Sleepwear USA Title Card
Sleeping in Sonic stuff? Of course!
Here you can see the nice variety of Sonic the Hedgehog sleepwear produced for the USA. Watch out for the spelling though, if you're looking to search or buy, it can be Pajama, or Pyjama or PJs. No matter how you spell it, this page is full of fuzzy, soft or warm things to sleep in with lots of great Sonic designs to choose from. Wherever possible buying locations & prices are included with the entry, so you can hopefully shop for some of these too. Gotta sleep fast...or just fast asleep.
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Target 2 Piece Kids Pajama Set Yet another pajama set from Target in 2021.
They seem to be releasing them non-stop, which is great because they've got some cool designs. This one is a 2 piece set with short sleeve top and long pants. The top has blue collar and sleeves with black body section. It uses leaning over/thumbs up modern Sonic for the art. The edge has a sort of lightening bolt shape & his name spelled vertically in an italicized version (probably) of the logo's font. The bottom looks like it may have blue stitch trim?
The pants are all black, and have scattered/every direction various modern Sonic stock arts all over. These are large enough that the pants don't appear overly busy or confusing. They have blue cuffs for the ankles.
This set is in the kids/teens area, and should be about 15 dollars which is a good rate for a 2 piece set like this. It is a winter release, and you can probably find it in store or online.
It's All About Speed Walmart Kids PJs Here's a kids PJs set only at Walmart in 2020/2021.
This set is bundled together with a paper-card strap so the pants and top don't get separated--but it also cannot be tried on. This comes in LITTLE kids sizes only. Even the large/xl won't fit someone much over like...12. (Which is too bad, it's an all-right design)
It's a modern set, with running forward Sonic on a light blue background, with some stars. The long sleeves of the tee are dark blue, and match the pants; and those don't seem to have a Sonic element. The slogan here is "It's All About Speed", which is written at a slant above Sonic. The picture of the outfit on the band helps judge what it will look like once you put it on. The price on this is unknown.
I'm Outta Here Classic Style Pajama Set
Target keeps going in 2021 with a classic style Sonic Pajama 2 Piece Set.
This is the "I'm Outta Here" set. It has neo-classic...what...horizontal? Falling? Sonic with a few dark blue checkers for the background on the long sleeve shirt. Notice that the top has that 'faux double sleeve' going on that was popular a while ago where it looks like a tee over a long sleeve. The slogan is in white near the top. That sticker there tells you it is a 2 piece set. The pants are dark blue with rows of checkers, various classic Sonic faces and "S" letter in red from the logo. The pants are a bit of a soft/not quite fuzzy material, while the top is usual t-shirt fabric.
It's a nice set with plenty of Sonic content, and the neoclassic art keeps it looking fresh, as do the white long sleeves with the light blue shirt part.
Comic Collection Yellow 2 Pc PJ Set
Yes it's another Target stores 2 piece PJ Set...
But it does bring something new. The tag that you can see here is new and rectangular. It announces that this is part of the "Comic Collection", which implies there may be more than 1 thing released with this theme. The theme is IDW Comics / it's art, as a pajama item. The top has a large art of running Sonic over a background of blue/tone comic panels. They're just overlapped & collaged so they don't make a story. There's no dialogue in them. If you look carefully though you can spot the IDW-exclusive character Tangle in one of the panels, but most of them show Sega characters.
The pants to it are yellow to match the big art border, thread-color & neck cuff. It has scattered modern Sonic as fairly small all-over graphics.
The look here is certainly fresh and dynamic, with him over the panel art/a big splashy graphic. The pants being Sonic-designed is also nice (some companies get lazy/have plain pants) This is a quite different looking set, and good for if you are a comic fan. This is a summer/fall 2021 Target exclusive.
Its Go Time Target 3 Pc PJ Set Still more from Target in summer 2021, they just don't stop because...
"It's Go Time!" is the slogan on this 3 piece pajama set. It has a short sleeve top, blue pants and yellow shorts. The shorts are plain yellow with blue stitching & their only Sonic content is the modern logo as a patch on the waistband. The pants have a blue background, white bands of checkers & Sonic, Tails & Knuckles faces scattered over them. The top is...interesting. It has a gray body, blue sleeves & yellow collar. But look at the's CG modern Sonic but he's only partially colored in for some reason? The color seems to randomly cut off at the bottom of his body leaving one hand as line-art along with his legs/feet so he looks a bit like a hovering torso. It still looks ok...but mixing CG with line art doesn't work as well as color vs non-color where it's just all art. This is in the kids section in summer 2021
Im Outta Here Walmart 2 Pc PJ Set Another Pajama set with the same slogan?
Seems so, now Walmart gets this (exclusive to Walmart) 2 piece pajama set for kids. Unlike the previous one, this features modern Sonic. The top has a full color running art of him with colored squares and boost arrows for the background. The slogan is "I'm Outta Here!". It has a black body area and blue sleeves/collar plus the back of the shirt is also blue. It comes with a pair of soft fabric shorts that have 2 different poses for him, jump/kick and the running one from the main design scattered all over. It's a nice set, very Sonic-like and good for anyone who it fits onto. This is a summer 2021 item.
Let's Go Face Hooded Pajama Sonic
This is the "Let's Go Sonic" PJ set at Target.
How many pajamas is Target going to let out with Sonic? Apparently 'lots', because fall 2021 gets yet another pajama in the boys/kids area. It is modern themed, with various poses for Sonic (fairly large) scattered all over a mottled blue background with rings. There is a slogan here on it, which you can see part of (to the left) in red; "Let's Go" (Let's bed...maybe)
Oddly, this is another 'hoodie pj', and the hood is a wacky 'costume style' where it's a Sonic face on the hood. There is a zipper for the neck, and the sleeves are probably about 3/4, while it is a long-pants set.
Do people actually ever use the hood on hoodie pjs? If you sleep in it, the hood can twist around your neck like a scarf and be annoying, or ball up behind your back as you lay down and then be annoying. There's no way to zip it off, either. Hoods for outdoor wear make a lot of sense, but going under the covers in one hmmm.
Time To Fly Tie Dye 2 Pc Set Walmart
Walmart gets its own PJ set in summer 2021.
It has a bit of a 'tie dye' blotchy theme of greens and blues for the top. The art is a modern line art of thumbs up Sonic. As it's not filled in, his colors are the colors of the splotchy shirt. The round sticker says that there's a hood. It's another of those 'character' hoods where it has the flat flappy ears and spikes. As it is a set, it comes with blue, soft fabric shorts. They have a light blue stripe on the sides, and an elastic waist. There is a slogan here, "Time to Fly" on the bottom of one of the legs. However, it doesn't seem to have a Sonic/picture element. It's in the kids/teens area, and is ok if they don't mind sleeping in a hood.
Old Navy Gender Neutral Pajama Sonic 2 Pc
This is the "Gender Neutral Sonic Pajama 2 Piece Set"
Is it also the first item specifically called "gender neutral"? It might be. This is a fall season item exclusive to Old Navy stores in 2021. It should be in-store and online. It's a long sleeve, long pants set for fall or winter wearing. The collar of the shirt and cuffs for the pants are bright yellow, while the soft fabric is a dark navy blue. The top has a getting ready to run/forward modern Sonic line art in sort-of-neon type color. The pants have his name spelled out vertically in hot green down one leg. This font uses always a lowercase 'i', while all the other letters are uppers. It's a modern, clean look that anyone could like...if it fits because it is probably a kids/teens item.
"Gender Neutral"....well, pretty much ALL pajama sets are already this, because there's literally nothing stopping anyone from wearing tees and shorts or long sleeves and fuzzy pants to bed. Every type of person can like any type of color so...? But still, it's nice to see Sonic as more of a 'he is for everyone' type of situation.
Legendary Gamer Wal Mart PJ Set A pajama set with a slogan appears at WalMart in 2021 / winter season. This is a lighter set, made for spring/fall with light weight soft pj pants and a short sleeve top coming as a set on clip together hangers. The top has the slogan "Legendary Gamer" across the chest area. It uses a very-new modern art for Sonic where he is jumping toward the 'camera' with one arm raised and the other back. The background here is blue squares and it has dark blue sleeves.
The pants to the set are nicely Sonic-styled as well with matching yellow cuff that goes with the collar. They have alternating squares of various sizes all over. The large squares have several poses for Sonic in them, which sometimes overlap the square border. It's not too busy, and the matching is good. This should be about 16 dollars.
Go Fast 4 Piece Pajama Set Target Target's back again in late winter 2021 with a new 4 piece deluxe PJ set.
This set has 2 long sleeve tops and 2 long pants so it's more than usual. uses a usual slogan again, which pj set makers seem to like (a bit too much) so it says "Go Fast" on there. These are lighter weight for fall or spring, they are not fleecy. The white top has red sleeves and sliding modern Sonic with dots as a background and the slogan. The red pants that go with this do not seem to have any Sonic content. The 2nd set uses all the same black fabric, just giving it red cuffs for the ankles and collar. It has an all over print of several poses for modern Sonic, dots, and the logo scattered about. The card at the top tells you it's a 4 piece set. It's a decent item, but an element on the red pants would put it into 'very great' territory so it's too bad they didn't bother.
Kohls 2 Piece PJ Set Sonic 91 Here's a modern pajama set from Kohls in late 2021.
This one has modern CG Sonic doing a thumbs-up for the main long-sleeve shirt graphic. He's in front of a gradient of bars with "91" written in it, and the logo at the top. The shirt also fades from white to a darker blue at the bottom. The pants have several scattered poses for modern Sonic on a dark blue background. This set should be about 22 dollars and is in the kids/teens section.
Kohls Pjs 4 Pack Set Winter
For winter 2021, Kohls releases yet another set of pajamas.
This is a more 'deluxe' type set, with 4 items in it so you'll get 2 long sleeve tops and 2 long pants. Both are fairly busy. The first set has a white background with red cuffs, and the second a black background with also red cuffs. The white set has mdern Sonic scattered / overlapping all over along with rings. Some of the art is colored, the other is line art. The second photo isn't blurry...but it looks that way! This time, it's smaller/spaced apart modern Sonic scattered art but there are a few 'after-images' of colored line art/overlaps behind him which gives the impression that it is out of focus when it isn't. This set should be about 35 dollars in the boys/teens area.
Life in the Fast Lane 4 Piece PJ Set More Pajamas at Kohls appear in 2022.
This is the "Sonic Life in the Fast Lane" 4 piece boys/teens pajama set. It has two short sleeve tops, one shorts and one pants. The pants and tops have red cuffs and the shorts seem to be the only part that is unbranded/unfortunately not-Sonic item. The main shirt has the slogan with jumping-twist modern Sonic between the words. The pants and other top have the torso part of that art and rectangles/streaks on a light blue background. It's a fairly busy pattern, and it is all over.
This is an ok set if it fits, it's just too bad about the shorts. It is likely a Kohls exclusive and should be about 27 to 30 dollars in winter 2022.
4 Piece Komar Kids Pajama Set Winter Komar Kids continues to produce pjs thru the winter of 2022.
This is a cold weather appropriate set with 2 long sleeve tops and 2 long pants. Each one shares the same color of yellow for the cuffs and collar. Both pants have the logo on the waistband. One set of shirt/pants has an all-over print of 2 poses for modern Sonic and a blue background. The other set has plain blue pants & a top with pointing/jump modern Sonic in full color, with the logo in yellow and yellow 'rays' shapes for the background. This is at Kohls in winter 2022.
It should be about 35 dollars for the whole set, which is pretty reasonable for 4 pieces.