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Jakks Pacific got the license in 2019, and this page has 2023 figures.
This page will have their 2023 articulated SMALL figures only. They have both modern and classic license, so any figure that falls in the "Small 2-inch Articulated Action Figures" category will be on this page if it was in 2023. But if it's by Jakks Pacific and it's an action figure, check them out here.
UK NEWS: These & other JP figures CAN be at Smyth's Stores!
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Charmy Bee Small Line Figure Charmy Bee leads the way for (hopefully) more of the Chaotix to appear as small line figures. When he was released in Spring 2023, there was no 5 inch size Charmy figure.
They've done a good job with him, especially considering the small size. You can clearly see the logo on the jacket, his hat, goggles and antenna are all nicely detailed. The wings can move (that's why 7 points of articulation) The proportions are right, he's supposed to be a short character. His expression seems in-character as well.
The box back says "Armed with his signature jacket and sharp stinger, Charmy is the essential backbone of the Chaotix Detective Agency" (IS he? Vector would probably argue about that)
Burrobot Badnick Small Figure Badnicks continue to arrive on the Jakks Pacific small line with Burrobot which appeared in Sonic 2. This would pop up out of the ground and then roll along the surface trying to get you.
Because of the simple design of the robot, it was already kind of 'action figure' looking, so this was an easy one for
Jakks Pacific to get right- so they did. It basically looks pretty much like the games, except for maybe the drill is a little blunt. The back card says "Using its mole like drill Burrobot is a badnick that moves underground at high speeds". But, that phrase doesn't make sense? Drills are not like moles. Moles do not have drills. The grammar is wrong there. "It moves quickly undergound like a mole"? Maybe? Because it sure isn't designed after a mole, either. This is one of Eggman's robots where it's just a little guy in a hat with treads for legs instead of his usual animal-themed ones.
This has 5 points of articulation because it has tiny wheels under the treads so you can roll him along like the games.
Newtron Badnick Robot Figure MIB Another new badnick for scene-setting fun!
This badnick was always mis-named (by Eggman) so of course it is here too, "Newt+Tron & Neutron Particle" it's a fun pud-adjacent thing...if only it had been modeled after a newt and not a chameleon. With the split toes/chameleon fin & tail, and it having "disguise power" where it starts off invisible in the games, it's certainly a chameleon robot.
And, it also certainly makes for a nice toy to have. There are 6 points of articulation so you can move the limbs, tail and head for different poses. It is detailed nicely and does look like the games. Do notice that the eye dot is smaller on the toy than it is the back card photo. The back card says "A stealthy chameleon like robot that uses camoflage to blend into surroundings and strike."
With this wave of small line figures, everyone is a repeat except for the Badnick Newtron. (Also on the wave is modern Knuckles, Modern Amy, Shadow and classic chili dog holding Sonic) Of course, at only about 5 dollars, this should be a must-get for the collection. It's small, and helps to complete a scene on a shelf. (Also, as a 'bad guy' you don't know if/when it would be re-released)
Buzz Bomber Bee Badnick Turn Arounds Unleash the's Buzz Bomber Bee Badnick but now it's out of the package's ok.
As you can (better) see here, it does come with a clear acrylic stand and a hole in the tail area so it can use it. The articulation points are that you can flap the wings, turn the 'engines', and turn the 'torso' but that's pretty much it. You can't really move the antenna or turn the head. So, it's ok, but it's not super great.
But...why are the eyes super detailed like that? None of the other badnicks have that, and it's kind of wierd? This is supposed to be Sonic 1's version of it, and it just had the 'dot eyes' like the above Newtron. Later versions had a glowing arc as the eye and none of them were ever wierdly done/detail like this. Still, you should defenetely get this as it is only 5 dollars and badnick robots are important to set the scene on a shelf.
Wave 13 Fall 2023 Small Line Figures At SDCC 2023, Jakks Pacific's 13th Wave of Small Line figures was shown. This is to release in fall 2023, and it has only repeat figures but...
That's actually really good news. It's figures that fans wanted but lots of people couldn't get at the first release. So, it's good that they're paying attention.
It re-releases classic Mighty, of course Sonic classic shows up again, but you can now have another chance at Rouge the Bat, Silver, and the elusive Neutral Chao. This is the first repeat of Neutral Chao since it was on a very early wave. The chao comes with 3 rings, just like it did before because it is smaller and less articulated than the other figures. Fans should take the chance to buy up all the characters they missed with this convenient 2nd chance wave.
Wave 14 Small Line Figures Seemingly in a hurry to reveal their upcoming waves at the SDCC 2023, Jakks Pacific also revealed the 14th wave of small line figures at the very same time as those seen above.
This one is almost all repeats too...but it does come with a new Sonic that has a new gimmick as well.
This wave has a 2nd, 3rd or sometimes even 4th chance to get Classic Tails, a Buzz Bomber, Silver (again, despite being on the previous wave also) or Modern Eggman.
The Sonic, however, is quite different, as he is "running Sonic" (which looks a little like 'figure-8 peel out' which is a specific move that is specific to certain games only and does have an official name of what the move is called) The figure has no legs or feet, and the whole bottom half is a 'swirly' piece of red plastic meant to represent the blurring of the 'fast shoes/fast move'. Notice the 4 bumps on the bottom: they are very likely to be tiny wheels so you can roll him along.
Tails Spin Mini Figure Card
Run to the registers it's...
The budget version of the 'spinning tails' Tails figure. AND they've figured out (finally) how to properly package these budget figures: there's plastic over the whole thing so you're not going to get a paint chipped, scuffed or damaged one. These are perfect to buy and open because the package is on-purpose very basic and they cost less. A great way to get the figure if you missed him on the bubble card or the version with the emerald that's at 5 Below. This wave is all repeats of what's been budget-carded before, so it's basicall all a good 2nd chance.
Tails Spin Turns Photo Here's the figure out of the box so you can see exactly what's going on with the 'effect'. They've done a decent job here, the tails themselves are fully sculpted/normal, and a 'fin' of flat plastic has been added to show a swirling/speed effect. There is airbrushing on here to give it a bit of color too. The tails spin normally as a point of articulation and they do reach the ground so you can use it to set up more/stable poses for him. A good figure with a fun action variant.
Dark Chao Small Register Box
Dark Chao now gets the budget box treatment at the registers of Walmart. It's another (unfortunately) open face one. A plastic tie is used to keep the ring secured or it would pop out easily. The chao arms are sort of strapped in there with it too...but the paint that really matters (the face) being right on the part that sticks out furthest is unprotected---so inspect these before choosing which one to buy, for sure.
This budget box wave is all repeats and includes Sonic Knuckles the Chopper fish and modern Eggman. The only difference between this and the bubble carded one is 1 ring. (Bubblecard has 2 rings with him)
Dark Chao Figure Turns Photo Here's what it looks like out of the box, and you can see the attention to detail. The head ball thing is textured/bumpy to represent that it is spiky in the games. The feet tips, wing bottoms, arm tips, bum, and tail tip all have burgundy airbrush applications, and the chest stripe is even there as well. They didn't miss a beat making this small figure, and that's really good to see. The points of articulation are the arms and neck. That white strip on the back of the head is the figure ID number that's usually under a foot but because it is too small that's
where they put it. Absolutely get this figure when you find it at the registers. It's well worth the 4/something dollars and the nature of this box makes it easy to open and display.
Wave 5 Diecast Cars Another SDCC2023 mention was the 5th wave of their 'die cast' cars line for Sonic Racing. This has 2 repeats: Silver and Eggman, but adds a sort-of new one with Sonic. He's in the Speed Star, but now it's a special metallic gold color. That seems to be the only
difference. The Sonic figure in it is posed the same as the first time he was released. It's likely an OK move to repeat Silver, because he seemed slightly less commonly found on the previous release.
Vector Beat Monster Car MOC What wasn't announced at SDCC2023 (but should have been?) Well, an actual NEW character to the Die Cast Cars small series...that's surely bigger news than changing the color of one car.
Apparently, Wave 5 and Wave 6 came out at the same time, Fall 2023. The 6th wave has new Vector in the Beat Monster car, and repeats of Shadow and normal car Sonic. These will all be on shelves at the same time, ideally. (Did you remember that Vector's car is called Beat Monster? It is uncommon knowledge.)
His car looks great here, it has lots of details and they do seem to have gotten most of them. There's nice metallic gold paint for the grill, the handles and fins are matching orange, and the details for his super sound system (it's big speakers) are all there at the back of the car. (He blasts music at racers behind him) The Vector figure looks decent in there as well. This is likely to end up an uncommon item, so DO buy him if you see this, it's only about 5 dollars.
This has been confirmed as seen at Walmart, Target and oddly enough Cracker Barrel (yes the road-side restaurant has a gift shop) It's more expensive at Cracker Barrel, but toys are on shelves longer there so it's a good opportunity.
Solid Box Chao Mini Figure Package A great idea appears!
Here's ALL NEW packaging for their small line figures, and it's a super idea up at the registers of stores like Walmart & Target. Instead of the open/seat box style where the figures would frequently be dirty or damaged, this uses a completely enclosed windowless format to protect the figure while also making it look attractive to kids (like a blindbox...but without being blind!) It's totally clear who you'll get, AND that the figure is safe inside. With nice portraits on each side of the box that is stackable/you can keep it, it's an excellent idea. The back shows the other figures on this wave.
Chopper Fish Turns Photo A closer look at the Chopper Fish Badnick...
Here, you can more easily see that it comes with a clear stand so you can sit it up properly for display. (It does just tip otherwise) The points of articulation here are the tail which goes back/forth, the jaw which can open a little bit (seen here) and the 2 side fins which can go up and down a little too.
This IS actually like the games because didn't have much articulation there either as it is just a fish. The black plastic interior of the mouth works really well here: it makes the mouth look deep/like it goes way further inside than it really does. The kind of goofy eyes expression is also like the games. This is defenitely a good badnick figure to add to the display, especially at or around 5 or less.
Caterkiller & Vector Small Figures MIB Early 2024 will see 2 new additions to the 3.5 inch line figures that are NOT at the check-out aisles. (Should be in the toy aisle at Target/Walmart etc. with the other action figures) This wave will feature repeats like Rouge, but 2 new characters, a Caterkiller Badnick (never released before) and the new smaller size for Vector.
Caterkiller is slightly pink-er than in games? It has been depicted as pink (early art) and some versions of it are purple. Vector looks good, which is to be expected as he's just a scaled down/less joints version of their larger figure.
It's good to see them keep on adding badnicks, and doing well with the choices and designs/details.
Wheels Sonic Package Wheel Toy Run Sonic Turns
This is what the 'wheel toy' small line 'running' Sonic looks like with his new package type.
This closed/no-window box replaces the open seat boxes and protects the figures better, while keeping them displayed nicely at store check out/register area in places like Walmart. This version of Sonic has a semi-transparent red figure-8-peel-out shaped base instead of legs. You can pose the arms and the head, as he's depicted going fast and...there are small wheels under the toy so it can roll along. This does not feature pull-back action, it's just a roller. The base is big and surprisingly heavy, it's not likely to topple but it doesn't roll super well like a Hotwheel or anything. This is an interesting concept for a toy/to include on the line. It comes in a waxy paper type bag to protect it from rattling in the box.