Sonic the Hedgehog Action Figures
Jakks Pacific got the license in 2019, and continues here in 2023.
This page will have their 2022 / 2023 articulated larger-5 inch size figures only. They have both modern and classic license, so any figure that falls in the "Articulated Action Figures" category will be on this page if it was in 2022 or 2023. Bendy type figures, deluxe figures & small line or car-figures will go onto a separate page. But if it's by Jakks Pacific and it's an action figure, check them out here.
UK NEWS: These & other JP figures CAN be at Smyth's Stores!
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New Expression Knuckles 2023 A new expression for Knuckles in 2023.
Jakks Pacific will release another modern Knuckles at the 5 inch size in late summer or possibly fall 2023. This one has a different expression, the mouth is more 'yeah lets go' cheering type than the usual serious expression that he had before. This version will come with the yellow spring bumper.
It's not a huge difference by any means, but if you weren't able to get him earlier/missed his re-release wave, this is a good opportunity. This is a factory photo.
Blaze the Cat Sol Emerald Figure Finally! Fall 2023 sees the release of Blaze the Cat figure with her red Sol Emerald. (Remember, she is from another dimension, where the Emeralds are called Sol Emeralds and they are this rectangle shape) It's a bit odd that they took so long to release her, as she's arguably more popular than Silver Metal Sonic, a boss-badnick that only appeared in Sonic 2 on the Genesis. Is it the "Girls Curse" tampering with people's opinions again? (It could be...which is sad)
Better late than never though, because this is a cool figure that gets the details right. There's the textured furry glove cuffs & socks, the overcoat looks good, and they got the splits in the hair tips too. Her color and expression are good,
she is a generally serious character, so she's shown concentrating here, which is appropriate. The Sol emerald looks like it is a good size also. This is a factory photo.
Fall 2023 Jakks Pacific 5 inch figures At SDCC in 2023, Jakks Pacific revealed their Fall 2023 wave of figures...but it seems dodgy on the timing. Either some stores got them too early (such as July) or they'll be releasing this wave twice or something.
Hopefully the release has enough of the not-Sonic figures in it, because even though Forces wasn't so popular you can tell Infinite and the Phantom Ruby is going to be in demand, and Cream, never being released before despite being part of Team Rose will probably also be quite wanted. Metal Sonic and his Spring Trap is also a good pick to re-release to be sure everyone gets Metal that wants him.
Infinite Jackal Box Here is Infinite the Jackal in the box. He has 12 points of articulation, thanks to his tail, which can also be used to help him stand. The box shows the Phantom Ruby well, and the depth allows you to see the wiry 'hairs' on the back of his head and the mask detail decently. It shows the other figures on his wave which are skateboard accessory modern Sonic, Cream the Rabbit and re-release Metal Sonic with his eggman-trap spring accessory. The box back blurb says "He was once the leader of the Jackal Squad, but was hired by Eggman after they tried to raid his base".
Infinite Jackal Turns Photo Here's a better look at their Infinite the Jackal with his Phantom Ruby accessory. And...he looks great! As expected from their photos and the box, they've done another excellent job here.
The phantom ruby has the correct number of facets, and is a hard plastic. They got each of his wiry 'hairs' or whatever those are sculpted nicely onto the back of the figure. The tail can be used to help him have more poses. They did capture the 'claw tip' type gloves (the first character to ever have that) and they did get the texture and red shoe soles correct as well. He may not have tons of colors, but he does have a complicated design and they got it with the textures (shoe/glove straps) and paint applications.
HOPEfully everyone can get him, or they re-release him because complaints have come in that the wave is not being distributed quite right and has way too many of Skateboard Sonic on there and not enough of Cream or him. Watch out for this that it doesn't become rare.
Jakks Gold Series Mecha Sonic Jakks Pacific (seemingly) just springs up with a thing called 'gold series'
And, they introduce it with this Mecha Sonic figure. The difference here seems to be the paint, which is now genuinely metallic, as well as the box format. It still has the usual accessory, in this case the 1 up monitor, but the box is now a full box instead of a bubble card. It has a front and top window, with a simpler, logo-free design that really features the character name & doesn't have Sonic pictures all over it. Notice they did their own Jakks logo in gold down there too.
Is this a good idea?
Probably, but...where are they selling these? The first one, Classic Sonic with a skateboard and odd self-shaded paint job was on Walmart but wasn't always labeled 'gold series' or having something to distinguish it or that it would be part of a line. There's also Super Sonic but he's kind of white with a gradient and Metal Sonic with shinier paint. Price information and more photos are pending because Jakks didn't really broadcast about these and even Gamestop doesn't seem to know.
Cream Rabbit Turn Around Photos Here's a closer look at Cream the Rabbit figure and...she's actually really great! Jakks really did a fantastic job with her, the only thing that could improve it would be adding elbow joints.
Look at the expression & the mouth, it's textured in and painted perfectly so it gives the appearance
of being open naturally. The ears are the exact right size and softer rubber so they're not fragile. They make good use of their new 'kind of ball-socket joint...ish' on her ankles so the feet can tip as well as turn so you can get more poses for her going. The ice cream stays in her hand pretty well/ looks normal. This is just a completely solid figure, 100% recommended to collect her. (Remember: she may end up as rare becuase 'girl character' issues that companies seem to create)
Econobox Sonic & Cream Econo box interior NEW packaging appears in late 2023...economy!
What's this called? Econo-box? Jakks Pacific doesn't seem to have a name for it other than 'set'...which is unfortunate becuse this package is a really good idea. Rather than buying bubble carded figures, this pack lets fans have another chance at figures for a lower cost.
With each bubble carded 5 inch figure being about 10+ dollars, the 2 packs econoboxes sells for maybe 18 (at Amazon) for both, which is a nice savings especially if you wanted to open it to display the figures. They come in bags that are strapped to the back of the box as shown above, with a bunch of tape. The accessories are bundled together. Cut the bags open and you're ready to play.
The signifigant thing about this for collectors is that these are coming out AFTER the wave is gone from stores so the all-important 2nd chance to grab figures of characters you missed is great with this. Especially because they seem to be short-packing EVERY character except Sonic (and sometimes Knuckles) so there's like 15 of him on shelves and 0 of anybody else because no one is buying 5 Sonics for themselves every time he comes out. By all means rush onto Amazon and pick up these Economy Sets of any character you didn't get in 2023! These aren't the only 2/you have to do searches.
A closer look at the Snowboard Sonic from above set.
He was also released bubble carded. As you can see this is the side smile/teeth version of his head, he has one hand to hold something and the other is the first hand. The board has his name in a stripe on the underside (which is never visible in any packaging format) Here, the belly-dot paint looks slightly thin, so it's a tad dark applied over his dark blue plastic, but it's nothing terrible. A peg holds his shoe nicely to the board, so you can slide it along surfaces.