Sonic the Hedgehog Action Figures
Jakks Pacific Small Line Sonic Action Figures 2
Jakks Pacific got the license in 2019, and continues here in 2020 and 2021.
This page will have their 2020 & 2021 articulated SMALL figures only. They have both modern and classic license, so any figure that falls in the "Small 2-inch Articulated Action Figures" category will be on this page if it was in 2020 or 2021. Bendy type figures will go onto a separate page. But if it's by Jakks Pacific and it's an action figure, check them out here.
UK NEWS: These & other JP figures CAN be at Smyth's Stores!
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Metal Sonic Small Size 2 inch Action Figure In 2021, Jakks Pacific releases a small version for Metal Sonic. They still don't have hi-spec (metallic) paint for any of him...even though the photo on the back of the box SEEMS to have his blue as a metallic color? Look at the difference between the figure itself & the photo on the box back.
It is, as is usual, a decent figure from JP. The red for the eyes they chose is very dark and so it does not contrast very much with the black eye-background / makes it harder to see. A brighter red paint might have imitated the glow better. Lack of metallic color also hinders the figure. Being small-line, it has 5 points of articulation (shoulder, hip & head) DO note that the 5 inch size of Metal Sonic DOES have both elbow AND knee joints.
This particular one has a paint flaw in the left ear, but others have been found with a flaw in the yellow engine part or in the eye. Be sure to inspect this in the store before you choose*.
The bottom of the box shows others that were supposed to be on this 'wave' of figures but Jakks Pacific does not seem to pay any attention to their own waves. They've got the Gold Chao turning up again, and Tails too. But now there's Moto Bug & Classic Sonic also revealed here. Because Target won't put these on the website, you have to just keep going to the store hoping to run into one you don't yet have.
*IF you even get to choose, distribution for this may not be so great, so if you want Metal Sonic just buy him if you see it because it is 5 dollars.
Jakks Pacific Small Line Moto Bug Figure A Moto-Bug!
Not Sonic 1's, but a more detailed one from later on. And, it seems Jakks Pacific really does capture the details. The spots are raised metal hatch-like textures, complete with little grooves on the edges. The wheel is a rubber tire and it really does spin / you can roll this. The package says it has 2 points of articulation (the wheel), & is the same as the MS one above otherwise.
It is GREAT to see a badnik figure.
This is perfect for adding to your Green Hill Zone play-set and rolling it around. Because the enemy is mechanical, it is also pretty easy to get it right as a rolling all plastic action figure. It's quite on-model and the attention to detail from the game is really good. At 5 dollars in 2021, maybe get more than 1 to set up photo displays or something because there can be several of it in a level.
Good for Jakks Pacific making a badnik so early on in their line.
Moto Bug Turn Arounds Here is the turn-around for the moto bug badnik figure. It's technically on the small line figures, but you could probably use this to play with the 5 inch figures too because most badniks weren't totally huge in the games. What's neat here is that it secretly comes with a transparent plastic base.
The base is near-completely invisible in the packaging. There is 1 hole in the thick rubber of the tire that fits on a peg on the clear base. The back has a wedge to catch it so that the wheel doesn't just let it tip right over (As it otherwise would) The wheel is a good quality, solid feel. It rolls easily. The little 'arms' are the action bit, you can pose them a little. There's a texture for the vent in the back, and the whole thing is quite quality for a 5 dollar item. Opinion Zone: Buy 2 and use 'em for playset display!
Shrug Sonic Expression Small Figure MIB Here's a better look at the expression action figure "Shrug Sonic" (as the other one was on mutant gear for being a flawed figure with no eyes) This pose and expression is supposed to go with the newer stock art that the popular Figpin also uses. It's basically supposed to be him going 'oh well' to something, likely being cocky toward Eggman or a foe / shining them on. translates pretty ok-ly to a figure? If he's tilted correctly so you can see the mouth and the hands are kept in the right position
it does seem to do what the art was going for. (Things like this may seem simple, but they're pretty difficult sometimes to translate an attitude or certain expression/gesture into a figure) Not sure what's going on with the pose they have him in on the box back, though.
But, look who else is on the 'line': they're going to have a small line Silver. Super Sonic appears again, as does Shadow and Knuckles, which is good because their distibution still kind of isn't.
Having a unique expression for a figure is a good idea on the small line like this. The figures are inexpensive at 5 dollars each so you'd easily say "yeah I could get another expression for him" at that rate.
Die Cast Sonic Figure Cars Jakks Pacific surprises in 2021, by revealing small figures in cars themed for Sonic All Stars Racing. The first 3 will be Sonic, Tails and Eggman in their respective vehicles.
What's a bit odd about these is that the circle there claims they are "Die Cast", but the cars sure don't look like they are made of metal. The word DieCast generally MEANS it HAS to be made of metal, or, mostly metal. (As the thing that makes it is called a 'die', into which the material for the item is injected
to form it. Yes, plastic can go into a die but the word diecast is generally not used for that. Hopefully the description is real, and the vehicles are made of real metal/quality. They're each bubble-carded and are not very big. The figures look ok from the profile view here, hopefully they're better than NKOK's effort at similar small figure-in-a-car. (That Tails was notorious for being plain-awful) Photo discovered by SonicFan2832
Diecast Sonic Racer Car Packages Die Cast Car View Photos
Here is a better look at the 'die cast' Sonic Racers cars wave 1.
Diecast goes in little fake quotes there because they are ssssoooorttta diecast. A real model car enthusiast may complain! The only actual metal part of the car (that would be cast by the die) is the black area you see under there. It holds the axls for the wheels and gives it a bit of weight...but that's it. Usually the term diecast refers to the upper part of the car/the body outside that gives the car it's look, and that's where the discrepency is with these.
Their uppers are all plastic, and of course, so is the tiny figure in the drivers' seat. The cars are ok mini-likenesses of themselves, and the mini-figures are decent as well. With the back views you can see Tails' tails are well done, Sonic's head is shaped right & Eggman is fine/normal. They did a good job with the faces, (unlike some nkok) so if you de-box for play or display they'll do just fine.
The box-backs show that this is all of wave 1, and it was probably smart to have an 'enemy racer' on the first wave (instead of, say, Knuckles) so that kids can race them & root for Sonic & Tails to beat the Eggman one. They're bubble-carded so you can view most of it & it's easy to hang on the wall. You can collect Sonic Speed Star, Tails Whirlwind Sport & Eggman Egg Booster.
5 Below Stores Figure Accessory Cards Bargain alert!
Get to your 5 Below Stores in 2022! Or, send your 'send friend' in there to buy these if you don't have a store close by. 5 Below is bringing 5 dollar bargain figures your way, and it's a great way to accessorize your Jakks Pacific line.
As you know, Target has the Jakks small line modern figures for 4.99 each. However, they DONT come with anything at Target. But at 5Below, they cost the same (5 bucks) but you ALSO get an accessory from their larger line packed right in. (so the item is a bit big for the small figure) Knuckles and Tails come with the emerald and Shadow & Sonic come with the 10-Ring Icon. Oddly, the Sonic is classic on this batch, while everybody else is modern.
Why is this good?
Add more emeralds to your collection without spending on duplicate big figures. Get emerald colors you didn't already have. Accessorize your playsets with the ring icons. It's cheap figures to customize or to use to fix other figues. Be sure to comb the shelves and ask the store for more. A nice surprise in a good deal.
Here's what the gold chao looks like out of the package. It reveals that the head can turn and the arms can be raised and moved. But, that's all the articulation it has, as it's quite a small figure. The gold color is kind of a satin-finish gold, but it is still nicely metallic. This does quite resemble the one that would hatch out of the special color egg you could get in
Gold Chao Figure Turn Arounds
Sonic Adventure 1.
It is a 'small line' item, but the size is actually pretty good to go with the larger 5 inch figures! It's an all right figure for the price of about 5 dollars. You can also get this as an "open card" figure in Walmart (near the registers always) Beware of it on the open card though: The paint chips easily off the head ball and the gold can also be scuffed. Try to pick up this one only on the bubble card, if you can.