Sleepwear USA Title Card
Sleeping in Sonic stuff? Of course!
Here you can see the nice variety of Sonic the Hedgehog sleepwear produced for the USA. Watch out for the spelling though, if you're looking to search or buy, it can be Pajama, or Pyjama or PJs. No matter how you spell it, this page is full of fuzzy, soft or warm things to sleep in with lots of great Sonic designs to choose from. Wherever possible buying locations & prices are included with the entry, so you can hopefully shop for some of these too. Gotta sleep fast...or just fast asleep.
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Kohls 4 Piece Set 1 More Level Sonic Summer sleep wear arrives in 2020!
This time, it's a 4 Piece set in Kohls department stores for kids. This is likely in the 'boys' section, but really it's just tees and shorts so it's for everyone. The set has 2 short sleeve soft fabric tops. The first has scatter pattern for the sleeves & yellow main body. The word "Sonic" is spelled out & modern him is in the "O" doing a thumbs up. The 2nd shirt has yellow collar, blue sleeves & black/blue thin stripe body. It has large running 3/4 Sonic & the slogan "Just 1 More Level" written in front of him. This is a newer stock art, and it's pretty large so it looks dynamic on there.
For the shorts, one pair is plain blue with the modern logo on the tag in the waist band. The 2nd pair uses the sleeve-fabric from the first shirt as an all-over pattern. It also has the logo on the waist band. The pattern is that running forward Sonic in full color, then as a blocked in navy blue silouhette & yellow jumping Sonic silouhette too. Since everything here is Sonic branded & styled, it looks nice. The color choices are fun & nothing is too busy nor stale. It's a great set, just too bad it might fit for only kids. This is a Summer 2020 Kohls exclusive set.