Sleepwear USA Title Card
Sleeping in Sonic stuff? Of course!
Here you can see the nice variety of Sonic the Hedgehog sleepwear produced for the USA. Watch out for the spelling though, if you're looking to search or buy, it can be Pajama, or Pyjama or PJs. No matter how you spell it, this page is full of fuzzy, soft or warm things to sleep in with lots of great Sonic designs to choose from. Wherever possible buying locations & prices are included with the entry, so you can hopefully shop for some of these too. Gotta sleep fast...or just fast asleep.
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Kohls 4 Piece Set 1 More Level Sonic Summer sleep wear arrives in 2020!
This time, it's a 4 Piece set in Kohls department stores for kids. This is likely in the 'boys' section, but really it's just tees and shorts so it's for everyone. The set has 2 short sleeve soft fabric tops. The first has scatter pattern for the sleeves & yellow main body. The word "Sonic" is spelled out & modern him is in the "O" doing a thumbs up. The 2nd shirt has yellow collar, blue sleeves & black/blue thin stripe body. It has large running 3/4 Sonic & the slogan "Just 1 More Level" written in front of him. This is a newer stock art, and it's pretty large so it looks dynamic on there.
For the shorts, one pair is plain blue with the modern logo on the tag in the waist band. The 2nd pair uses the sleeve-fabric from the first shirt as an all-over pattern. It also has the logo on the waist band. The pattern is that running forward Sonic in full color, then as a blocked in navy blue silouhette & yellow jumping Sonic silouhette too. Since everything here is Sonic branded & styled, it looks nice. The color choices are fun & nothing is too busy nor stale. It's a great set, just too bad it might fit for only kids. This is a Summer 2020 Kohls exclusive set.
Circuit Sonic Kohls 3Pc PJ Set Boys Kohls is still at it in fall 2020, with still more Sonic pajamas. They must be a popular success that sells well, because this particular retailer just keeps ordering more and more pj sets with Sonic on them. It's too bad they only fit relativly little kids because the designs are fun and the prices are pretty reasonable for everything.
This particular set is called "Circuit Sonic" as it has a circuit-board pattern in the Sonic word spelled vertically. It uses 'getting ready to go' CG Sonic for the front of the short sleeve pajama top. The pants are blue with scattered & various modern
Sonic stock arts in black/white line. The 3rd piece is the shorts, but even this has a small Sonic element on it which is the modern logo on the waist band. This is a good set, the CG is fresh, the colors are all nice & having that usually 'tacked-on' feeling 3rd piece with actual Sonic branding on there is also a nice move. It should still be available there thru winter 2020...if it fits anyone you know. It should be in the boys section, next to 'teen' but not in it because it's too small.
Komar Kids 3 Pc PJ Set Target Time for Target!
This time, in Fall/Winter 2020, Target has no less than THREE sets of Kids Pajamas in the boys/teens area. This is a 3 piece set by Komar Kids brand. It has modern running Sonic on the front of the black, long sleeve top. The background is 5 'after images' of him in different colors as outlines that overlap. Is this the first clothing item to feature this 3/4 view running forward modern stock art? It might be.
It has two pairs of long pants for the other items. One is plain red, and the other is blue with this same image scattered all over it in various colors (like the outlines for the shirt above) That white dot is a sticker and not part of the design, it tells you that this should be a 3 piece set. The long yellow tag there is the 'fire retardant' announcement. The usual Komar Kids paper tag (modern Sonic CG in a ring) is on the sleeve. This set should be in the range of 20 dollars when you see it. The largest size may fit some people who aren't kids/but XL is always difficult to get.
Ready Set Go Kohls 3 Piece PJ Set Yet another pajama set from Kohls stores.
This one should be on shelves along-side at least 2 other sets, so if you see this, keep digging to grab more Sonic stuff.
This is a 4 piece set for winter sleeping. It has the slogan "Ready Set Go" (to bed, hopefully) on the front of the long sleeve blue top. It has red cuffs and red collar. It comes with a red pair of long pants, but those don't seem to have any Sonic detail. (Which is too bad) The second set is totally matching and all gray. It uses a pattern of scattered neoclassic full color Sonic poses, as well as speed line/swish solid color 'speeding Sonics' all over the long sleeve top and pants. This is in the boys section, but it seems it (sadly) does not have teen sizes. It's a good, classic look with some decent neoclassic design.
Mens Adults All-Over Faces Sonic Pajama Pants Finally, some pajama pants for adults!
These classic style Sonic the Hedgehog pajama pants are for men or women, and they are adults sizes only. They have an elastic waist band top, with a black tie /cinch thing. The pants are completely covered in all-over squares, each with a classic Sonic face in it. He has probably 3 or 4 different expressions, repeated all over the pants. This makes them fairly busy...but the squares are also fairly large. The background (what little of it there is, is black)
These are likely to be an Amazon item in winter/2020, and it is also likely that Bio World made them.
Bio World Adult Blue Sonic Sleep Pants Bio World is back!
Back with modern Sonic, that is. (Good for them getting this license back) And, they're putting it to good use with a pair of adult sizes sleep pants / pajama pants. These are for men or women, but here are displayed on a man. They have an elastic and draw-string waist, are all blue, and have a modern Sonic design on the thigh of one leg. It has modern Sonic in a gold ring, and "Sonic" spelled out in a gradient orange tone in the logo font going downwards.
It's not busy, and would go with various pj tops. The Sonic element is large enough to be satisfactory, and it's fun to have it on just one leg. Adult size items are nice because they don't exclude anyone.
This is likely to be an Amazon winter 2020 item.
Komar Kids 2 Piece Sonic Sleepwear Set
Komar Kids shows no sign of slowing down in 2021, which is great, because Sonic fans don't either. Here, they have an all polyester 2 piece sleep wear set. The long sleeve top is light blue for the body with dark blue sleeves. It has a simple graphic of running forward modern Sonic. The pants have an all-over print of various poses for modern Sonic and the modern logo scattered about on the dark blue background.
There's good design effort for the whole thing, plenty of Sonic content on it, and it doesn't come across as too busy. It's a pretty standard looking, good quality thing, perfect for the new Sonic clothing collector/fan. Is this at Kohls stores?
A wacky pajama costume, this time for adults!
This onesie type 'pj character costume' is for adult sizes only. It's classic type, with the usual Sonic 'half a face' hood & zip front. Unlike others though, this one only includes the nose and doesn't add any of the lower face (beige part) at all. It also seems to be missing the blue borders for the ears which isn't a good look. It has stuffed spikes for the back of the head/hood, and for the photo they're pulled to the side so you can see them. (They'd lay in the back normally like all of this type do. The long sleeves are beige & it has the 'lower crotch' cut but not the bag-style cut (where the pj looks like a sack with the crotch area at the knee level)

This probably is only good for a novelty use though. The hood isn't removable so sleeping with floppy stuffed spikes and a hood that can twist around your neck probably isn't comfortable. Ironic wear at a 'wacky pj party' or something would likely be the only use for it.

Speed Team 4 Piece PJ Set Target This is called the Speed Team 4 Piece Set.
It's a Target item, possibly Komar Kids, and will be in the boys/teens section. It's 2 sets of mix n' match pajamas. The main shirt is light blue with dark blue sleeves. It has the slogan "Speed Team" in a kind of retro font. There's modern reaching forward Sonic, running Knuckles and hopping Tails, along with some rings scattered around. The matching shorts are blue. The other 2 parts are all-matching fabric with red collar and cuffs. This one has pants & a short sleeve top. The design here is the same modern art for STK, but it is scattered around /small size all over the white background along with rings.
The sizes for this probably aren't that large, it seems to tend more into 'little kids', so probably not everyone can wear it. It's an all right modern looking set with good variety, and an all right price because it is 20 dollars for everything when it isn't even on sale. This is a winter 2021 Target item.
Girls Kids Sonic Amy Pajama 3 Piece Set Here's the (probable) first in the title "Girls Sonic 3 Piece PJ Set". First because it is specifically mentioned to be 'for girls'. But really, as with everything almost Sonic, if it fits literally anyone boy or girl could wear it because Sonic & friends are for everyone.
This set has a blue short sleeve sleep top with modern jumping/peace sign Sonic line art. The effect on the art is that it fades from yellow to aqua to pink as the line continues. The shorts with it are pink but they're probably also plain/no Sonic element. The pants are black & use line art scattered all over. It has line art of Sonic and Amy Rose along with a star bumper. So, a good item for Amy fans too. This set appears at Target in winter 2021, and should be about 17 dollars which is an ok price. It may be in the girls/teens area, but it is also likely to be online at their website.
Gotta Go Fast 3 Pc PJ Set More pajamas at Target in 2021, here comes the "Gotta Go Fast 3 Piece Set"
This is in the kids section and has a short sleeve top, pants, and shorts. The top has a blue body and red sleeves. The slogan is "Gotta Go Fast" in white, over jumping-twist art for modern Sonic. The shorts are plain red with the modern logo on the waist band area. The pants are dark navy blue with red cuffs. It has the logo on the waistband.
There are scattered Sonic arts and logos in dark/light blue all over the pants. They're large enough that it doesn't come across as too busy. It's an ok set, if you didn't already have something similar. It doesn't stand out in a design way, but it's also pretty solidly Sonic. A normal item. It should be about 20 dollars. The left photo is the factory photo, the right is in the store.