Sleepwear USA Title Card
Sleeping in Sonic stuff? Of course!
Here you can see the nice variety of Sonic the Hedgehog sleepwear produced for the USA. Watch out for the spelling though, if you're looking to search or buy, it can be Pajama, or Pyjama or PJs. No matter how you spell it, this page is full of fuzzy, soft or warm things to sleep in with lots of great Sonic designs to choose from. Wherever possible buying locations & prices are included with the entry, so you can hopefully shop for some of these too. Gotta sleep fast...or just fast asleep.
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Gray Portrait Red Sonic Kids PJs Set This long sleeve shirt & long pants are only available in little kids sizes. The design element here is the use of black/white (or mostly gray, actually) portraits of Sonic. Modern Sonic appears twice on the top, but the background is rectangles with the gray portraits in them. This repeats on the pants with tiled portraits, but it appears they're all upside-down for some reason? Also that red blob behind colored/large Sonic on the top comes across as sort of a heart shape. Sleepwear has a reputation for busy & loud design (counter-intuitive, perhaps) and this set is no exception.
My Game Never Stops boys' sleep set This is presented as a "sleep set" but you could probably wear the tee around just anywhere. This may be a little-kids sizes only set. The shirt is red with 2 blue bands around each sleeve & the slogan here is "My Game Never Stops" (which is a rather odd motto to have on a sleep/rest item) It has SA2 look Sonic near the top. The shorts are blue with red stripes, but do they have any Sonic element on them? Where can you buy this?
Kohls Sonic & Knuckles Pajama Pants & Shorts Here are 2 pairs of sleep-bottoms, a pants & a shorts. They both have an almost-identical pattern. The only difference seems to be the angle of the cut of the fabric & the darkness of the blue background. Sonic logos repeat on the blue/blue background. There are 2 poses for Sonic & 1 pose for Knuckles which repeats all over the fabric as well. Notice the classic S&K art is MIXED with modern logos. This is probably an error, official stuff shouldn't do that.
Each has an elastic waist-band & the shorts have a red cord to tie in the front. Both of these were found at Kohl's stores in the boys area...however teens could probably fit into the larger sizes. These were available in about 2012 or 2011. Photo & owned by Kat and Silver
Wal-Mart Tank-top Sonic Face Sleep Set This is a tank top & soft fabric shorts set. It's called a 'sleep set' but you could probably wear the top like a normal shirt. This is at Wal Mart, and should be about 8.48 , because it is in the boys/little kids only area. It's probably too small for regular fans to wear. The top has a really large (goes off 2 edges) modern Sonic face & the modern logo at the bottom. The shorts have the same face scattered randomly all over, along with the logo in white. The shorts are red, and they come clipped to the main hanger (labeled as 2-pc set on the tag) It's a decent sleep item, if only it were in a better variety of sizes. Photo by Crystal SonicFan
One And Only Sonic 2pc Sleep Set Here is a nicely detailed Sonic modern sleep set. It has a short sleeve sleep-shirt & soft fabric long pants. The top has a multi-color (red-yellow-blue) fade on modern jumping Sonic line art. The modern logo is sideways/vertical in blue & the same fade goes across the words "The One And Only!" written right above Sonic. The pants are pale blue with 1 black stripe down the side. The bottom of the pants near the ankle part has the modern logo printed sideways/vertical , but this time in black.
It is good to see both parts of another sleep set branded--too often the pants/shorts don't have any Sonic imagry/logos so they appear boring. You can see the tag in the back, it's the company that just puts the modern logo in color on a fabric tag & nothing else. Where was this set available?
Photo by: Name Lost please correct
SGI Apparel Group Pajama Set This is a fun set of pjs, too bad it's in little kids sizes only. This is by a new in 2014 company "SGI Apparel Group". Notice what their paper tag looks like, a disk with thumbs-up modern Sonic. The top is a short sleeve, with red collar & sleeve tips. It has an extra red sleeve stripe. The art is newer running/angle Sonic. The pants have scattered modern stock arts & logos with some checkers. This was found at Ross for 7.99. However, Ross does not get its own merchandise. It is a 'clearing store' for things that did not sell out at other retailers*.
So, while you can look for the set at your local Ross, it may or may not be there, depending on how well this did in its original selling place. Photo & owned by Crystal Sonic Fan.
*This doesn't mean the item is junky or "did bad", it just means if it shows up at Ross, 100% of them didn't sell out, which is both common & normal in retail.
CG Green Hill Sonic Long Sleeve PJ Top Set This is a long sleeve top paired with shorts pajama set. It's unusual, mainly because the top design is all CG. It has an all-over print of Generations Green Hill Zone with rings & CG jumping-forward Sonic. The other unusual part is that sets usually put a long sleeve with pants, not shorts. They do match for real though, as the bottom of each item has a yellow thread border. This is likely a kids-teens size, but it doesn't look too tiny here. With the all over-streight-from-the-game design, this set really stands out & looks good. It's too bad the shorts do not have a Sonic element. No painted on designs to wear out, either! This item should be in the SonicGear Store (unless it sells out) 2014
Tank Top Shorts Sonic Shadow Gritty Set This pajama set consists of shorts & a tank top. With paint spatter, checkers, smears & splashed in designs, it comes across as a "gritty" look. The theme here is Sonic & Shadow & they made sure to decorate both pieces, which is nice. A Sonic portrait, jumping-twist stock art, Shadow pointing, the modern logo & a Sonic vs Shadow racing scene are on the top. The name of the set is "Speed Highway" but is that the background/zone they are in? It's hard to tell with the photo. The shorts have Sonic & Shadow stock art scattered about them, along with portraits.
The top also has something slightly unusual going on: it is 2 layers of fabric. Notice how the whole outside is red, and then the interior is all black, not just the collar. This is a kids size item. This item should be in the SonicGear Store (unless it sells out) 2014
Sonic & Shadow CG PJ Set Walmart
Here is a set of pajamas that appear at Walmart in fall 2014. It's an all blue set with long sleeve top & 'micro raschel' type fuzzy pants. The pants have various Sonic & Shadow poses scattered over them (fabric may have been used before) The top mixes CG with stock art. The background & logo are CG, it looks like maybe something out of Generations? There's a totem-pole in the background & some checkered dirt, while Sonic & Shadow are stock art. The way they're positioned & the choice of art is kind of fun, Shadow is running & looking typically serious while Sonic is sort of ahead of him, leaping happily with a peace sign up. This set is 11.97 & has the "sega" paper tag that doesn't say what company made it.
2-Sided Print Front Back PJ Top This short sleeve PJ top has a fun gimmick: front & back printing, with Sonic faced each way for each side. On the front, he's pointed outward, doing a thumbs up with the modern logo. On the back, he's faced mostly away, looking over one shoulder. This is made of softer-than tee material. It is likely a Walmart item. The round yellow sticker on the front says "Turn over & look at the back" to promote the design. This is a kids-size item.
Sonic Kids Pajama 2 Piece Pants Set 2015 This 2 piece pants PJ set was released in late 2015.
It has a short sleeve tee-type top, with jumping twist modern Sonic. There's a paint spatter rust colored background, yellow square portrait of his face, and the logo in the bottom right corner. But look closely! Who's that behind the logo? You can see they've added Shadow to the design, but sort of just hidden his face away down there with the logo.
The pants have various scattered Sonic arts, and the logo, on a dark blue background, in a fairly busy pattern. As you can sort of tell by the proportions of the items in the photo, this is for little kids only. (likely will not fit teens) Where is this sold? How much does it cost?
Game Over Sonic Gray Red PJ Kids Set Another PJ set from late 2015.
Sadly, this is another little kids only set. Probably only goes up to size for 10 year olds or so. The top is mottled gray with modern Sonic in a swirl / dots circle. A thick pixelated font spells out "Game Over" & at the bottom "Sonic". It comes with red long pants, likely of a similar soft fabric. Where were these sold? These 'kids tiny pajamas' keep showing up but nobody seems to be able to find them in a store. Sometimes this appears on Amazon, but not always.
Game On Adult Pajama Pants Black
Finally, some new PJs in 2018.
This soft cloth pajama pants is just by itself / not a set. The Sega Shop online released the pants in 2018 / summer season. They're adults sizes and for men or women so they'll fit anyone. They have an elastic waist & design on one leg. It has classic Sonic as a blue & white outline (white for the black areas of his nose/eyes) & the words "Game On" written down the leg. They're both spelled out in different 'video game' like fonts.
The pants are advertised as either PJs or lounge pants for playing videogames indoors. The design is nice, it's not too busy or too subtle. It takes advantage of the long leg to go very vertical & be unique. (Not just some tee design downsized and slapped on) The pants are 25 dollars in 2018.