Sonic the Hedgehog Action Figures
Jakks Pacific Small Line Sonic Action Figures 4
Jakks Pacific got the license in 2019, and continues here in 2022.
This page will have their 2021 & 2022 articulated SMALL figures only. They have both modern and classic license, so any figure that falls in the "Small 2-inch Articulated Action Figures" category will be on this page if it was in 2021 or 2022. But if it's by Jakks Pacific and it's an action figure, check them out here.
UK NEWS: These & other JP figures CAN be at Smyth's Stores!
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Classic Diorama Parts Rhino Chopper Another generically named "Classic Diorama"...
(They really should title these things) and it has some of the accessories from the Flying Battery Zone play set including spike pad, spinning propeller and spinning fire trap with transparent plastic flame. However...the real stars of the show are Rhin-o-bot (From Sonic 3) and probably Chopper (Eggman did the red fish many times, this looks like a regular one) These do look nicely like the games, and if the wheel rolls, it'll be even better!
Where is this to be sold?
The photo appears (it's their factory photo) in fall 2022. Hopefully the badnicks will appear commonly single carded somehow so that everyone can collect them. It's very fun that Jakks Pacific is making so many of the creative little badnicks from the games--they're perfect to add to your themed shelf!
Chili Dog Small Figure Sonic Jakks Pacific continues to use the small line of figures to good effect by making various 'themed' ones. First they did expressions, now they have classic Sonic holding a chili dog in one hand, and the other hand in the on-hip pose.
It has the usual amount of articulation, and the chili dog is not-removable/it is not an accessory. It's a decent enough idea for adding another of Sonic to the line. This wave has re-release of everyone else and includes Modern Tails, Classic Mighty, the Buzz Bomber again and modern Eggman.
Small Dark Chao Figure MIB Now, they add a Dark Chao to the small line!
This has already had regular/neutral chao and also that special gold-ish one that you could get in Station Square, so adding a dark makes sense. This is the neutral/dark, as it has no character/function features, so it's the typical one portrayed in most art. You've got the prickly head ball, zig-zag head point, bat wings, red tips and that red chest crescent. Of course the 'meanie face' is the one chosen here. It only has 3 points of articulation (neck, shoulders) because it is such a simple mini item. It comes with 2 loose rings, which is a nice touch.
It's unknown if this is the same packaging all around, or if Target has the same thing for the same price but no accessory at all. The others on the wave are a modern Sonic, modern Knuckles, and Shadow as re-releases and then Rouge the Bat as the other new figure for the wave. This wave overlaps others as is their usual way...they're just kind of chaotically releasing anything as 2022 ends.
Obviously: Pick this guy up, it's 5 dollars for a character and some rings you can use to help set a scene. It's nicely done, looks like the games, the packaging keeps it safe and the paint apps are all normal and good.
Small Line Rouge the Bat The small line figure with the most articulation so far, it's Rouge the Bat. Nobody expected her on the small line so quickly, but Jakks Pacific is really winding up figures for the line in winter 2022.
She has 7 points of articulation because you can move the shoulders, hips, wings and head. As is their usual, she's basically a copy of the big figure, only with a bit less articulation and a smaller size. Of course, this means that this one looks good too, with an appropriate expression, good paint application and is still quite on-model. The one change is that now both hands are the mysterious
'grip a thing' hand (big figure has one hand open to hold the ball). It's mysterious because there's never anything any of these figures come with that they'd have to grip. Possibly the rings which were only very recently released (un-announced with small line Mighty and even then only at SOME stores) but it still seems so odd they focus on the 'grip a' hand when there's like nothing to hold.
Open Card Classic Amy Small NIP Classic Small Amy Figure Turns
Yet another wave of small line figures from Jakks Pacific?
Seems so like right away in 2023. This is an 'open card' wave where the figures will be near the cash registers with the impulse purchase area of Target or Walmart. (Beware of damaged ones, as always with this box format) Classic Amy looks nice, and they didn't leave out any details. You can see the shoe laces, and even the tie at the bottom of her hair band is 3D. (Has anything actually included that before this? The proportions are very classic/accurate, but it does make her a bit difficult to pose because her head hits the puffy sleeves and the legs will hit the skirt ruffles. Notice she's still got that grippy hand but never anything to hold, and the feet bottoms have holes in them but never a base to fit to. Her expression is very cute and good. Notice they got the eye shape right (for the Japan classic art) that makes her cute and distinctive looking. The eyelashes aren't over done and the smile looks natural. They do seem to have missed one thing: She has no panties. (Did this version have panties? The modern one has white underwear. Panty having status may just be forever-unknown so it may not matter. )
The other figures on the wave are repeat of chili dog-holding classic Sonic, Ray repeat, Super Shadow again, and the all new to this format Rhin-o-bot badnick. Rhineobot has been seen before in an 'accessory pack', but this is likely the first time it's sold alone.
Bottom Line: Even if you're not the biggest Amy fan, but you do like classic things, buy her. She's as classic looking as they come and is a great job for this size. Plus, it is about 5 bucks you're not going to go wrong.
Small Line Chopper Fish Badnick Figure Now, you can buy Chopper Fish Badnick individually.
This was previously released as a part of a playset and accessory pack, but now with the next series of the carded small line, you can get just the Chopper. This is great, because if you're setting up a scene you could get more than one.
This has 4 points of articulation which are the side fins, the jaw and the tail. This comes with a clear plastic stand so that it doesn't just tip over when you set it on surfaces. With the way the eyes are set, it always looks rather startled, but it was kind of that way in the games too. This can be found at Target in winter 2023, and is still about 5 dollars in the bubble card like this. The other figures on its wave are re-release modern Tails & modern thumbs up Sonic,
But it also brings new to the single cards small line Charmy Bee AND the Burrobot. This wave having 3 all new figures is pretty good / interesting. However, with the speed of the waves it makes it harder to get the figures. Really comb the stores when you see this guy on the peg / shelf.
Open-Carded 4 Figures Badnicks More open-carded figures!
These 4 are from 2 different waves of figures. They just seem to be releasing waves randomly / at the same time, so if you go to Target or Walmart ONLY up by the registers with the gum/candy, you can find any mish-mash of waves. It's going to be a random grab...and grab you should!
Because stupid scalpers do not seem to get to these, and they are plentiful. These are the way to pick up figures you missed in the toy aisle. (In the toy aisle, they're bubble carded) As always, keep watch for damage because of the open style. The new wave here is the one with Rhin-o-bot on it.
Classic Metal Sonic & Motobug are a 2nd chance to grab these small figures on this wave. It also has classic Tails, Knuckles and Super Sonic as re-releases. The Rhinobot is in with another chance at chilidog holding classic Sonic, classic Amy, the first time for open-card Ray and 2nd time around for Super Shadow. With these, it's nice to not have to worry about missing a character because the bubbled ones in the toy aisle sold out first.
Small Line Classic Metal Sonic Here's Classic Style Metal Sonic out of the package. He looks decent, with good paint application, and all right detail for the small size. He's shown here using the stand to the Motobug to prove that stands are interchangeable, and that figures can do more poses when you use a stand.
The lack of metallic-tone plastic doesn't help the figure especially because they prove that they
own/can produce it due to Rhinobot being metallic silver. Here, he just looks rather flat. But, with the good sculpt, he's still perfectly fine figure for a 5 dollar item.
Rhin-o-bot Badnick Turn Arounds Rolling up next is Rhinobot the badnick!
Rhinobot uses silvery metallic plastic to look like the games. They add the detail of the screws, and paint stripes with a bit of 3D texture.
Notice that the tread on the tire (it's real rubber!) is actually different from that of the Motobug.
It didn't have to be...but that's a great way to show attention to detail here and make something really nice. This does come with the stand/has a hole in the tire to set it on there. It rolls well, and feels quality. If you get this in the 'open top box' format, DO watch out for scuffs on the eye paint.
Super Sonic Classic Style Turn Arounds Super Sonic Classic out of the package reveals his good spikes go upward detail, the serious expression, and that he also can use the Motobug stand to do more poses.
The paint application is good here, except the shoes can have a little unevenness about the white stripe vs the red of the shoe. (However, as a 5 dollar figure, he's just fine) If you get this in the 'open top box' format, DO watch out for scuffs on the eye paint.