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Prehistoric Sonic Episode AoStH Cell
This is an animation cell from the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog (weekday Sonic) show. It is from the episode Prehistoric Sonic. It's another fairly special cell, as it comes with the characters Sonic & Tails on separate layers (its how the animation was made) along with the painted background. It also has the pencils for the scene underneath it all (not seen here) Unfortunately a bit, Tails' eyes aren't looking in the same direction for this shot so he seems a tad odd. Cells like this with 2 characters & the background are prized and harder to obtain. Photo & owned by SonicToast
Hotwheels All stars Racing Danica Sonic Car Hot Wheels has worked with Sonic themed cars before. This time, they made a...strange car and painted it so that it looks like it might be a relative of the Sonic All Stars Racing / Sega sponsored car Danica (seen here on the card) drove in the race. This is the "Danicar".
Why didn't they make a replica of the actual car? This car is unusual because if you look closely, it has 6 wheels. The front is a smallish fin & the engine is sort of exposed in the back while the driver gets a cockpit type area. It's still got the Sega / Sonic & GoDaddy branding/logos, along with some green flames.
This could be gotten as a pre-order bonus at GameStop for Sonic AllStars Racing 2...but where else can you find it? Photo & owned by SonicFan09
Roller Racers Sonic Wheels Launcher MIB This is the Sonic Roller Racers wheel launching toy. It says "High Speed Launcher With 3 Stunt Wheels". What is the obsession with wheel toys? There have been meal-toy wheels as well, but these are clearly better quality. They have rubber edges with geometric designs pressed into them for traction. Each wheel has a character portrait on it. You can see it has a Sonic & Tails wheel here, but there is a 3rd "Mystery Wheel" as noted by the question mark in the launcher handle. There is also a "Shadow Themed" wheel launcher. Each one is about 9.99 and found at Toys R Us in 2013. Notice that it is by Jazwares.
Needs photo of Shadow wheel thinger
Real Metal Mania Collector's Card If you pre-ordered the special Collector's Edition of Sonic Mania (for any system, or the PC) this "Metallic Collectors Card" came inside your gigantic box of really great Sonic stuff.
However, it is made of REAL METAL. So, it's a great quality surprise. The silver-tone there is actual metal that has a glaze over it that holds the designs. It is different front/back. The card thing though, does NOT have the games code-key number on it, that is on a separate paper. This metal rectangle is just that: a collectible piece.
Hopper Ball Flat Sonic Theme This is a Hopper Ball. It is an inflatable rubber ball with a single handle at the top, which you can sit on, & bounce. It's sort of like an inflatable chair, but it's made of very springy rubber so it acts sort of like an extremely simple pogo stick...only you're sitting & never get to spring up very high. See what's going on, on the box picture? That's exactly all that it is good for. The Sonic graphic is nice, with rings, stars & Knuckles, Amy, Cream & Tails. Photos discovered by Berzerker Hopper Ball MIP Photo