kids on the back & has a CG Sonic portrait on the front. That yellow large tag warns you that the fabric is treated with fire-retardant material. (Fire Retardants are under debate as to whether they're a carcinogen or not / whether they are worth the risk of wearing it vs the risk of actually setting on fire---so perhaps its ok that this doesn't fit)
This should be about 16.99 in Target.
Cuddl Duds Boys Small Sonic Sleep Set In 2020, the brand "Cuddl Duds" (spelled wrong on purpose) gets a modern Sonic license as well. This company sells through Home Shopping Network, Walmart, and Kohls, although this PJ set has only been found at Walmart so far. It's nice to see Sonic on a popular brand.
What's not as nice though, is the sizing. If you're reading this entry...they're not going to fit you. It's only for little boys sizes, even the large probably wouldn't fit anyone over 4 ish feet high or so. It's rather too bad because the 'new brushed fabric' the dot there is advertising actually IS super soft and feels great like something you'd want to wear to bed in the winter. So, if you know any small kids who want Sonic sleepwear...they're well worth the 13.99 at Walmart in winter 2020.
Kohls 3 Piece PJ Set Splash Shade Here is a rather stylish 3 Piece PJs set exclusive to Kohls Department Stores.
This is a summer 2020 item, probably in the boys section. If it's too small for teens/others, it'll be a shame too because it's rather stylish. They've taken the modern characters & 'splashed on' shading for the faces to give them a unique look that has not been done before. The short sleeve pajama top has that done in gray for the full color modern/large Sonic. The pants have rows of gray faces for Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles (all faced forward) with the same effect applied to those. It also spells out his name in green between the rows. The sleep shorts (for warmer weather) are navy blue with green stitch borders & 1 small Sonic logo tag at the waist bad. It's a nice looking set....too bad it probably won't fit anyone but kids.