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Prehistoric Sonic Episode AoStH Cell
This is an animation cell from the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog (weekday Sonic) show. It is from the episode Prehistoric Sonic. It's another fairly special cell, as it comes with the characters Sonic & Tails on separate layers (its how the animation was made) along with the painted background. It also has the pencils for the scene underneath it all (not seen here) Unfortunately a bit, Tails' eyes aren't looking in the same direction for this shot so he seems a tad odd. Cells like this with 2 characters & the background are prized and harder to obtain. Photo & owned by SonicToast
Roller Racers Sonic Wheels Launcher MIB This is the Sonic Roller Racers wheel launching toy. It says "High Speed Launcher With 3 Stunt Wheels". What is the obsession with wheel toys? There have been meal-toy wheels as well, but these are clearly better quality. They have rubber edges with geometric designs pressed into them for traction. Each wheel has a character portrait on it. You can see it has a Sonic & Tails wheel here, but there is a 3rd "Mystery Wheel" as noted by the question mark in the launcher handle. There is also a "Shadow Themed" wheel launcher. Each one is about 9.99 and found at Toys R Us in 2013. Notice that it is by Jazwares.
Needs photo of Shadow wheel thinger
Real Metal Mania Collector's Card If you pre-ordered the special Collector's Edition of Sonic Mania (for any system, or the PC) this "Metallic Collectors Card" came inside your gigantic box of really great Sonic stuff.
However, it is made of REAL METAL. So, it's a great quality surprise. The silver-tone there is actual metal that has a glaze over it that holds the designs. It is different front/back. The card thing though, does NOT have the games code-key number on it, that is on a separate paper. This metal rectangle is just that: a collectible piece.
2018 Christmas Greetings Ceramic Ornament
A Sonic Christmas Ornament?
It's true, and it's actually the 2nd one to exist. (The first was that 'game gear tiny system model with Sonic in the fake screen) This is a 3 inch diameter printed ceramic ornament. It is flat, with a hole at the top for a hook or ribbon to hang it on your tree. Oddly, the ornament isn't a very 'Christmas' green, it's more surgical-scrubs blueish-green. One side has a new/specific for it (which is nice) art of classic Sonic in a Santa hat, holding 1 gift while walking, as other gifts are in the air around him. The other side has a 'holiday sweater' like pattern & the phrase "Christmas Greetings From Sonic" with the last bit in script-ish font. This is a Segashop exclusive item & is 16.95. That's a bit costly because it is so small & doesn't even come with something to hang it from a tree.
This is an item for the holidays in 2018, but it appears in January. (So, getting ready early) But at nearly 20 dollars for a tiny 3 inch item...(and you can guess printing on some ceramic disk isn't that costly) and it seems a more than a little 'out there' on the pricing. Plus, if it's ceramic, its' fragile too. Why not make it on metal for the same price?
Hopper Ball Flat Sonic Theme This is a Hopper Ball. It is an inflatable rubber ball with a single handle at the top, which you can sit on, & bounce. It's sort of like an inflatable chair, but it's made of very springy rubber so it acts sort of like an extremely simple pogo stick...only you're sitting & never get to spring up very high. See what's going on, on the box picture? That's exactly all that it is good for. The Sonic graphic is nice, with rings, stars & Knuckles, Amy, Cream & Tails. Photos discovered by Berzerker Hopper Ball MIP Photo
DST Minimates Figures Diamond Select Toys makes a stylized series of simple figures called "Minimates" for several franchises characters. At Toyfair 2018, they added Sonic to their list with this Mini Mates display here. The card says they intend for these to be a box set of some type. It's also marked with 'series 1', so if it does well that generally shows intention to make another set adding more characters.
They have a bit of a curious starting line-up though, with who they chose here.
They skipped Knuckles & Shadow, but included Silver & Cream. (An uncommon decision) There's even a chao in their style! But, with it turned away you can't tell if it's Cheese. In this style, all characters are somehwat 'lego figure like' with obviously rectangle bodies with no real shape, painted on body detail & basic cylendrical heads. This works better for some characters than it does for others...and they break their own rule somehow with Eggman? Why? Most of the characters look ok, except for Cream who's head seems way too small & body too big with very long legs. She's supposed to have 'babyish' proportions, but....it's just not happening here.
Hopefully these can get some refinement before they're released. Better photos will appear here once they're released. Photo discovered by Taaron & Pichu97
Classic Sonic Gift Carry Small Ornament Christmas 2019 brings TWO Sonic Christmas ornaments!
Make your tree cooler, when you hang these festive resin ornaments from the branches. The left ornament features classic Sonic in a new pose. He's wearing a Santa hat, and is shown carrying a red & green wrapped gift in one hand while walking & smiling.
The second ornament is also supposed to be resin...but it has a different style & look? There are no outlines on this one at all, and the material (for some reason) really doesn't look the same...so what's going on here?
Either way, this has modern Sonic doing a thumbs up inside a gold ring that has a Christmas bow at the bottom. He's also wearing a santa cap. Both of these have a silvertone cord to hang them from a hole in the top. They are both 2018/2019 Sega Shop items, and are 15 dollars each.
Sonic Santa Hat Ring Ornament
The reasonability of the price would depend on what size they are and if the material is fragile or not. Ornaments tend to be a little costlier than every-day items because they are customized / special to Christmas somehow. However, they're also pretty collectible at the same time.
Gameworks Prizes Selection 6 A whole selection of 6 Gameworks Sonic co-branded prizes! And...a first-of-a-kind (and hopefully last too, gee whiz) Sonic thing you didn't know existed!
At the top, you can see a regular deck of playing cards. As usual, the back of each card is Sonic branded, but the fronts are all 100% standard/normal/boring. In this case, it has the modern 'thumbs up' Sonic face with the modern logo below him. It looks like the backs may feature a little foil, too.
Then, there are 4 yoyos. After all, if you can EZ-re-brand a yoyo, why not have many colors to pick from? So you can see the green one there from the close up above, yellow, red, and blue. All of them use the same white graphic.
*Did you notice the photo's background? It's more of that Japanese Sonic fabric, the one with various Metal Sonics & green plaid. You can see more of it on Japan Gear. But what's that clearly folded peach-colored item, printed in black? It's still in the thin card-top package...so it's hard to tell exactly what you could win but it is a........Sonic the Hedgehog Whoopee Cushion! Can you believe it?
Just when you thought you'd seen Sonic-everything, here comes one more item you'd never suspect! This joke cushion is yet another easy to brand item that's inexpensive, so it's perfect for a prize counter. It's printed in black, and has the same graphic of Sonic as everything else here. Photo discovered by:
Minimates 4 Pack Figures on Card
The photo above on this page shows the Minimates at Toyfair.
But this photo shows their release in 2019 (so about a year) in the 4 pack that they promised. You get Sonic, Amy, Tails & Eggman in one pack, plus 2 small brown rings. Sometimes you'll see the pack with the central part covered by a card or a sticker to hide the "2nd body" for Tails.
It's not another body, it is actually a type of "Smock", with his tails attached & the white patch printed on the front. You have to pull his head off, and snap this extra piece down over the body you see on the figure, in order to complete him. It was done this way so that everything would fit in the box properly because his tails are big. So, he is not missing details or wrong, or duplicate, it's just packaging mechanics and how they solved it.
Info provided by: Taaron
Tubbz Duck Sonic Bath Toy MIB Fit for the random page, here's something...pretty random.
It's a "Tubbz Ducky" the Tubbz Rubber Duck bath toy that's made to look like various popular characters. (So, kind of like a funko but instead of a dead-eyed little golem...it's duck shaped) The packaging is very fitting, of cousre, it is shaped like a little bath tub for the duck to sit in. It even has 'feet' for the tub. To protect the figure, a clear plastic topper fits to the tub with the label card. The tub has the modern logo on it/so it's something you'd keep. The tops make them stackable.
There were 4 characters done on this round of Tubbz, they did Sonic, Knuckles, Tails & Eggman. All the packages are the same, just the ducks are different.
Tubbz Duck Sonic Sides Tubbz Ducks Characters Knuckles Tails
Here's the whole wave of them, so you can see the various angles which shows a bit of...how odd they kind of are?
They are not "A duck dressed as a favorite character", nor are they "A Sonich character dressed as a funny duck". They're kind of....mutated hybrid things. Look how the Sonic duck has 2 noses...the bill has nostrils but there's a nose on the end of it. Also the wings/arms are on 'backward' to how a real wing could go for the raised hand, as are the Knuckles fists. Egg-duck's entire lower face was deleted in favor of the beak while nobody elses' was.
Despite the super-strangeness that has been produced here, that's not to say they didn't work hard on these because they clearly did. You've got Knuckles big fist details, Tails' bangs sculpted on/2 tails seen, the heads are all well shaped/sculpted & Eggman has 3D details for his coat/mustache and good goggles/glasses. The other oddity is that Eggman is modern styled but nobody else is/usually that doesn't happen. Maybe classic Eggman was too simple for the duck to work of him?
A well made but odd collectible set of rubber ducky bath toy figures. Discovered by Taaron
Mega Squishme Just Toys Sonic Head Package This is a "Mega Squishme", which is a larger-than-usual 'squeeze foam' type of toy. This is produced by Just Toys LLC in 2020. It IS on Amazon, but it can also be in stores as well as sold in Europe. The whole thing is that solid stress-reliever dense foam where it will 'slo-rise' back into shape when squeezed. The package is a bag with hang-card, and the measure there in the factory photo (with background) has it at about 6 inches. With the fan photo below that has hand in it, you can see the real size. This is about 16 dollars but...looking at the fan photo below you can see that they weren't careful with it and the eyes are uneven to a
Sonic Mega Squishme Squeeze Toy fairly large degree! Look at that! One is so much higher than the other...it just doesn't look right. The sculpt is otherwise fine, and the colors are decent otherwise this thing would go to mutant gear. It's very unfair to have such a price and then some of them come out that poorly mis-stamped. Fan photos by Hedgy
Nerd Block Vinyl Stickers Classic Style
These are the "Nerd Block Vinyl Stickers".
Whatever the Nerd Block is, has decided to produce some fairly large vinyl instead of the usual paper/type stickers. They choose getting ready to run classic Sonic, neoclassic fists-together Knuckles and neoclassic waving Tails. There's also the 25th Anniversary logo with fully shaded Sonic in the winged ring/with banner there as the 4th sticker.
These may have been a part of some 'loot box' or prize thing of some sort. It's unknown if they were sold on their own or how much/where it was.
Hallmark 2021 Keepsake Sonic Classic Ornaments Now the greeting card & ornament company Hallmark gets a Sonic license?
Yes they sure did, and it's the classic license. For Christmas 2021, it will release these two figural / fully 3D ornaments in their "Hallmark Keepsakes" collection. Ornaments of this type tend to be made of some kind of hard resin type material and are fully painted. You can see the hang loop on the top of the figure's head. They'll be in a box with a picture of what's inside.
The first is flying Tails carrying feet-up Sonic, and the second is gliding Knuckles holding a gold ring. Both are a super choice! It's a perfect way to show friendship in the holiday season & include both characters. Knuckles looks like he is having fun gliding with the ring. It's a good active pose, he's on-model, and it's not over-used. When hanging up something, the poses were clearly taken into
consideration as to what would look good and fun. Hallmark is really off to a fantastic start with these! Hopefully they'll sell well, and want to make more for 2022 and beyond. The Knuckles MAY be some kind of limited edition / or be less common (which would be too bad) but we'll know more as the date approaches. These are a factory photo that was released by Hallmark in spring 2021. Discovered by Taaron

Supposedly these are quite fragile so if you get these do be careful.

Nanoblock 5 Characters Buildable Nanoblock is a sort of buld-able toy. The blocks resemble tiny 1x1 legos with a button on top and the hole in the bottom to snap it into. They work sort of like a pixel where you snap them together. Here, they release kits to build 5 different Sonic characters.
You can build Knuckles, Tails, Amy, Shadow or Eggman. And...they sorta look like the characters? The medium (blocks) and size (small) is rather limiting it seems because the outcome is...well, what you see up there. It's an all right idea but they're kinda wierd.
Lego Official Green Hill Zone Set Lego finally gets in on the Sonic play set action...
With a Green Hill Scene! After having several polls and fan things done, Lego decided to make an official set for Sonic. They're starting with GHZ, which is probably expect-able (though Mania probably also would have worked) It has rings, Crabmeat, Moto-Bug, a palm, 2 power up monitors, Eggman in his Egg o Matic and, of course, a Sonic figure. There's also the famous loop you can build, a midway-post, and a spring bumper. Notice the 'water' pieces under the bridge where the crabmeat is, too. Lego is quite suited for the checkered ground. There are even clear posts to hold up the 'floating' type elements.
This costs 69.99, but it has well over 1,000 pieces to build so that is probably to be expected. It's a big set!
Lego Fans Notice: The set seems to have a peg of some kind to join up to something else...does that mean they're planning other zones if this one sells well? Hopefully so. Discovered by Taaron
Store Box Photo Lego GHZ Target Here is the actual in-store photo of the Lego Green Hill Zone set. With the better lighting, you can see it's from their 'ideas' line, has 1125 pieces, and still costs 69.99.

The right side photo is Lego's own, they show what it looks like when it's built and set up just like the box. There's a little stand for the egg o matic, and it also reveals that it comes with some kind of...

Built Scene Lego Green Hill
black bar stand thing that holds all 7 tiny chaos emeralds. Also with the photo you can see it seems they did get the colors right, and that there is probably a little place on it to attach the Sonic figure.
Goo Jit Zu Carded Sonic Stretchy Here's something curious...
It's a Sonic stretchy figure but that's not the curious part. That is, that it's done by Goo Jit Zu, which is it's own line of figures & it's own franchise with original characters, commercials and a show. (Moose toys makes it) Somehow though, they decided to make a classic Sonic stretchy figure, and here it is. He's on a clamshell plastic card, and is rather heavy. The figure is made of a solid stretchy/snap-back 'goo gel' with a painted exterior for the details. To be a proper stretchy toy however, the limbs, ears, neck & etc all have to be quite thick to avoid it breaking if it is stretched.
GooJitZu classic style Sonic Figure
The thick limbs don't look terrible for him/he doesn't seem as disproportionate as when something defects and does 'big body'. Do notice that the arm paint is uneven though, it needed to be higher up onto the shoulder area. It actually is heavy, in the package it weighs 12 ounces which is a lot for a figure. (This doesn't make Sonic part of the GooJitZu 'universe', so it's odd they left the label there--it's like suddenly Barbie makes a Sonic figure or he shows up on TMNT or something that already had it's own line and own characters & show and then just suddenly.....a totally different franchise member shows up.)
Goo Figures:
Depending on the current state of goo technology (yes there is such a thing) stretchy/goo/rubbery figures have improved from the past, but they may not be invincible or perfect for long-term collecting. If you want to collect him (he's fun, unique, and reasonably priced at 9.99 in Target of 2022) it may be a good idea to leave him on his card, or at least keep the clam-shell card and be able to snap him back into it for preservation.