Sonic the Hedgehog Action Figures
Jakks Pacific got the license in 2019, and continues here in 2021.
This page will have their 2020 / 2021 articulated larger-5 inch size figures only. They have both modern and classic license, so any figure that falls in the "Articulated Action Figures" category will be on this page if it was in 2020 or 2021. Bendy type figures will go onto a separate page. But if it's by Jakks Pacific and it's an action figure, check them out here.
UK NEWS: These & other JP figures CAN be at Smyth's Stores!
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Super Sonic Jakks Pacific 5 inch Action Figure In 2021 (at some mystery point) Super Sonic 5 inch figure joins Jakks Pacific's modern line up of figures. They don't really regard their own 'waves' much, so he could appear along-side any of their other figures at Target. He has the usual articulation where it's knee, hip, shoulder and neck only--skipping the elbow.
He comes with the 10 ring icon accessory item. (Shadow had it previously) It is an ok thing for them to re-release the accessory with different characters, to help ensure you get it even if you missed it previously.
Super Sonic looks pretty decent here in his factory photo. The up-turned spikes look pretty much like the game & the hands as fists are normal/appropriate for the form.
Turn-arounds will appear here if I can get this figure.
Laughin' Sonic 5 inch Classic Figure Here is Jakks Pacific's "Laughin' Sonic" classic style figure. He is the 5 inch size (but shorter than that because classic) and comes with a yellow spring bumper accessory. Skeptical Modern Sonic was released first, but JP seems to be doing a few figures after stock art expressions.
Maybe they should have stuck to keeping the small line for 'expression-having-variants' because this one isn't the best. 2D stock art does not always translate well into 3D actual physical items. That, or it can be extremely difficult to do.
In this case the eyes are way, way too big and take up almost the entire top part of his head, all onto the sides as well, you know from games and art was never the case. The, to make the head look tipped back, they made the lower face part enormous...which..when you look at any other figure, it is not, you'd get blue under there instead if he lifted his head that far. The big mouth/big tongue is...well it's there. Having one hand gripping nothing while the other hand appears super big compared to it (as it is open) is also kind of odd. Has there ever been a classic accessory made for the figures to hold? Are they going to make one? Sonic never really picked up stuff in the old games...
Opinion Zone:
It's 10 dollars at Target in August 2021...get this one if it appeals's just kind of wierd.
Classic 3 Pack Eggman MechaSonic A figure-first!
Jakks Pacific is the FIRST to create an action figure of the "Mecha Sonic" boss from Sonic 2! This buzz-saw inspired, silver clunky version was Eggman's first try at duplicating Sonic to try and defeat him. It didn't work, but it's cool to see this boss become a real action figure (along-side the giant Egg Bot Boss from the game) to finally be able to reinact the final stages of Sonic 2. With big size Classic Eggman in the pack as well, this one's a must-get!
It's also good because it is a little bit of a price-break. The figures will be sold seperately for 9.99 each, but the 3 pack seen here is only something like 27 dollars or so. You'll save a bit with it, and also on space because of the tidy packaging. The box is fully enclosed (very good) and the window extends around to the top to let light in for good display.

The sculpting here seems quite spot-on. Classic Eggman is very simple in his design, but he has very specific shapes/proportions and they seem to have gotten it right here. The MechaSonic has his odd features like the slot all the way through the head (for the buzz-saw spikes), the strange red mono-eye (no seperate dots), and the square limbs. It does look like they finally brought out the metallic paint for him, which is great as well.
Opinion Zone:
Grab this set! It's an A+ for good size, good sculpts, NEW character, good box and good price. You're not going wrong here. Photo by Taaron

Amy Rose 30th Anniversary Figure Jakks
It took all the way until the end of the year in Fall 2021 but...
Jakks Pacific finally releases an Amy Rose figure. She's here on their 5 inch action figure line. They choose Modern Amy to go first, and of course, her accessory is the piko piko hammer. She has one hand posed to be able to hold it. They've given her a cheerful, mouth open smile expression. The paint job is as usual, quite good, so she looks nice here. The head sculpt is good, very game-like and everything is proportional.
The box has 30th Anniversary branding now included on the bottom card under the logo, as well as the red foil 30th sticker that's generally at the top now. She appears on a wave with oddly colored (pale) Sonic & Tails. Photo discovered by
E-123 Omega Figure Team Dark gets another member figure E-123 Omega! As a robot, he's generally easy to make a figure of, because the joints are already 'robotic' as part of the design. He looks quite good here in the factory/possible-proto-photos. The claw hands/very long arms and Omega-symbol on the shoulder are all well done. He comes with the yellow chaos emerald as the accessory.
The box isn't 30th branded here (notice the Amy box above is) BUT it is suspected that when he's released in late 2021 or early 2022, it'll be the 30th branded box.
Team Dark fans know that usually Rouge the Bat comes why Eomega? Likely because of his blocky shapes and easy joints he was an easier pick to make as a figure
so Jakks Pacific chose him first. Look how wide he is in the box too, it's looking like they're trying pretty hard to scale these which is a good sign as well.